Thursday, April 15, 2010

Michael Ignatieff, sexist bigot

Michael Ignatieff, nee Michael Zsohar, has flip-flopped on his stand regarding Quebec's $25 health-care-user fee (see here). Typical Liberal, typical anti-healthcare-reform obstructionism: it's just a repeat of the old Pierre Pettigrew tempest-in-a-teapot (here, pg.17) from back in 2004!! Nothing has changed - the Liberals just can't seem to understand that the ideological Canada Health Act is not sacred - it sucks; as does anyone who thinks (here) that a Liberal like Iggy would - or even could - stand for anything other than our statist, failing health care status quo.
'Bold thinking', Mr. Den Tandt, from Liberal federal leader Mr. Michael Zsohar - are you kidding?!
Ignatieff is another Stephane Bumbledore Dion: a Liberal seat-warmer, not any kind of bold leader - if Iggy was intellectually honest, he would have long ago proposed positive reforms to Canada's unfathomable, slavish obsession to single-payer monopolistic health care. With Iggy, it's just the same-old, same-old Liberal status-quo crap, year after year.
Yes... yes... Iggy can also go by his street name, Michael Zsohar (here) - what, that's insulting? It's all right for Iggy to (pointlessly) call Helena Guergis by her husband's Rahim Jaffer's last name?
What a flicking toff!
Where are the Maude Barlows, whining about women's rights and gender oppression, when the condescending Liberal party leader takes it upon himself to derisively refer to a woman as her husband's property?!
Wow: Iggy's not being a male chauvinist pig here?
Mr. Michael Zsohar is not being a sexist bigot?
Iggy's not an offensive anti-feminist boor?
Nah: he's just a Liberal asshole.
While Iggy's busy shaking the family tree of others, maybe he can finally reveal to us why Suzie ain't an Ignatieff.

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