Wednesday, December 19, 2007

"My husband died while waiting for medical care", voter tells Liberal Jim Bradley

Here’s some of Liberal Jim Bradley's florid B.S. in the Ontario Legislature,(OLA, Dec.2, 1998):

"Mr Bradley: Jim says, "They're experts." They've been experts at closing hospitals. In St Catharines, you would know, Hotel Dieu is slated to be closed, the doors to be locked, the wood put over the windows, the building to be abandoned, while they head down the street and try to put it all in a site that won't hold it and while they remove many programs and much history from St Catharines.
I remember on the 50th anniversary, which was this year, my good friend Tom Froese, the member for St Catharines-Brock, read out a nice letter from the Premier saying: "You've done such a great job for 50 years. I wish you well in the future." Well, that future is mighty short because the doors are to shut pretty soon if somebody doesn't prevent it from happening."
Well, Jim Bradley certainly didn't prevent it either. But listening to him bluster in 1998, you'd think he would. That's the perception he wants people to believe.
"I'm in danger now that the member for Scarborough East is here. He'll be listening assiduously to my remarks and wanting to comment on whether they're exactly on topic or not."
...or whether your'e just spouting crap, Jim?
I won't mention a name, but a person phoned my office last week - I was just looking at the note again today - and here's the situation this person faces. I'm not going to point fingers. The person will probably not vote for you next time, but that's going to happen. Some will vote for you; some won't. She phoned up and said, "My husband died while waiting for medical care,"
that doesn't happen under your Liberal watch now, does it, Jim? Wasn't it your Liberal health monopoly which the ombudsman in 2007 called "cruel"?
"they're closing down the school I teach at and my kids can't afford to go to university or college." There are three of the kinds of problems I think we have to address in this House.
Mr Steve Gilchrist (Scarborough East): Did you give her a Liberal membership number?
Mr Bradley: The member asks, did I give her a Liberal membership number. I did not do that because I thought the person phoned in all sincerity to discuss what she is particularly perturbed about. Those are serious matters she's perturbed about. I would have preferred that we try to deal with those kinds of problems.
We are dealing with the time allocation motion which closes down debate on the Greater Toronto Services Board. One area  far be it to hope Jim Bradley will mention Niagara "where there is a need for coordination - and the member for Mississauga West will be able to help us with this - is between Mississauga and Toronto in terms of transit. There is a debate that goes on between both. I know some of the members from Durham are concerned about this particular board and how much influence Durham might have. In terms of transportation, it would be nice to see that coordination. It makes a lot of sense.
The provincial government, in my view, has a central role to play in public transportation. One is to facilitate the movement of people in and out of major metropolitan areas,"
By 2007 Jim Bradley still can't deliver GO trains to Niagara (and neither did he as of Oct.2015...!!!
 "such as Toronto in this case. A second is to improve the environment. If more people have easily accessible public transportation, where there's good service at a reasonable price, they're going to use it. If they don't, they're going to tend to drive themselves into and out of Toronto, one person in the car. We'll have huge congestion and of course much greater problems with the environment."
Which is why Jim became Kyoto's midwife in Ontario
"As I say, there are a lot of things I would have preferred to discuss this afternoon other than a time allocation motion: the condition of our hospitals. Anybody who was in the hospital 10 years ago and is back in now will tell you there's a radical difference between the two times."
It's not any better since you've been around either
"In other words, the service available now simply isn't there. Is it because the people who work in the hospital don't want to give it? No. They're excellent people, outstanding people, trying to provide this service. There are simply far fewer of them."
It's gotten worse, and more expensive, under Bradley's health care monopoly monster
People call our constituency offices and say "I've been waiting a long time for this procedure." It might be a hip replacement or another joint replacement that a more senior person requires, and there's great pain at this time."
What about now...?! Have patients suddenly stopped calling Jim Bradley in 2007-2008?!? (...or does he just selectivly answer his calls?) Patients are still waiting now, Jim. Liberals refused to allow the private sector to be part of the solution to Bradley's broken system
"It may be the fact that the provincial government has put a cap on people getting eye examinations, so if they have diabetes, for instance, and they want to get an eye examination more often than the government prescribes,"
hey Jim, why should the government "prescribe"?
 "they can't do it."
 Bradley's Liberal government delisted eye exams and raised a new multi-billion dollar health tax. They told no-one they would do that
 "As you know, Mr Speaker, being a person who has been in this Legislature and who talks to his constituents,"
but does he listen?
"a person with diabetes or another affliction that affects the eyesight needs far more eye checks than you would normally allow to happen and may even need glasses more often because the eyesight in some cases unfortunately tends to deteriorate in those individuals."
 So six years from now, my Liberal secret agenda will make eye exams part of the two tier system, which is what I always accused Mike Harris of planning to do...

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