Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth day sanctimony

Peter Foster wrote yet another great global-warming-scam article today, "Earth Day's kick in the ash" (here, National Post, Apr.21, 2010). It's the kinda stuff you never see our local supposed "enviro reporters" in Niagara ever writing about; they're too busy spreading Al Gore's populist Gospel of GreenFear.

Foster touches on Paul Ehrlich's doomsday fear-mongering on the first Earth Day in 1970, to Barry Commoner's baseless "civilization will end" hysteria to the Club of Rome's Malthusianism.
When Foster wrote "The 1970s and 1980s were marked by a slew of costly environmental legislation, and yet somehow the climate of eco hysteria never abated. Indeed, the more industry was forced to spend, the shriller the cries became," I'm reminded of Ontario's Grand Poobah Environment Minister in the 1980's - yeah: none other than Good Ole Jim Bradley, our imported-from-Sudbury great environmental fear-mongering Liberal Kyodiot. Jimmy and his McGuintyites believe that global warming is the Mother of all environmental issues, and slurp up Al Gore's kool-aid that global warming - man made global warming, that is! - is “the most serious manifestation of a larger problem: the collision course between industrial civilization and the ecological system that supports life as we know it.”

And if Liberals can stop industrial civilization (and, well... while they're at it, also stop the climate from changing, LOL!) and remain in power forever, then, by gaia, that's what they'll do, lying all the way!! Bradley fear-mongered his Greenshevik GreenieGarbage about population control in 1991, here, and continued his ideological, fear-based Kyoto agitation in the early 2000's, here, here .

When Foster wrote "The environmental movement has done enormous damage to the poor. One of the founding documents of the Earth Day movement was Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, which raised hysterical concerns about pesticides and led to the banning of DDT, at the cost of millions of lives," I was reminded of today's Apr.21, 2010 'American Idol Gives Back' broadcast [btw, Smiley Guy was kicked off today] where the melodrama went on and on about providing malaria nets for Africans - NO MENTION ABOUT the millions needlessly sacrificed, killed due to the anti-DDT fallout in the wake of Rachel Carson's book! So sure, by all means, assuage your inner guilt; be smug and pat yourself on the back for helping buy a malaria net; meanwhile DDT (or by now, an improvement thereof) would have saved millions of lives in the first place!!

But then, there'd be nothing to be smug about...

It's a perversion of common sense.

Another perversion on American Idol today was - get this - super-star enviro-fear-monger Ban Ki-Moon came on screen blathering incoherently about freakin climate change. What a desperate act - they might as well have had Al Gore and David Suzuki there, singing back up vocals with world-GreenFear spreader Ban KaBoom. It's a good thing Cowell's leaving - none too soon - American Idol has jumped the shark with its pretentious, half-the-story eco-treacle.

Anyway, on a much more serious note, also check out Foster's article, "Climategate whitewash" (National, Post, Apr.16, 2010) where he deals with the cooked CRU "investigation" results. The science was never "settled" as the global warming despots kept on claiming - nevertheless, as Foster points out: "Draconian global policies have been made on the basis of dodgy data handled by those who are less than expert". It's no wonder then that Ontario's Sir Kyodiot, Liberal MPP Jim Bradley, has continually refused to reveal what his ahem "scientific sources" were which prompted him to agitate for Kyoto, and to continue supporting his Liberal government's greenwashed eco-havoc !

As a sitting member of Ontario's legislature, secretive Sir Kyodiot Bradley still hides from transparency; as a supposedly big hockey fan, could Jim Bradley explain to us his possible love affair with a certain Mann-made hockey stick graph, which seduced him with its phony global-warming-is-proven charms? Remember the smug Bradley, that supposed man of science, to whom others were global warming deniers, just ignorant neanderthals who knew no better? Now, post-Climategate, Good Ole Jimmy's got NOTHIN' TO SAY!!

And gaia forbid that any local reporter should dare ask. The illusion of Bradley's Great Heroic Environmental Struggle must be propagated.

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R.Bobak said...

The earth hour green-bolshevism propaganda continues to linger. Like clockwork, a large taxpayer sponsored ad appears in the St.Catharines Standard (as it did again on in their Mar.21, 2013 edition) and soon media everywhere will start piously beating their greenwashed 'save the planet from climate doom' hysteria.
The ad in the St.Catharines Standard was also sponsored by the local power utility/monopoly Horizon, as well as by tax dollars from the City of St.Catharines.
It's too bad that the hacks at the St.Catharines Standard don't or won't bother to question St.Catharines mayor Brian McMullan about the greenshevik propaganda which he supports; or to ask Liberal Environment Minister and Senior Ontario GreenFear-monger Jim Bradley about it either.
Maybe the St.Catharines Standard's hacks can ask Mayor Brian McFullofit; or ask GreenFear Jim Bradley; or ask the president of Horizon Utilities, to comment on Bjorn Lomborg's article (National Post, Mar.22, 2013) about the 'vain symbolism of Earth Hour' - see:

We can be pretty certain that in Niagara, the charade of 'Earth Hour' will in no way be challenged by the local greenwashed media.