Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tax-happy McGuinty, the sneaky lying Green Grit Grifter

There was a great story on Dalton McGuinty's 'illegal green energy tax' (National Post, Apr.23, 2010). Here we go again with the Liberals' duplicitous 'is it a tax; is it a regulation/premium/fee' political double-speak, with Liberal hack Brad Duguid's smarmy rhetoric in the above story reminding me of McGuinty's old 'is it a Health Tax or a Health Premium' fiasco back in 2004: remember that MASSIVE tax increase, which McGuinty's sneaky Liberal liars sprung on us?
(It is still good to know (isn't it?) that we taxpayers ended up being forced to pay not only for our own 'health premium/tax', but pay it for the elites over at the TTC as well!)

Now Duguid spews out this Gritty Liberal vomit: "You can do it out of general revenue or energy rates, either way it's coming from the same people, paying for a very important program," he said. "People can call things what they want, but when have we ever called our utilities charges taxes? If someone wants to start calling it that now, they're fine to do that. But these are investments."

The Liberals are always umm... 'investing', eh, Brad - which why Ontario is now broke.
'People can call things what they want', eh, Brad... that's so cute... but what are YOU - Ontario's McGuinty Liberal Liars - calling your own thinly-disguised tax grabs?!

Why are McGuinty's Lying Liberal Scumbags sneaking around Ontario's Taxpayer Protection Act? Is it because McGuinty's Liberals fundamentally disagree with the law's premise that taxpayers should even need protection; and instead, believe that as elite Liberals, they are naturally entitled to take as much as they want, however they want, whenever they can, for whatever pet whim which pleases their fancy? A Liberal's got to eat somehow, right?!

Why are McGuinty's shysters resorting to any possible trick in the book to satisfy their insatiable need for money, under-mining the TPA, and all the while pretending that their extra fees to support all their grandiose schemes are something other than TAXES?!

Dalton's Grits are nothing but a gang of grifters perpetrating a long con!

Remember, the McGuinty/Smitherman/Sorbara health tax WAS NOT a dedicated tax: McGuinty's smarmbag Liberal pick-pockets purposefully made sure that their so-called 'Health Tax/Premium' did NOT go into a specific health fund. McGuinty's new health "tax" was that in name only - pretending to be 'earmarked' for health - but, BY DESIGN, these newly-pick-pocketed billions went into McGuinty's general revenue fund, not to a dedicated health fund. This way, McGuinty's Liberals suddenly 'found' themselves with billions of 'extra' dollars, allowing Liberal hacks such as George Smitherman to carelessly carry out unprecedented disasters such as eHealth, while McGuinty, Sorbara, and Dwight Duncan played a crooked shell-game with our cash.

Another article, "Ontario's quiet taxes through regulation" (Apr.23, 2010, National Post), looks at some of the constitutional aspects, options, and consequences of McGuinty's calculated-to-be-sneaky 'direct/indirect tax' con job, noting: "Governments’ temptation to quietly impose taxes is clear enough — so too is the need to resist such attempts as they arise. If provincial residents acquiesce to taxation by regulation, all Canadians will ultimately have less protection from arbitrary government action."

Sneaky Liberals, trying to get away with imposing as many taxes as they can, by calling them something else - as with healthcare, this is typical Liberal duplicity.

In light of the above articles, let's not forget this smugly insufferable little observation from the Toronto Star (Dec.4, 1995): “As Liberal MPP Jim Bradley observed rather profoundly in the legislature, governments can be judged best by what they do in private. Put another way, it is what governments try to do covertly that speaks to us about their integrity and respect for voters.”

Yeah: that was Smug Ole Bullshit Bradley, being oh-so-sanctimoniously "profound" (well, to his asslicks at the Star, anyway...)

But where's Good Ole Jim Bradley today, ruminating with sly innuendo about what his Liberal government actually has "covertly" done "in private"; about the utter lack of "integrity" and "respect" which his smarmy Liberal regime of compulsive serial liars has for the tax-paying electorate?

Don't bother expecting a follow-up story from the Star or the St.Catharines Standard... to distract us, the Liberals have conjured up a new enemy which Ontarians didn't even know we had - following in the I-hate-doctors footsteps of Jim Bradley and the optometrists are terrorists hysteria of Smitherman, Deb Matthews has now demonized Ontario's pharmacists!

McGuinty's disgusting Liberal shell-game continues.

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