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Medical help for Ontario's sicko health system: Close To Home, but not at home.

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Here is an ad-vertisement (which is provided for documentary and illustrative purposes) which was found in the "Shop US" advertising flyer, and delivered as an insert in today's St. Catharines Standard (Dec.26, 2007), along with the usual numerous other Boxing Day ads and flyers.

I wonder if Liberal Jim Bradley, St. Catharines MPP, will outlaw such information being imported into Ontario.

After all, Bradley and other Liberal demagogues such as Ontario Health Minister George Smitherman banned American health diagnostic providers, like Cleveland's LifeLine, from operating in Ontario in 2004.

Smitherman, in unbelievable Liberal hyberbolic-paranoid mode, even went so far as to call for Ontarians to be deputized en-masse to stop the invasion at the border and report suspicious medical activities immediately...yes, Herr Commandant! [Smitherman better not tell Michael Moore, whose U.S. propaganda film praised Smitherman's sicko health system, that American health care firms are advertising in Ontario, and that Ontarians are travelling to the States for treatment which Smitherman's Liberals are unprepared to deliver.]

Of course, Liberal Jim Bradley, who was once quoted in a Jan.5, 1991 Globe and Mail story that he hates doctors, agreed with and supported Smitherman's slithery stunt, which was essentially an authoritarian government ploy to deny Ontario patients medical diagnostic-service choices. It was all about Liberals enforcing and maintaining the monopoly-status of Ontario's shortage-plagued, state-run, single-payer medicare system. If patient-choice suffers as the Liberal medicare-monster consolidates its power, so what?!

Naturally, Jim Bradley's Liberals could start their happy new year by banning all medical information from the United States being illegally imported into Canada. Why should we need to know about the availability of new technologies, drugs, or procedures? Ontarians should not be distracted from our hospital waiting lists by reading about such tempting services being available when we need them, in places such as Buffalo, only minutes away from St. Catharines.

In fact, Bradley might consider making it illegal for Ontarians to cross the border to the States, or to other jurisdictions, as medicare-emigres in search of timely medical care. As Transportation Minister, Jim Bradley can make it more difficult for patients who go to the States by instituting, if not medical exit visas, then at least instituting an out-of-country health-care penalty for returning patients. That'll show them to leave our waiting-list! Heck, Bradley can pass off such initiatives to imprison Ontarians in his Liberal medicare cage as a Kyoto-friendly green plan. It just makes so much sense. He can even change Ontario's license plate motto from 'yours to discover' to 'you'll never recover'.

Ontarians should feel thankful that we are suffering and patriotically persevering for Tommy Douglas' s Greater Good, and also that (eventually), the billions of tax dollars the Liberals gouged out of us with their shell-game health-taxes, might ease the waiting list...just not for us, mind you.
So we must suffer for the cause in silence, as well as in ignorance; which is why the knowledge that there are other ways to deliver universal health-care than through a state-run monopoly, must be censored and suppressed at all costs.
Who better to deny choices to patients than the Liberals? This is the same bunch that makes it illegal for patients to pay doctors, and whose greatest growth export industry appears to be in health-care rendition: sending ill Ontarians to the States for the actual treatment that Ontario's medicare Nirvana promises, but cannot deliver.
I wrote Jim Bradley asking him to divulge how many Ontarians are crossing the border from Ontario to the States for health care, which the Liberals seem to treat as anecdotal hearsay. Liberal Jim Bradley hasn't answered the question - which gets back to the ad for Imaging Services from the States: they must be aware that there are unserviced health needs and demands that the Ontario Liberals are, demonstrably, both unable, and unwilling, to provide.
It's funny how newspapers who editorially seem to instinctively support Ontario's failing health-care status-quo, see no hypocrisy distributing advertising for paid medical procedures in the States which would be illegal - thanks to the Liberals - if they were in Ontario. Freedom of expression, eh?
Maybe Jim Bradley can look into that too, as the Liberals revise their atrocious 'Re-Commitment to the Future of Medicare Act': by not only imposing massive fines on doctors who accept money from patients for medical services, but also massive fines for publications which brazenly accept such un-Canadian advertising for medical services.
Is this not fair? Or, is this too close to home?

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