Wednesday, October 28, 2015

When's Wynne gonna fire Sandals over her scandals?

As Kelly Parland wrote in the Oct.26, 2015 National Post: "Corruption is a strong word, which we don’t often use in Canada when it comes to politics. It infers a blatant disregard for honesty, ethics or principle. But it’s the word that springs to mind when you contemplate the insidious relationship between Ontario’s Liberal government and the teachers unions they do so much to cultivate and please.
How else to describe it? The Liberals spend hundreds of millions of dollars to ensure the unions remain relatively quiescent and co-operative, offering rich contracts, special treatment, secret agreements and generous payoffs with public dollars. In return the unions spend millions undermining the government’s opponents and working to ensure the Liberals stay in power."
Why hasn't incompetent Liberal education minister Liz Sandals resigned - or been already removed by Kathleen Wynne? Secret taxpayer cheques being cut to unions, with no receipts? Wow.
Jim Bradley and his secretive, scumbag Ontario Liberals must be oh so proud of their dirty handiwork - scandal upon scandal, their destruction of Ontario continues.
Justin Trudeau must be very proud as well, of the kind of provincial Liberal scum which propelled him to power.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Blowing tax-dollars "not unusual" for Liberals

An Oct.23, 2015 CBC story reported: "Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne says the province paying millions to teachers' unions to compensate them for a long labour negotiation process is not unusual and that the payments are key to getting labour deals signed."
As Square Root commented:
"Under section 70 of the Ontario Labour Relations Act dealing with unfair practices:
"No employer or employers’ organization and no person acting on behalf of an employer or an employers’ organization shall participate in or interfere with the formation, selection or administration of a trade union or the representation of employees by a trade union or contribute financial or other support to a trade union, but nothing in this section shall be deemed to deprive an employer of the employer’s freedom to express views so long as the employer does not use coercion, intimidation, threats, promises or undue influence. 1995, c. 1, Sched. A, s. 70"
Logo commented:
"The Office of the Auditor General needs to conducts value-for-money /financial audits of all the provincial government departments, ministries and agencies to determine if this is common and then take action on their findings into this unsettling situation. This sounds like a contravention of the Financial Administration Act (Ontario)."
For some reason, CBC interviewer Matt Galloway didn't ask Wynne about the OLRA or FAA issues!
I suppose that Wynne's Liberal actions aren't unusual at all to those Liberal-infected Ontarians, who also find absolutely nothing wrong with the Ontario Liberal's blowing multi-BILLIONS on their numerous other fantastic schemes.
For months, the incestuous Ontario Liberals, as the government, acted openly in supporting and campaigning for Justin Turdo's federal Liberals.
Ontario's taxpayers essentially helped subsidize Justin Turdeau's federal election campaign - yet another brazen, indirect theft from the Ontario taxpayer's pocket (...a typically-Liberal mode of operation, btw...) which Galloway didn't ask about.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

"Open and transparent" Liberal lies

So, while Jim Bradley's and Kathleen Wynne's 'Open and Transparent' Ontario Liberals were meeting secretly with Chinese Communists and shilling for 'Open and Transparent' Liberal Justin Turdeau, they were also secretly giving away millions of tax dollars to Ontario's teacher unions.
As Adrian Morrow reported in the Oct 21, 2015 Globe and Mail:
"The Ontario government secretly paid $1-million to the Catholic teachers’ union and $500,000 to the French teachers’ union to buy labour peace. This means three unions have now received payments totalling $2.5-million from the government in this year’s round of bargaining.
And Education Minister Liz Sandals has admitted that the government has repeatedly given such payouts to teachers’ unions over the past decade to compensate them for the cost of collective bargaining with the province.
The payments raise tough questions about the government’s claims it is not spending new money to reach labour settlements. They also call into question the province’s new negotiating system: The government said it compensated the unions because the process made contract talks longer and more complex than they were supposed to be.
The revelations about the money came on Wednesday, after The Globe and Mail uncovered a $1-million payment to the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation, which represents public high school teachers. The Globe subsequently obtained a copy of the deal the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association and the province reached in August. The 54-page document, marked “highly confidential,” shows OECTA also received $1-million..."
So: this is the kind of secretive Ontario Liberal scum, that openly shilled for Justin Trudeau's Liberals.
This is the kind of cancerous Liberal carnage which we've suffered in Ontario, which is a harbinger of the same Liberal infection which will soon consume Canada.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Where did Canada's federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau buy his drugs?

Following this Oct.15, 2015 Toronto Star story, it wasn't made clear how, where or from whom Liberal MP Justin Trudeau got his drugs. Did the Star bother to find out and report that?! When he needed to toke up, did the current Canadian federal Liberal Party leader buy his marijuana from some dealer? Did Justin get his weed for free, as a 'gift' from 'friends'? Who were Justin Trudeau's drug suppliers? Or, did Justin Trudeau just happen to conveniently 'find' a dime bag of dope somewhere, left behind by a magical unicorn?
Don't Canadians deserve to know all about Justin Trudeau's drug habits - and his shampoo/conditioner preferences - from Canada's "transparent Liberals"?!
Is Justin Trudeau still getting high on weed? Does Justin Trudeau rinse AND repeat??
If Justin Trudeau is still getting occasionally stoned, don't Canadians at least deserve to know which kind of pot is Justin Trudeau's favourite?
Don't Canadians deserve to know whether Justin Trudeau prefers to smoke just joints, or does Justin Trudeau have a favourite type of bong he also likes to use, for special occasions?? Where is Tokin' Trude's favourite head shop? How often does Justin Trudeau like to get stoned?
There are so many things which Canadians are eager to learn about our tokin' Liberal leader Justin Trudeau!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

"Incredibly" - Liberal hack Jim Bradley again protected from scrutiny by friendly media

It's funny how Postmedia's Liberal-lovin'-rag known as the St. Catharines Standard can write a blustery editorial, such as the one by Peter Epp on Oct.7, 2015 and not mention the word "Liberal" even once. The issue was that a private firm, Carillon, was fined for not properly maintaining the QEW highway.
Epp wrote:
"Incredibly, the province switched to something called a performance-based contract in 2009, allowing contractors to decide how to meet those maintenance standards, which the Progressive Conservatives contend have been lowered."
Yet, which party lowered those standards?
Epp makes a point of NOT pointing out that it was the Liberal government!
Can't confuse the sheeple with facts such as this! Doing so would clash with Boyle's Law of Liberal Blamelessness; it would be harshly incompatible with the over-riding meme prevalent at the St.Catharines Standard Bradley Bootlicker: that Liberals can do no wrong... and if they do wrong, well then, it must be kept quiet and swept under the rug.
So: who was Ontario's Liberal Transportation Minister in 2009?
Yep: it was none other than St.Catharines' own Liberal hack, MPP Jim Bradley!
"Incredibly", Good Ol' Jim Bradley WAS NOT even mentioned in Epp's editorial!
Amazing, isn't it?!
Why was there no interview with, no statement from, the Liberal hack whose grubby hands were all over that deal in 2009?
Why wasn't the St. Catharines Standard pursuing their local Liberal buddy Jim Bradley for answers?!
Why wasn't the St.Catharines Standard asking the MPP in their own city - the former Liberal Transportation Minister in 2009 - all about his lowered standards, and the subsequent repercussions today, in 2015?
Did the St.Catharines Standard EVEN BOTHER to contact Bradley - the Liberal MPP from their own city - regarding this issue?!
Incredibly, the Standard's standard procedure has not changed: carefully caress Jim Bradley's hackneyed Liberalism; delicately downplay and deflect any controversy, and protect Liberal Saint Jim Bradley's butt from any criticism - even though he was directly involved in the very subject at issue in the editorial!!
It takes skill to write an editorial where the main culprit {the Liberal MPP in your own city} somehow isn't mentioned and vanishes into a convenient Cone of Silence.
It is obvious that for years, the St. Catharines Standard has been peddling its own brand of what in the 2016 U.S. presidential election finally became widely recognized as FAKE NEWS - media manipulation and bias, like CNN's spectacle of sewer-rat phony 'journalism' which was just shameless propaganda.
With their penchant for protecting their Liberal pal Jim Bradley from any serious scrutiny, the St. Catharines Standard was already well on that similar kind of road for years, kissing Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's ass for decades.
It should come as no surprise that the Jim Bradley-loving leftist St. Catharines Standard would be eventually acquired by the scumbag Tor Star conglomerate: this indeed did happen, as reported Nov.27, 2017 by the CBC.
The cabal of Niagara's leftist rags, which were embarrassing PostMedia outlets, are now to become embarrassing propaganda outlets for the Toronto Star's brand of biased Atkinsonian socialism.

"..For their part, Torstar got these newspapers:
  • Barrie Examiner.
  • Bradford Times.
  • Collingwood Enterprise Bulletin.
  • Fort Erie Times.
  • Innisfil Examiner.
  • Inport News (Port Colborne).
  • Niagara Advance.
  • Niagara Falls Review.
  • Northumberland Today.
  • Orillia Packet and Times.
  • Pelham News.
  • Peterborough Examiner.
  • St. Catharines Standard.
  • Thorold Niagara News.
  • Welland Tribune.
  • Stratford City Gazette.
  • West Carleton Review.
In addition to the smaller community papers, Torstar also got two new free commuter newspapers in major cities, 24 Hours Toronto and 24 Hours Vancouver. 
As is the case with Postmedia, most of Torstar's new properties are to be shut down, including those two.
Only four papers — St. Catharines Standard, Niagara Falls Review, Welland Tribune and Peterborough Examiner — will continue to operate. 
The rest will all be closed in a move that Torstar says it expects will results in cost saving synergies of between $5 and $7 million. The Torstar closures, which are effective immediately, will affect 46 full-time and part-time employees..."

It is easy to see what the gradual next step will be here in Niagara: that the 3 city papers will be merged into one regional Niagara Star, and they will use the exact same "cost-savings" rhetoric which they are using now, to justify the next round of  attrition/amalgamation/consolidation.
For years, the St.Catharines Standard, Niagara Falls Review and the Welland Tribune have been essentially the same newspaper, anyways, publishing basically the same common news feeds; the real difference being in how much local advertising was being sent out in each paper.
It's not hard to see, given some tweaking on the advertising end and on the"local news" end, that a merger is the next goal.
It's also VERY interesting to see the deceptive leftist spin which Global News put on this media swap - Global's Nov. 27, 2017 headline read:
    "Postmedia shuts down community newspapers after swap with Torstar" -
- as if the leftists at TorStar weren't doing the EXACT SAME THING!!!
And who wrote this phony Global headline? Who knows! Who wrote the story? Who knows - it's just an anonymous  CP feed!!! Heck, maybe a computer bot automatically wrote it!
But interestingly, it is relevant to understand that TorStar has a part ownership of  CP (Canadian Press), so how surprising can it be to see that a CP story is spiked with a biased accompanying headline?!?
THAT'S how MSM propaganda works!!!
The fact that TorStar is ALSO closing newspapers WAS PURPOSEFULLY and DECEPTIVELY eliminated from Global's fake news-worthy headline!! Instead, ONLY PostMedia was scapegoated as the newspaper-closing villains!!

Why even have a Global if they are just advertising accumulators for disseminating CP and AP feeds?!