Thursday, October 8, 2015

"Incredibly" - Liberal hack Jim Bradley again protected from scrutiny by friendly media

It's funny how Postmedia's Liberal-lovin'-rag known as the St. Catharines Standard can write a blustery editorial, such as the one by Peter Epp on Oct.7, 2015 and not mention the word "Liberal" even once. The issue was that a private firm, Carillon, was fined for not properly maintaining the QEW highway.
Epp wrote:
"Incredibly, the province switched to something called a performance-based contract in 2009, allowing contractors to decide how to meet those maintenance standards, which the Progressive Conservatives contend have been lowered."
Yet, which party lowered those standards?
Epp makes a point of NOT pointing out that it was the Liberal government!
Can't confuse the sheeple with facts such as this! Doing so would clash with Boyle's Law of Liberal Blamelessness; it would be harshly incompatible with the over-riding meme prevalent at the St.Catharines Standard Bradley Bootlicker: that Liberals can do no wrong... and if they do wrong, well then, it must be kept quiet and swept under the rug.
So: who was Ontario's Liberal Transportation Minister in 2009?
Yep: it was none other than St.Catharines' own Liberal hack, MPP Jim Bradley!
"Incredibly", Good Ol' Jim Bradley WAS NOT even mentioned in Epp's editorial!
Amazing, isn't it?!
Why was there no interview with, no statement from, the Liberal hack whose grubby hands were all over that deal in 2009?
Why wasn't the St. Catharines Standard pursuing their local Liberal buddy Jim Bradley for answers?!
Why wasn't the St.Catharines Standard asking the MPP in their own city - the former Liberal Transportation Minister in 2009 - all about his lowered standards, and the subsequent repercussions today, in 2015?
Did the St.Catharines Standard EVEN BOTHER to contact Bradley - the Liberal MPP from their own city - regarding this issue?!
Incredibly, the Standard's standard procedure has not changed: carefully caress Jim Bradley's hackneyed Liberalism; delicately downplay and deflect any controversy, and protect Liberal Saint Jim Bradley's butt from any criticism - even though he was directly involved in the very subject at issue in the editorial!!
It takes skill to write an editorial where the main culprit {the Liberal MPP in your own city} somehow isn't mentioned and vanishes into a convenient Cone of Silence.
It is obvious that for years, the St. Catharines Standard has been peddling its own brand of what in the 2016 U.S. presidential election finally became widely recognized as FAKE NEWS - media manipulation and bias, like CNN's spectacle of sewer-rat phony 'journalism' which was just shameless propaganda.
With their penchant for protecting their Liberal pal Jim Bradley from any serious scrutiny, the St. Catharines Standard was already well on that similar kind of road for years, kissing Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's ass for decades.

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