Thursday, April 29, 2010

Iggy's protectionist Foodcare fiasco

Here's the Tornto Star (Apr.26, 2010) crowing about Ignatieff's so-called Eat Canadian plan. It sounds so lovely, doesn't it; so bucolic, and pure and natural and generally so darned good, eh?! Why, Iggy himself's gonna 'work with farmers from the farm up, rather than from Ottawa down'... aww, gee... that's swell; so swell that writer Gail Swainson couldn't find the time to actually question any of the Liberal propaganda gushingly spouted in her column. Investigate and report all sides of the story - are you kidding?!

So let's read another side regarding Iggy's do-nothing-window-dressing of a Liberal agricultural policy, a side which the Toronto Star strangely didn't bother to dwell upon (!), such as the StarPhoenix editorial "Ignatieff failing to grasp reality of prarie farms", (Apr.27, 2010, here). Ignatieff's Toronto Liberals wouldn't want to read any of that!!!

Here's another perspective on Iggy's not-so-well-thought-out wedge-politics "Canada can't grow everything", (Apr.28, 2010, National Post, here). Hmmm... Iggy's grits will be steaming after reading that!

And here's yet another perspective on Iggy's pandering, useless, and ultimately phony, 'farm policies': William Watson's "Keep the state out of kitchens", (National Post, Apr.29, 2010, here).

Grits will have no idea of what Watson's writing about. Liberals - naturally - see nothing wrong with more subsidies and more state intervention, more market meddling, and more taxes to keep the whole thing going... they see 'victims', and by gaia, they're gonna do somethin' about it.

Iggy would have us believe that we really need a national state-run, Liberal-funded Foodcare fiasco (as if his Grit's gun-registry and daycare screw-ups weren't enough), but this is just superficial pandering to his own greenie-choir, not even worthy of being classified as manure.

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