Friday, December 21, 2007

Tom Wilkinson: How many chances do you give for peace?

Re: Aug. 2, 2006 Niagara News editorial, “Who is right and who is wrong”, by Tom Wilkinson.

Wilkinson’s opinion that “Hezbollah is equally responsible for the destruction taking place” should not pass unchallenged: it is a shameful, text-book example of skewed liberal moral equivocation at its ‘best’.

What Wilkinson neatly equivocated was that Israel is equally responsible – overlooking that Israel was first attacked from Lebanon by Hezbollah; that for years, Israeli civilians have been killed by random suicide-bombers; that Israeli civilians are indiscriminately bombed from aimless Hezbollah Katusia rockets; that Arab ‘leaders’ repeatedly call for Israel’s euphemistic drowning in the sea.

Unbelievably, Wilkinson treats Israel as the aggressor. He finds blame with Israel defending herself, writing “the Israeli actions will only intensify Arab hatred of Israel” and that Hezbollah will “probably quadruple its membership” because of this conflict with “the hated Israel”. Wilkinson doesn’t explain, though, who hates Israel nor why.

Wilkinson blames the victim – Israel – writing: “Israel should have called for a stronger international force to control the border and protect Israeli citizens before letting a bomb fly.” (And this from the same Wilkinson that wrote -seriously- on Mar. 29, 2006: “Do not give me the argument that Saddam Hussein was a bad guy.”)

Which “strong international force” does Wilkinson suggest Israel must first beg to defend herself - the joke of a UN, which was already supposedly monitoring Lebanon after Israel left in 2000?

When Wilkinson writes he’s “ashamed” that Canada and the US “approve” Israel’s “slaughter of innocent people”, was he similarly ashamed at the absent accusations of “disproportional response” when jihadist martyrs were blowing up Israeli civilians? Get real.

Wilkinson concludes by spouting this puerile appeaser’s cliché: “Give peace a chance”.

Despite Wilkinson’s sad vaudevillian attempt to parody Neville “peace in our time” Chamberlain, pandering to terrorists failed in the 1930s against the impending holocaust of Nazism, and won’t work against Islamo-fascists today.

How many “chances” do you “give”, when “peace” to Hezbollah simply means further opportunity to re-arm for their glorious Juden-free future?

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