Tuesday, September 27, 2011

McGuinty kisses Suzuki's ass

Watching the Ontario election debate on CTV this evening, it was hilariously pathetic to see Ontario's Premier Liberal Liar Dalton McGuinty piouly refer to David Suzuki - the GreenFear-spreading  global-warming climatalarmist - not once, but twice, as being some kind of authority giving blessing to McGuinty's failing Liberal green bolshevism. Guess Dolton's looking to lose now; Ontario shouldn't have anything to do with Suzukiism; we don't need Suzuki's disastrous greenshevist bullshit, and Dalton has dropped down to the level of a dolt by even giving mention to this fearmonger's name.
 Funny how Liberal McGuinty magnanimously told us all how he got a great deal from PM Paul Martin in 2004 with the federal health sharing agreement. Odd, though, how Ontario's Lying Liberal McGuinty then just plain forgot to mention that the very same Paul Martin - as Liberal finance minister in the Cretin administration - was the one who CUT health transfer payments to Ontario in the mid-nineties!
Fergot ta mention that, eh, Doltie?!!
And shitbag McGuinty also forgot to mention how convenient this federal Liberal ploy was for him as a smug Harris-basher in Ontario's Liberal provincial opposition!
And, golly gee: after telling us in this debate how hard he worked to get this 2004 deal from Martin, Ontario's Premier Liberal Liar McGuinty conveniently forgot to mention that  - despite those federal funds - McGuinty nevertheless  introduced a NEW health-care tax AND cut previous heath-care coverage - that same year, in 2004!!!!
And nobody in the debate called slimeball McGuinty on this!
Horwath should stop pretending that she wouldn't be / or the government somehow is "writing blank cheques" when it comes to tax cuts: this shows the perversity of socialism and of the socialists' mindset, whose default position is that taxes are theirs TO BEGIN WITH.
To the pinko crowd, what's yours is theirs; but what's theirs is never yours.
The NDP is not entitled to someone else's money; the act of lowering a tax is not "writing a blank cheque", as if it was/had been your money all along!!
Oh, and I didn't hear Horwath say a damn thing about shutting down the useless LHIN's.
And, finally, nobody asked scumbag McGuinty whether his anti-patient-choice health-care monopolism should be held as criminally, negligently responsible for the 35-death C. difficile outbreak in Niagara this summer.
This medicare-monopoly-pushing scumbag McGuinty should be in jail for what his Liberals did in Niagara.

Monday, September 26, 2011

McGuinty's Liberal Green-scam money-pit

If Ontarians need to undersand McGuinty's Liberal Green Energy act for the fiasco which it is, there are several articles to read for a glimpse into the pathetic energy-joke which McGuinty's Liberals have mired us into.
There was Tony Ricciuto's laughably one-sided article "Sun shines on his busines" (St.Catharines Standard, Sept.21, 2011), telling us of a MicroFit beneficiary who buys electricity from his utility for 5.7-10.6 cents per KWH, but is paid a guaranteed 80.2 cents per KWH for the electricity which his roof-mounted photo-voltaic system produces back into the grid.
Reporter Riciciuto writes this article as if it were a feel-good greenie advertisement, and does not provide readers any analysis of the insane politics which McGuinty's Liberals have led Ontarians to buy into: that this kind of ideologically greenwashed perverted economics can be seriously viewed as a "business", let alone an "investment", when it is just a government-subsidized farce... as David Frum had well-made the case in "Doubling down on the green-jobs money pit" (National Post, Sept.17, 2011)
It's interesting how neither Kim Craitor nor Jim Bradley, Niagara's two ruling Liberal incumbents, still can't publicly provide any evidence to substantiate the doomsday global-warming GreenFear-mongering which their Liberal party has been perpetrating for over a decade, and which has become the underlying (yet unproven) basis for all these bizarrely-skewed subsequent Liberal greenscam "cures".
Maybe Jimmy or Kimmy can locally and specifically comment on the financial sense of MicroFit, or on Frum's article.
Maybe the Standard can write a real report, instead of an ad, about that. oh ... sure.
Maybe the Standard's Wendy Metcalfe will bother to send her reporters to specifically ask climate-change GreenFear pushers Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor to publicly confirm whether their lying Liberal party would or would not institute some kind of cap and trade / carbon-tax scheme should they, horrifically, regain power two weeks from now.
That's something which the Standard is capable of doing, no? yeh... sure.

Friday, September 23, 2011

McGuinty's Liberals keep taking cash from public utilities

Further to this Sept.22, 2011 Globe and Mail article:

"Premier Dalton McGuinty and the Liberal Party of Ontario should not be accepting donations from publicly owned or funded agencies including hydro utilities, the opposition parties said Thursday.
Elections Ontario documents show Thunder Bay Hydro donated the maximum amount allowed – $1,244.32 – to the local Liberal riding association last year, at a time when electricity rates are soaring as the province spends billions to rebuild its electricity system.
“We don’t take those donations, and I think Dalton McGuinty should do the same thing,” Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak said after a campaign event in Toronto.
NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said she was “quite shocked and surprised” that the Liberals are still taking donations from public utilities after vowing last year to stop the practice.
“When you pay your utility bill, you don’t expect part of your bill to be going to a donation to a political party,” said Ms. Horwath.
“Seems to me that there was a commitment made by the McGuinty Liberals that they were going to stop taking donations from public utilities or from even private utilities, as well as municipalities and other ratepayer organizations.”
Mr. McGuinty said he is confident the donations didn’t break any rules.
“There are stringent rules in place, and I would fully expect that those rules would be observed,” Mr. McGuinty said when asked about the appropriateness of donations from municipally owned utilities.
Robert Mace, president of Thunder Bay Hydro, said the utility does not make direct donations to political parties, but did pay to send top executives and board members to a speech by Liberal Energy Minister Brad Duguid.
“I can tell you unequivocally we don’t just make a donation,” Mr. Mace said in an interview.
“The only thing I can think that would be was when Brad Duguid was in, and up here you don’t see the minister very often, so when he comes to Thunder Bay we want to hear what he has to say about electricity policy.”
Mr. Mace believes the Liberals allocated money from the $200-per-plate dinner tickets to the local riding association, which is what other publicly owned utilities discovered last year when it was reported they too had donated to the Liberals.
“We attended the dinner and I believe a portion of that they end up counting as a donation,” he said.
When the issue first surfaced a year ago, the Liberal Party posted a note on its website saying it does not accept donations from public bodies, but that note was later removed from the party’s site.
Mr. McGuinty declined comment on the removal of the note.
“Again, I think the rules need to be followed,” was all the Liberal leader would say about the change on the party’s website.
However, a spokesman for Mr. McGuinty later said the note was dropped when the Liberals re-launched the party website and streamlined old sites, including the donations section.
The warning note was re-posted Thursday, said Mr. McGuinty’s press secretary Jane Almeida.
“We follow all donation rules, and have implemented our own higher standards above and beyond legal requirements,” said Ms. Almeida.
“The standards have always applied and the oversight has been corrected with the description of the higher standards now posted directly to our website.”
The donations section of the site now states that “the Ontario Liberal Party does not accept contributions from hospitals, colleges, universities, municipalities, or from any organization that receives public funding.”
But it turns out municipally owned utilities weren’t the only public agencies donating the maximum amount to a Liberal riding association. Municipalities did as well.
The towns of Marathon and Greenstone each donated $1,244.32 to the Thunder Bay-Superior North Liberal riding association in support of Northern Development Minister Michael Gravelle.
Marathon Mayor Rick Dumas said he and some councillors did attend a Liberal fundraiser for Mr. Gravelle, but also attend similar events for the Tories and NDP, and made no apologies for lobbying the people who are the voice of his community at Queen’s Park.
“Going to a function for the local MPP or for the other parties, supporting these individuals we believe are the voice of our region in Toronto, so we need to have their ear,” said Mr. Dumas.
“That little investment goes a long way at times.”
The NDP, however, said municipalities should not be using money from property taxpayers to donate to the Liberals.
“When you pay your property taxes, you don’t expect part of your property tax bill to be funding a political party,” said Ms. Horwath.
The donations of taxpayers’ and ratepayers’ money to the governing Liberals are not illegal, but certainly raise eyebrows among property tax payers and hydro rate payers.
Elections Ontario rules state any person, corporation or union may contribute up to $1,240 to any constituency association, but the total contribution to all constituency associations of the same party cannot exceed $6,200 in one year".
How can anyone possibly trust or believe anything which Ontario's Premier Congenital Liar Dalton McGuinty says anymore?!

In Niagara, we can rest assured that no-one will ask Liberal Jim Bradley about why his Liberals continue to take public money as political "donations", even though they pretended, pardon, LIED, about stopping this practice.

If a utility claims it cannot get to see Liberal ministers, such as Duguid - unless they pay for it, as Mace says above - then something really stinks in McGuinty's Liberal Ontario.

I'm sure the St.Catharines Standard's 'wrong-righters' will be asking Liberal Jim Bradley to explain why his Liberals are selling access to their Liberal ministers... won't they?! haha 

Of course, it goes without saying that no-one in Niagara, especially from the Bradley Booster St.Catharines Standard, will ask Liberal Jim Bradley whether this is one of the reasons why his secretive Liberals refuse to allow the Ombudsman oversight over Ontario's MUSH sector.

Keep those $200 rubber chicken dinners coming; Jimmy and his Liberals are hungry.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Niagara C.difficile death-toll rises to 35; no comment from Liberal Jim Bradley

Further to my earlier post "NHS should be considered a crime scene"...

...today's Sept.22, 2011 St.Catharines Standard reported that yet another C. difficile-outbreak victim has died in Niagara, bringing the C. diff death toll to 35.

Don't worry, though, folks: reporter Grant Lafleche carefully made sure that St.Catharines Liberal MPP Jim Bradley wasn't interviewed, nor even mentioned in the story, even though 26 of these victims died in Bradley's own city, in Bradley's own under-funded health-monopoly.

[After all, what's Ole Jim Bradley got ta do wid any o' dis?! Right??! Here we have yet another excellent hard-hitting report from the cross-eyed wrong-righters at the Bradley Clarion].

The Standard's front page headline today read "OPP to probe Niagara Parks", yet, will the day ever come when the headline will read "OPP to probe McGuinty Liberals' complicity in NHS' killer C.diff outbreak"?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The NHS should be considered a crime scene

The St.Catharines Standard in "Candidates tackle health care at debate" Sept.21, 2011, noted Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's response to the question of  'demanding accountability for the Niagara C. diff outbreak':

"...More than 75 people turned out for the event, but there was little interaction between the audience and candidates, as questions from the floor had to be submitted in writing. There was also no confrontation among the candidates, who were strictly held to two-minute answer periods.
Moderator Marg Newby read a question from the audience asking candidates if they would demand accountability for the C. diff outbreak that has claimed 34 lives in the region, specifically in relation to hospital cleaning.
Liberal incumbent Jim Bradley said the outbreak is complex and issues including cleaning and the use of antibiotics need to be investigated to determine what can be done to prevent future occurrences.
"The cleaning of our hospitals and other institutions is an important component that I think needs to be improved upon," he said..."

The pure bullsh!t which emanated from Liberal Jim Bradley's mouth was spectacularly disingenuous, true political kabuki theatre.

This is coming from the SAME Liberal who REFUSED to call for a public inquiry in 2008, after over 500 C. difficile-infected Ontarians were killed  in McGuinty's Liberal monopoly!!

Ontario's Premier Liberal liar McGuinty told us in 2008 that his Liberal health monopoly wouldn't learn anything new about the spread of C. diff which they didn't already know, therefore, no public
inquiry was needed!

That was in 2008! And that was a Liberal health-care cover up.

Now that 34 more C. diff infected patients have needlessly died this summer just in Niagara, suddenly that flicking Liberal scumbag MPP Jim Bradley babbles on about 'complex issues' and 'cleaning' and 'investigations' and 'antibiotics' and 'preventing future outbreaks' - AS IF THIS EXACT SAME SCENARIO HAD NEVER PRESENTED ITSELF PREVIOUSLY; AS IF JIM BRADLEY AND HIS LIBERALS HAD NEVER HID FROM  C. DIFF INVESTIGATION BEFORE; AS IF THIS IS THE FIRST TIME THESE LIBERALS HAD EVER HEARD OF C. DIFF!!

The utter gall of this Liberal ass is unbelievable - golly gosh yowzers gee: Ole Liberal Jimmy's gonna find us some answers t'all this!! yesiree... trust Ole Liberal Jimmy ta git yer answers!!

Liberal Jim Bradley did sweet-FLICK-all after the 2007 CIHI report found that the NHS's St.Catharines hospital had the third-highest patient-mortality rate in Canada. No Liberal - neither Jim Bradley nor Kim Craitor - ever offered an explanation,  or bothered to call for any investigation into that!! (...maybe the Standard's cross-eyed editor Wendy Metcalfe can send hard-hitting-reporter Grant Lafleche to look into that.... yeh...)

Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor said nothing when hundreds of C. diff patients, trapped in the Liberals' negligent health monopoly, were dying in 2008.

Yet scumbag MPP Jim Bradley  - who (until today!) had said nothing whatsoever about the Niagara C. diff outbreak - is suddenly decanting his sage wisdom about, um... 'improvements' ????!!?

What bullsh!t !!

Are these the same 'improvements' which Jim and his Liberals negligently REFUSED TO CONSIDER in 2008, by refusing to hold a public inquiry which would have answered the very questions which scumbag Liberal Jimmmy is now sagaciously presenting to us, three years and 34 dead patients later??!

Who is accountable for the deaths of all these patients???
Jim Bradley's Liberals ALREADY HAD the chance to get at all these 'answers' - THREE YEARS AGO!!! Instead, they HID from scrutiny!!

Jim Bradley and his Liberal cabinet of no-patient-choice health-care monopolists are the ones who ought to be under criminal investigation.

The Niagara Health System should be declared a crime scene; there was a mass-murder/politically-orchestrated health-care homicide perpetrated in Niagara, with the McGuinty Liberal government's health care monopolist ideology being the prime suspect.

This is more than what an investigation by supervisor Kevin Smith, or ombudsman Andre Marin, might entail; and more than a local police or OPP matter; perhaps only the RCMP, or even a specialized investigative unit from outside of Canada, should be brought in to examine every aspect of the NHS's operation since the days of Liberals Smitherman and Sorbara. Every directive and political policy initiative which was forced upon the NHS and its staff since 2004 by the Liberal MOH and their Niagara LHIN puppet should be examined, with an eye to determining what far-reaching repercussions such directions had in terms of the killer 2011 C. diff outbreak.

At the heart of this discussion about "health-care accountability" (which the Standard's vaunted 'cross-eyed wrong-righters' never seem to talk about) is that whatever these directives and their consequences were, they were all made under the mantle of a political Liberal monopolist ideology: the same politicians doing the cuts, the same persons who decided what was 'good enough' for the monopoly which they ran, also despotically ensured that Ontario's patients had no choice but to go to their local Liberal-health-monopoly-franchise and hope for the best.

These innocent patients were caught in a deadly Liberal bait-and-switch monopolist health-care scam.

A criminal investigation into the monopolist McGuinty Liberal's criminal culpability in the Niagara C. difficile deaths might be the only way to find out the truth.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Do we need Liberal MPP Jim Bradley?

What a joke to read Grant Lafleche's (Sept.14, 2011) St.Catharines Standard article "Do we need the LHIN's", where Lafleche purposefully avoids telling readers why monopoly-health-care-pusher Liberal MPP Jim Bradley wasn't mentioned in this article.
Where was Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's response to Mehra's and Guyatt's specific claims and observations, defending his Liberal-created LHINs?
Doesn't Ole Jimmy have anything to do with this? Isn't it actually Liberal MPP Jim Bradley - and not the LHIN - who is "ultimately responsible" (as Lafleche claims) for  health care funding in Niagara??! What disingenuous spin!! The LHIN's don't have a single penny which isn't first given to them by their Liberal bosses!!
Did Ms.Western speak to Liberal MPP Jim Bradley?
Did Lafleche ask whether Ms. Western asked Bradley why his Liberals refused to call a public inquiry in 2008 [when HUNDREDS of Ontarians were killed by C. diff in McGuinty's health-care prisons] which would have helped prevent some of the subsequent C. diff deaths in Niagara several years later? After all, McGuinty's lying Liberals told us that there was no need for any C. difficile investigations, because the Liberals knew all that there was to know about the spread of the disease, so, Ontarians didn't need to worry about it!
Has anyone asked Liberal MPP Jim Bradley why, then, 34 more C. diff patients died in Niagara, if his Liberal-underfunded Niagara hospitals were supposedly safe?
Lafleche digs up Mehra, Guyatt, and Leon, but can't find Bradley - or Craitor?!
Lafleche even managed to conveniently "overlook" that McGuinty's lying Liberals originally promised a scheduled province wide LHIN review at the time Smitherman first created them; but then summarily cancelled the review!!
Lafleche doesn't even bother to tell readers that Gord Guyatt's an NDP-eer. No bias there.
Lafleche makes sure to tell us how Mehra and Guyatt 'can't endorse the view proposed by the Conservatives' to close the LHINs - yet Lafleche conveniently doesn't ask these two whether they can endorse the proposal of the NDP... to do the same thing!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Can Niagara trust the NHS's new Liberal-appointed hospital Supervisor?

The Sept.10, 2011 St.Catharines Standard story "Hospital Improvement Plan review gets a new direction" reported that the phony HIP review (by that Soviet-sounding Tripartite Committee, proposed earlier by Deb Matthews, and eagerly cheered for by Niagara's municipal Liberals) is suddenly being cancelled, apparently to be merged somehow with Liberal-appointed NHS Supervisor Kevin Smith's review of the NHS.

Municipal Liberals - such as ya-fooled-me-once, you-can-fool-me again, please Vance Badawey, barked long and hard for a NHS review, yet caved in to Smith the first chance they got.

Too bad that no-one - including Smith - is bothering to investigate the role of  the Liberal-created LHIN, which both demanded and approved the NHS's HIP!!! Oooops... can't talk about that!! Might lead to questions about George Smitherman and McGuintry's Liberal cabinet!!

Of course, no-one's asking any Liberal to explain where their promised province-wide LHIN review has disappeared; you know, the one which Liberal liars McGuinty and Smitherman said would regularly occur, when they first came up with their puppet-LHIN's?

You can bet Supervisor Smith isn't going to ask about that - Smith reports to the LHIN; to the Liberal government!!

Smith's only been around the NHS officially about a week, yet he has already concluded that "the illness is trust" of the NHS. No word from Smith about whether the illness might be a distrust of the Liberal lying majority government - to whom he reports.

Smith also gives us a lecture that "I believe in the Canadian Way, and that is compromise."...

 ...(reporter Shawn Jeffords wasn't clear in the story whose capital "W" that was - his or Smith's; is there a specific "Canadian Way" which Smith adheres to, or are we just supposed to nod in respectful agreement and pretend to know what this "Way" is? Is this the Tommy Douglas Way of socialist "compromise", ie my way, or no way at all?)...

... telling us that "With one exception, we never, ever, ever compromise on high-quality care for patients"

With all due respect, Mr. Smith, maybe you can save your rhetoric, which is already sounding suspiciously like typical boiler-plate Liberal political hogwash; maybe we should let a criminal court decide on behalf of patients what the exact definition of "high quality care" is; and how McGuinty's Liberals "compromised" Niagara's patients and hid from their obligations as self-appointed single-payer managers of their health monopoly.

Kevin Smith also is already telling us not to expect any new NHS health care funding, and, that any changes will have to be taken from other areas within the NHS - which is exactly what the former NHS board had been forced to deal with for years, due to the Liberals'-pre-rationed funding!  Smith is now strangely echoing seven years' worth of previous Liberal duplicity, sounding pretty much EXACTLY like George Smitherman, David Caplan, or Deb Matthews! And this is what Niagara's happy municipal Liberals such as Badawey wanted from Smith?!

But when Smith finally says "If we want to spend more in one place, we have to spend less in another",  he is now crossing the line: THIS IS NOT SMITH'S CALL TO MAKE.

THIS IS A POLITICAL STATEMENT, totally out of Smith's purview as an administrative Supervisor.

SMITH'S STATEMENT SHOULD NOT BE ACCEPTED as fact; it is fear-mongering.

By saying this, Smith is acting as a despotic single-payer MONOPOLY apologist; as a spokesman, not for the patients, but for the Liberal government.

Kevin Smith was NOT elected, and is simply a civil servant appointee - but one who already, unfortunately, seems to be operating as a government agent.

I want to hear Liberal MPP's Jim Bradley and Jim Craitor repeat and confirm what their newly appointed supervisor has said. Who will dare ask health care monopolists Jimmy'N'Kimmy to confirm that their Liberal health monopoly - which they fund and control - must continue to spend less? Let them explain why they cut and ration health-care in their monopoly, yet, don't allow Ontario citizens to arrange for their own private health-care?

Will the St.Catharines Standard's Shawn Jeffords or Wendy Metcalfe be contacting Liberal MPP's Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor, asking them why they have abdicated their political responsibilities to their NHS appointee?

This is really starting to stink - already - and I'm fearful that, despite earlier high hopes, Smith is just a convenient Liberal shill.

The St.Catharines Standard's phony calls for change

What self-boasting the St.Catharines Standard's managing editor Wendy Metcalfe spun in her Sept.9, 2011 article.

She boasts about how the Standard "will campaign on behalf of the community. There are issues faced on a daily basis that are calling out for change. We pride ourselves in having an eye for injustice. We are determined to right the wrongs on your behalf."... oh, please!!

This from the local rag which does nothing but trumpet for the status-quo - in particularly, their Golden Boy Liberal Jimmy Bradley's status-quo! Hasn't the St.Catharines Standard already been campaigning for Liberal Jim Bradley - in their own slick way - for decades?!

Where's the 'justice' in the St.Catharines Standard constantly avoiding the mere mention of Liberal Jim Bradley, in any connection whatsoever to issues which are within provincial jurisdiction?

Metcalfe's rag - aka the St.Catharines Double-Standard, the St.Catharines Sub-Standard, the St.Catharines Lower Standard, the St.Catharines Bradley Buttkiss Society, the St.Catharines Bradley Sycophant - has purposefully, studiously, painstakingly AVOIDED ANY mention of Liberal MPP Jim Bradley in the last five months, when it came to anything whatsoever to do with health-care.
[After all, there are only two persons in all of Niagara responsible for health-care: Liberals Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor.]

Those great reporters Liberal-friendly stenographers such as Grant Lafleche, for instance, are extremely careful not to involve or mention Ole Liberal Jimmy in any story which remotely deals with the C. difficile deaths in Jim Bradley's OWN CITY!! When Metcalfe boasts about Lafleche's 'hard-hitting health care stories', that is such facile spin: to the Standard, 'hard-hitting' is petting Liberal MPP Jim Bradley while spinning the criticism everywhere else.

Wow: it's as if Liberal MPP Jim Bradley HAS NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH ANY OF THIS!!

It's as if Ole Jimmy's Liberals AREN'T fully responsible for funding and controlling their own single-payer health system!

Why, it's as if Jim Bradley's Liberals are NOT running an unaccountable, failing, underfunded, incompetent health-care MONOPOLY!!
Liberals such as Jim Bradley are constantly rehabilitated by the apologist press; the process never ends - it's like the St.Catharines Standard becomes the Liberal Jim Bradley Campaign Office, covering up and spinning for Liberals inbetween the real elections!!

Did editor Metcalfe's "eye for injustice" ever notice that the words monopoly, health-care, and Liberal MPP Jim Bradley NEVER appear together in her rag's decades-long campaign for Bradley's status-quo Liberalism??!! Gosh: is that a "right" or a "wrong", Wendy?!

St.Cathariners don't need to be taken 'for a ride' by your biased Liberal-boosting rag, Ms. Metcalfe.

Your paper has been and still is transparently and blatantly avoiding the real health-care issues in Niagara by willfully neglecting to provide local readers with ANY in-depth coverage from our local secretive MPP Liberal Jim Bradley, on a host of issues, not the least of which is Jim Bradley's abdication of his role as Niagara's local (and senior) representative of the Liberal government.

Bradley had all but vanished from the pages of the St.Catharines Standard while some 34 C. difficile patients have died in Niagara, and dozens of others made severely ill.
   (Remember how sanctimonious and smarmy and self-righteously indignant Ole Liberal Jimmy got about Walkerton? More Ontarians died in Niagara this summer than in Walkerton... but because Jimmy Liberals are now in gov't., then Bradley and his Liberals can be immediately forgiven by the press...)
Gosh: maybe Ole Jim Bradley didn't... uhhh... know about anything about this C. diff outbreak in his own city... and coincidentally - and also amazingly - the St.Catharines Standard didn't... ummm... know either... haha ...that ole Jimmy's Liberal monopolists were fully responsible for health care in Ontario, so, umm...  no-one from the Standard asked Jimmy 'bout anything, 'cuz no-one knew anything about anything!!

Seriously: that, sadly, is the St.Catharines Standard's credo: fer gaia's sake: just don't ask Jimmy...'bout anything!

Ms. Metcalfe, wasn't it your paper that abdicated its responsibility to provide readers with full, in-depth, relentless coverage of the Liberal-controlled health-care situation in Niagara - including constantly demanding on-going questions and interviews from Liberal MPP Jim Bradley? [y'know: the way the Standard BradleyBootlicker would have done, had it been Conservatives - not Liberals - who were running the government...]

Where the hell was the St.Catharines Standard's phony "eye for injustice" during Niagara's 2011 summer of Liberal-monopoly C. diff death??

The one-eyed St.Catharines Standard was PURPOSEFULLY BLIND to the monopolist lies, deceptions, and injustices which Jim Bradley and his Liberal single-payer-pushing ideologues wrought upon Niagara.
The Standard sure must have some kind of perverted "pride" in its long record of  kow-towing to Bradley's every whim. Because it was Bradley and his Liberals who were in government, the dedicated Bradleyphiles at the Standard just sloughed off focusing anything on their BestBuddyBradley.
Instead of covering Jim Bradley, the disgusting full-time Liberal interim campaign workers at the Standard covered up for Liberal Jim Bradley.

Metcalfe's paper now boasts that their 'News team is armed and ready to deliver' [...whatever that means, it's just typical double-speak...] so, have any of her reporters been "armed" with Jim Bradley's... umm... phone number and email address?!?
Are any Standard reporters actually "ready" to finally find Jim Bradley?!?

Just askin' - cuz apparently none of her staff reporters Liberal stenographer/marionettes have been willing or able to actually provide readers with any consistent, in-depth, long-running interviews and analysis of Jim Bradley's activities and reactions to provincially-relevant events as our local Liberal MPP.

Except for the typical staged photo-ops, there has been NO RELEVANT coverage regarding Jim Bradley and his policies, in Bradley's local home-town paper: it's as if Jim Bradley's activities as Liberal MPP have nothing to do with the fallout of the actions of his Liberal government! {The Standard as been practicing FAKE NEWS way before the Trump era}

Where's the 'justice' in that kind of skewed Liberal-friendly media bias? What kind of "issues" will the Standard be 'calling out to change"??!! (...quick answer: they'll shill for anything that deflects AWAY from any scrutiny about Jimmy, or, they'll shill for anything which GLORIFIES Jimmy)

Wendy, how about changing the way your paper treats Liberal MPP Jim Bradley? When's the cosy Bradley ass-kissing going to end?

When will the St.Catharines Standard stop fondling Liberal Jim Bradley?

When is any St.Catharines Standard reporter going to actually pursue Liberal MPP Jim Bradley for a real interview?!
And, by now, in 2011, one token interview wouldn't - couldn't - possibly be enough to assess Bradley's years of Liberal claptrap; the Standard should have had hundreds of in-depth policy pieces regarding their local boy Bradley over the years... but this record of analysis by the Standard simply is not there!
What there is, is mostly Bradley boosterism, or puff-pieces which are JimmyFriendly-to-neutral in content. The Standard's C.difficile coverage is just the latest - but one of the most blatant - displays of its Bradley-friendly advocacy; essentially, of a long-term work of planned, purposeful political propaganda.

The Standard has let Liberal MPP Jim Bradley get away with murder, figuratively speaking. It is important - again - to remember: instead of covering Jim Bradley during the C. diff outbreak, the St.Catharines Standard  has covered-up for Jim Bradley from the moment the C. difficile deaths began appearing.

This is nothing new, though: the Standard has been spinning yarn to cover-up for Bradley, for years.

Where's the St. Catharines Standard's in-depth analysis of Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's response...

- to his Liberals' creation of the LHIN's?
- to the NHS's publicly-stated under-funding concerns?
- to the 2007 CIHI report, which revealed that the NHS's St.Catharines hospital - in Liberal Jim Bradley's home town - had the third-highest patient-death rate in Canada?
- to why he didn't immediately call for a public inquiry into this shocking CIHI report?
- to Smitherman's forcing of the cost-cutting HIP onto the NHS?
- to Dr. Jack Kitts' review of the HIP?
- to his Liberal-controlled LHIN approving the HIP?
- to his Liberals creating a new health-tax, and at the same time creating a two-tier health system by summarily de-listing previously-covered "universal" health care?
- to Quebec's momentous 2005 Chaoulli decision?
- to federal Liberal Bob Rae's candid admission that there is a private (and not 'non-profit private') sector role in Canadian health care?
- to why Helen Harris couldn't get emergency health care in St.Catharines, and died in Buffalo?
- to why he and his Liberals refused to call a public C. difficile inquiry in 2008, which had already then killed hundreds of patients in Ontario's Liberal health monopoly?
- to why - for years - his Liberals refused to call the Ombudsman to investigate the NHS, until days before the 2011 election?
- to why he and his Liberals still refuse to allow the Ombudsman full access to the entire 'MUSH" sector?
- to when he first knew of his own Liberal secret G20 law, and where he was hiding when his Liberal government unleashed its massive assault on civil rights?
- to demands that he provide specific evidence - extant in 2002 - which convinced him that anthropogenic-global-warming was real?
- to why he hasn't reintroduced his own made-while-in-opposition Gasoline Price Control bill?
- we could go on and on, Wendy, about your paper's years of Jimmy-friendly biased half-stories ...

Gosh... we can only imagine how difficult it has been (...cue the sad violin solo...) for the Standard to provide readers with sanitized Lib-friendly "news", while at the same time shying away - on purpose! - from providing any meaningful analysis of Jim Bradley's decades of deceptive Liberalism!
This is thoughtful, skilled and dedicated political media manipulation!

It's not easy coddling Liberal Jim Bradley - delicately holding Ole Jimmy at arm's length from criticism, swathing him and his politics in a cosy of protective velvet, carefully avoiding even the slightest critical mention of his name - while at the same time writing supposedly "hard-hitting" stories on issues directly connected to Bradley's Liberal politics!
That kind of consistent campaign, that kind of subtle media manipulation, that kind of fifth-columnist loyalty, takes a lot of dedication!!

Yes, it'll be difficult in the next several weeks during this inconvenient election... (whaat? There's an election in St. Catharines? Who knew?!) ...for the "hard-hitting" St.Catharines Standard to mask its allegiance to Liberal MPP Jim Bradley!

For appearance sake, the hardly-hard-hitting-at-all Standard - in the name of cross-eyed Metcalfian... umm... phony 'community justice', y'see - might have to give their Boy Jimmy an obligatory, pre-planned, tap over one knuckle with a large, soft, heart-shaped, puffy glove, on some trivial non-issue, which would suffice as "proof" to readers of how ...umm... 'fiercely independent' this Jimmy-boosting rag has been for years.
Really, for years, the St.Catharines Standard has been essentially acting as Jim Bradley's full-time campaign office inbetween elections, spouting the Liberal party lines, protecting their Boy Jimmy and regurgitating his political diarrhea.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Comic book Jimmy

There was another great, insightful, and relevant political cartoon in the Sept.7, 2011 St.Catharines Standard's editorial page, did you happen to see it?
The fantastic wit of cartoonist Dewar was at its peak: Dewar drew a cartoon of what looked like Liberal MPP Jim Bradley, piloting a bulldozer  (deviously named the S.S. Smitherman - wow, what wit!!) right through what appeared to be a hospital, and in the wake of destruction behind Bradley could be seen bodies scattered throughout Niagara. Dewar showed Bradley wearing his trademarked oozing bed-pan on his head, kind of like a deranged Napoleon, while a roll of toilet paper, printed with dollar-signs, mysteriously dangled out of Jimmy's ass.
Dewar showed Bradley smiling and yelling out "HIP HIP Hoooray!" (probably in reference to the Hospital Improvement Plan which Bradley's Liberal health minister Smitherman imposed on Niagara, closing two ER's), as Bradley careened towards a shiny new hospital, glowing in splendour on a sunny hilltop in the distance. The caption on Dewar's political masterpiece of satire read "Exercising Liberal Monopolism"
Wow. What a great Jim Bradley Liberal political cartoon - thank you O Great Dewar, and thank you, St. Catharines Standard.

News flash to Dalton McGuinty: YOU are the "killer"; with 33 dead C. diff victims in Niagara, where's YOUR apology?

So Dalton McGuinty, Ontario's Premier Liberal Liar and GreenFear-spreader, was noted in Karen Howlett's Sept.8, 2011 Globe and Mail  report pushing some pretty ridiculous Green bolshevik rhetoric:

"Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty is challenging his chief rival to look workers employed in the province’s nascent green-energy sector directly in the eyes and tell them he is “killing” their jobs.
Mr. McGuinty announced in London, Ont., that South Korean multinational Samsung is creating another 200 jobs in a city hard hit by the economic recession. The timely news, coming on Day 2 of the campaign for the Oct. 6 election, highlights the Liberals’ key message – that they are best equipped to build a strong foundation of manufacturing excellence in the province. The Progressive Conservatives under Leader Tim Hudak, they argue, would jeopardize the economy’s fragile recovery by turning back the clock on progress.
Mr. McGuinty said the Tories would kill the very jobs he is announcing. Mr. Hudak, who is leading in the opinion polls, has vowed to rip up a $7-billion Samsung deal inked by the Liberals if he wins the election.
Why doesn’t Mr. Hudak come to London and tell employees directly that he plans to cancel the Samsung deal? Mr. McGuinty told reporters on Thursday.
“They would kill the very jobs we are announcing here today,” he said. “He can meet with employees, shake their hands, and look them in the eyes and tell them, ‘I’m killing your jobs. I’m killing your future. Sorry about that.’”
Mr. McGuinty was flanked at the announcement at the University of Western Ontario by Samsung executives and London Mayor Joe Fontana, a former Liberal MP.
It was the second day in a row Mr. McGuinty has had a municipal leader on hand to help draw sharp distinctions between his policies and those of Mr. Hudak. On Wednesday, Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion appeared at the Liberals’ kick-off rally, where she said she supports the Liberals’ plans to assume financial responsibility for social programs that the previous Tory government had downloaded to municipalities.
Mr. Fontana said he has not yet spoken directly to Mr. Hudak about his threat to cancel the Samsung deal. But he said he plans to show up at campaign events when the Tories swing through London, a city where the unemployment rate is 9.1 per cent.
“I am hoping I and others can convince him that his platform of killing … a $7-billion investment in jobs in a new sector would be wrong,” Mr. Fontana said. “There is nothing wrong with having wind, solar and biomass as part of the electricity-production mix, especially when you create good jobs.”
Nancy Branscombe, Tory candidate for the riding of London North Centre, said if the Liberals were really serious about addressing the city’s high unemployment rate, they should have done something years ago."
Here's an idea for you, Mr. Dalton Pinocchio McGuinty: why don't YOU come to Niagara and explain, face to face, to the families whose relatives were killed in your secretive health monopoly why the Liberal lies YOU told Ontarians in 2008 (that our hospital system was safe from C. diff; and that we didn't need any public inquiry into the previous HUNDREDS of C. diff deaths under your Liberal rule) shouldn't be considered as negligent homicide??

C'mon, there, Dalton, ya lyin' monopolist Liberal slimebag: come to Niagara and tell us when your Liberals will stop  YOUR "platform of killing".

You think this is a one way street, you Liberal liar?!?

You're pandering about "killing" fake jobs ...really?... while your unaccountable health monopoly is killing hundreds of patients throughout Ontario??!

Make sure you bring your little toadstool MPP Jim Bradley with you, and you can both tell those victims' families where monopolist thug JimmyBoy was hiding all summer, while Niagara's patients were sick and dying in your disgusting no-patient-choice health-care prison..

We in Niagara DIDN'T EVEN GET a "sorry about that" from you, Mr. McGuinty, or from our disgusting local Liberal turd Jim Bradley.

Maybe Karen Howlett could cover that story.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Examining Jim Bradley's GreenFear paradigm

When Peter Foster writes (in "Lost in paradigm space" , National Post, Sept.8, 2011) of the redistributative Megastate which holds a deluded conceit that somehow 'climate control is possible through economic policy', that well-describes the world-view of global warming fearmongers such as Niagara's Liberal MPP Jim Bradley.
Bradley is one of those statist-pushing Liberal greensheviks who believes in AGW, even though he has never bothered to publicly reveal what possible scientific evidence he has - or ever had! - to substantiate his skewed political deceptions. Cuz he said it, it's true: that's Bradley's paradigm. What's worse, is that the press in Bradley's own city has never bothered to ask Jim Bradley to substantiate his global warming BS!!
There was a great related piece of David Suzuki GreenFear stinking up the editorial page of the Sept.6, 2011 St.Catharines Standard, replete with more climate-change/ mass-extinction  fearmongering -including the usual Suzukiite crap about "re-evaluating our economic systems to reduce the pressures of consumerism"... which - of course - requires "stabilizing and reducing global population"!! Bam: there's your Global GreenFear trifecta - from the fearmongerer who couldn't keep his winkie in his pants to help save the planet from overpopulation!! (...and there was another 'unethical' pantload of smelly Suzuki stink in the St.Catharines Standard's Oct.11, 2011 edition.)
Of course, Jim Bradley also believes  in this same climate paranoia, the same overpopulation fears, the same belief that just a bit more despotic State Socialism will cure all, including solar activity.

Will Liberal Jim Bradley attack Liberal Bob Rae's health-care ideas?!

above: an article in the Sept.8, 2011 St.Catharines Standard. Liberal Bob Rae admits that private health care insurance is an option in Canada. He didn't even bother to coyly couch his new found health-care views with the phrase "non-profit"!!

Now, let's go back, (all the way back, to Apr.19, 2011!) to hear what the very same Liberal Bob Rae was telling the Toronto Star:

"The Liberals’ Bob Rae says Stephen Harper is dodging questions on how to repair medicare because the Conservative leader doesn’t fundamentally believe in universal health care.
“Mr. Harper is a right-wing guy, and right-wing guys don’t believe in the Canadian health-care system. They never have and they never will,” Rae declared as the Liberals sought to keep up their aggressive campaign on the key issue of health-care.
“Over the last five years, this government has done nothing, absolutely nothing, to advance the discussions with the provinces” on the future of the publicly funded health-care system, Rae said of the Conservatives. “Mr. Harper has stood by as an absentee landlord. He’s done nothing.”
The Liberals have made health-care a central focus of their election effort and are questioning whether a re-elected Conservative government would have enough money to pay for increases in medicare funding in the years ahead.
The federal-provincial agreement that provides funds from Ottawa for health-care expires in 2014 and Rae said Conservative priorities may leave little room to expand medicare transfers to the provinces. Complicating the Conservative budget choices are commitments to buy new F-35 jet fights, which the Liberals say would cost $30 billion, and $6-billion a year in further corporate income tax cuts. As well, the Liberals say the Conservative plan to balance the budget in three years hinges on unexplained budget cuts of $11 billion.
“Mr. Harper has a long record of public statements opposing universal public health care in favour of private, for-profit delivery of health services—and given the risky spending and cuts in his platform, there is no reason to trust him,” Rae, the Liberal candidate in Toronto Centre riding, said Tuesday.
The Liberals have resurfaced previous quotes from Harper questioning the federal government’s role in the universal health-care system.
But in the campaign, Harper has said his party is fully committed to improving medicare and upholding the Canada Health Act. He said a re-elected Conservative government would continue to increase health-care transfers to the provinces by six per cent annually.
“Everyone is committed to continuing a universal public health-care system that is fully financed,” Harper said. “That is this government’s No. 1 priority and that will be its position.”
The Liberals and New Democrats have also pledged to continue federal funding for health-care and to protect the Canada Health Act."
Isn't that precious!!
Look at Bob Rae's Liberal rhetoric just five-months ago; look at the Liberal U-turn now!!
This is the same hypocritical Liberal party which in 2004 shit on one of their own health ministers, Pierre Pettigrew, for daring to speak the truth about Canadian health-care! (see here, pg.17-20 )
You really have to wonder what these Liberals believe at any moment in time.
Where's the St.Catharines Standard report asking local Liberal big shots in Niagara to rationalize federal Liberal Leader Rae's grand health care plans?!!
Let's hear Andrew Gill denounce Bob Rae!!
Let's hear McGuintyite Jim Bradley rail on sanctimoniously about 'privatization', 'Americanization', 'slippery slopes' and 'two tier'!!
Let's hear McGuinty tell us how Rae is an agent of divisiveness; how Tommy Douglas is proverbially spinning in his grave!!
Let's hear Kim Craitor misunderstand that it was his federal colleague Bob Rae - a Liberal - (not "harris"!) talking about private health insurance!
I'm sure the St.Catharines Standard will be asking these local Grits to comment on Rae's... umm... 'hidden Liberal right-wing agenda'... won't they?!
Or maybe Niagara's Liberals will just be allowed to 'dodge the questions'!!
Certainly, Jim Bradley was an "absentee landlord" when 33 C.difficile-infected patients were killed in Bradley's Liberal health monopoly in Niagara, while Bradley hid from the issue all summer.
Come on, Liberals: defend your own years of failed monopolist deceptions and hypocrisy!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Ontario's Liberal Public Safety Minister Jim Bradley fear-mongers about extremists, while local press asks no questions

It's really neat to see how St.Catharines radio station CKTB 610 on Sept.5 used a photo of the Ontario Liberal Party's campaign in their thumbnail web summary to accompany this story.
Is Jim Bradley's Liberal campaign paying CKTB for this advertising?
Or is it just friendly nudge-nudge-wink-wink free political advertising?!

When reporter Stephanie Sabourin wrote...

..."Details of the platform were leaked Sunday, which Tory MPPs say shows even some Liberals don't want another four years of Dalton McGuinty.
St. Catharines MPP and Minister of Correctional Services Jim Bradley says that's not the case, with a lot of Conservatives apprehensive about the extreme right wing elements that have taken over the party.
He says if there is any party with divisions, the Conservatives should be looking in the mirror".

...why didn't Sabourin then ask windbag Bradley to SPECIFICALLY explain and NAME these persons whom Bradley is alleging are 'right wing extremists'?

Liberal MPP Jim Bradley happens to be Ontario's friggin' LIBERAL Public Safety Minister.

Here was a senior McGuinty cabinet minister making these vile, unsubstantiated remarks - and yet, instead of immediately demanding answers and explanations from Bradley, the home-town kiss-assy press just acted as Liberal stenographers!!

Sabourin wrote half a story, the radio station then helpfully slapped a Liberal ad onto this "story", and Jimmy Bradley's campaign of sleaze and innuendo was off and running - no questions asked!!

Wow: CKTB can't do any better than this?? What a load of crap.

And, seeing that Bradley has now managed to crawl out of his Cone of Silence, where were Sabourin's pointed questions asking secretive Jim Bradley about the 33 C. difficile patients killed this summer in Bradley's Liberal health care monopoly?
Bradley has not said a word about this horror since it began some four months ago!!
Niagara's Liberal-lovin' press carefully made sure that Bradley was protected from scrutiny.

Did someone censor reporter Sabourin, preventing her from actually interviewing Bradley? Or is this just how JimmyFriendly politics works in Niagara? yep

Jim Bradley should take his own advice:
if Bradley needs to find out why his Liberal health-care monopoly is killing patients; if he needs to know why ombudsman Andre Marin noted that the Liberal's secret G20 law led to "a massive violation of civil rights - in fact, the largest in modern Canadian history", then all Jim Bradley needs to do is look in the mirror.

Where's McGuinty's doomsday-global-warming rhetoric gone?!

It's amazing how Ontario Premier Dalton 'Pinocchio' McGuinty, with his last-minute whirlwind of half-baked Liberal pre-election bribes, has purposefully downplayed his Liberal climate-change activism. Ontario's Premier Liberal Liar and his Grit jerks such as Brad Duguid and Jim Bradley are playing against hope that the inconvenient truths noted in such reports as...

Peter Foster's "Scorched by solar" (National Post, Sept.3, 2011)
Lawrence Solomon's "Our cosmic climate" (National Post, Sept.3, 2011)

...have no basis in fact, but ravings by Al Gore, David Suzuki, and the IPCC, somehow, still do!!

After all, Liberal MPP Jim Bradley was squawking about the supposed-horrors of climate doom back in 2002 - and yet (as of Sept.5, 2011) this little global-warming-crapper HAS NOT revealed WHICH SPECIFIC scientist; WHICH SPECIFIC peer-reviewed scientific study, in existence as of 2002, convinced Bradley that greenshevism TM and climatalarmism TM were the answers to his paranoid man-made-climate-change delusions (and incidentally, also the answer to maintaining a profitable cushy political career!)

Jim Bradley had NO "scientific evidence" of AGW then - and he still has none now. It was Jim Bradley's own climate-fear-mongering which was man-made!!

Go, ahead: ask Niagara's secretive Liberal MPP Jim Bradley about his GreenFear TM kyodiotism TM; you can bet that his shoeshine crew at Niagara This Week and the St.Catharines Standard won't, especially during an election!! Can't tarnish Good Ole JimmyBoy's reputation!!

After all, these GreenFear TM spreaders unquestioningly helped spread Bradley's paranoid climate-change fear-mongering for years, pretending that it was real,  just because Bradley claimed it was.

Turns out, loyal statist soldier Jim Bradley was just another run-of-the-mill McGuintyite Liberal liar.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Liberal Jim Bradley's sicko single-payer moralism

Karen Selick wrote in "Medicare, heal thyself"  (National Post, Sept.2, 2011):

"Pediatrician Karen Dockrill of Whitby, Ont., will go on trial in early October before the disciplinary committee of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, charged with conduct that is "disgraceful, dishonourable or unprofessional." Danielle Martin, spokeswoman for Canadian Doctors for Medicare, was quoted in a recent National Post article, calling Dr. Dockrill's alleged conduct "unethical."
What are the heinous deeds of which Dr. Dockrill stands accused?
She owned and operated a facility called Mom and Baby Depot. For an annual $1,500 membership fee, the Depot provided parents with access to a team of child-care professionals, including breastfeeding consultants, nurses, nutritionists, social workers and a chiropractor. Members could phone in, 24 hours a day, for medical advice, including from Dr. Dockrill herself - reportedly a godsend to inexperienced parents.
Because of the membership fee, Dr. Dockrill was able to offer longer office appointments than the standard well-baby check-up for which OHIP (the Ontario Health Insurance Plan) pays practitioners only $32. But those longer appointments and all that telephone advice (for which OHIP pays nothing) also meant that she had to limit the number of patients in her practice. The College alleges that only babies whose parents paid membership fees were accepted as regular patients.
Ms. Martin, the medicare cheerleader, says it's unethical to "require people to pay again" for something that is already paid for by tax dollars.
But what if taxpayers aren't really getting what they're supposedly paying for? Ontario residents might pay several thousand dollars per year into Ontario's coffers but still find that a 10-minute appointment - all the doctor can afford to give them at OHIP rates - is insufficient to answer all their questions or resolve their children's health problems. Other taxpayers - roughly 7% of Canadians - can't find a family doctor at all. They spend hours waiting with sick infants at overcrowded hospital emergency rooms or walk-in clinics.
No discussion of ethics can ignore the distinction between coercion and voluntariness. Coercion is the very essence of socialized medicine. Under Canadian medicare, extra billing is verboten. User fees - verboten. Competing with the government's monopoly health-insurance plan - verboten. Withholding your tax payments until you get the promised services - verboten.
Forcing people to pay for services and then not providing them is tantamount to theft or fraud. It is the state system of coercive public health care that is unethical.
And it's not just unethical - there's a good chance it's also unconstitutional. In the Chaoulli decision of 2005, three Supreme Court justices pronounced Quebec's health insurance monopoly to be a violation of the rights to life and security of the person under the Charter, saying: "Access to a waiting list is not access to health care." Cases pending in Ontario and British Columbia courts seek similar rulings for their respective provinces.
Dr. Dockrill's service, by contrast, was entirely voluntary. She couldn't force anyone to join. Members who felt they weren't getting value for money simply need not have renewed.
A voluntary transaction between consenting adults, with no harm to third parties and a high probability of significant benefits to those involved - how can that be unethical? Forbidding people to use their own hard-earned resources to optimize their family's health is what's unethical.
Of course, in the topsyturvy moral code of socialists, anything that might produce inequality is abhorrent. By their logic, we should shut down all private schools - after all, customers are paying twice - and permit only hamburger to be sold until filet mignon is affordable to all.
Inexorably, the defects in socialized medicine become obvious. Contrary to official Canadian mythology, our health-care system is far from the best in the world. Among 28 OECD countries, we are the sixth-highest spender relative to GDP. However, we rank 20th out of 22 in the ratio of doctors to population, and 17th in the availability of CT scanners and MRI machines.
Yet we are the only OECD country to ban private medical insurance, and one of only four countries that does not require patients to contribute something towards the cost of using a public hospital, a general practitioner or a specialist. Are those other 24 OECD countries all behaving unethically?
Perhaps when Canada finally realizes the folly of demonizing innovative physicians like Dr. Dockrill, the 12,000-plus Canadian-educated doctors who have taken refuge from our decrepit system in foreign countries will feel more inclined to return.
- Karen Selick is the litigation direcor for the Canadian Constitution Foundation, which is sponsoring a court challenge against Ontario's health-care laws."
The above Orwellian health debacle is the work of Liberals such as MPP Jim 'I hate doctors' Bradley; this is Bradley's kind of state fascism. Bradley was there when Liberal premier David Peterson was destroying health care in Ontario in the early 1980's (see here, pg.33). Jim Bradley doesn't believe in the Chaoulli decision! Bradley's a despot who believes that a voluntary transaction between an MD and a patient IS unethical - and that a jackbooted 'liberal/left' HAS a moral right to intervene.

33 C. difficile patients were killed in Niagara in the summer of 2011, yet secretive Liberal Jim Bradley didn't once say anything about this horror which happened in his own local Liberal-monopoly hospitals. Bradley also neglected to link Niagara's C. diff deaths in 2011, to the false assurances which Bradley's own Liberals made in 2008 that Ontario's hospitals were safe.

It's Liberal health-monopolist-pushing scum such as MPP Jim Bradley who are truly "disgraceful, dishonourable, and unprofessional". It's amazing how the left can always vilify another scapegoat, launch another sanctimonious witch-hunt, yet never have to account for the blowback of their own despotic policies.
The monopolistic state-socialist-single-payer healthcare model charade continued to be pursued by the likes of Danielle Martin, as seen in this nice "fake news" story appearing on Bell media's CTV network , Jan. 11, 2017).
Of course, the reason Martin was suddenly "made into news" again in January 2017, is because the Canadian leftist media are gearing up to revive their anti-US agit-prop groundwork, after 8 years of shameless Obama-fawning, Now that Hillary and Obama's legacies were soundly rejected and demolished in the US election, and with Trump about to become U.S. President, the majority of Canada's media will have to revise their narratives. It's back to the old template, back to America-bashing, back to their usual anti American narratives to demonize the U.S. This timing is meant to coincide with the moves in the States to dismantle that horrible Democrat failed abortion known as Obamacare. Canadian lefties loved Obamacare, so the reason for this story appearing now {....ah, yes - look; Canada GOOD! America BAAAAD..!}is self explanatory.
Canadian Liberals had used that Anti-American narrative as their touchstone for years, Jim Bradley and McGuinty and the Chretien gang used that meme on a daily basis
But what about Dr. Dockrill? Take a look at the fascistic, evil results stemming from the kind of state-socialist 'ethics' beloved by Danielle Martin.
Martin's media sycophants often refer to her espousal of a construct called 'universal' healthcare, but which in reality is no-choice state-run monopolist, single-payer healthcare, They hide behind the true definition and real nature of the system for which they shill, and work diligently to confuse the issue, claiming that only their kind of "universality"should exist - ie, single-payer monopolist health-care fascism.
Furthermore, in order to deflect from Canada's monopolist healthcare failures, Canadian lefties will predictably trot out their usual fear-mongering conflation that the only possible alternative to Canada's current single-payer system, is the American system! (...which is the cue for Canadian media to immediately flame knee-jerk hatred towards the Americans) It's a slick bit of deception, fear, and false-comparison, but this tactic has worked well to cover up for the deficiencies in Canada's single-payer heal monopoly.
I think it is disgusting how Danielle Martin's kind of political 'ethics' helped wipe Dr. Dockrill's practice "off the map". She even traveled to the States to smugly shill for Obamacare, as some kind of hero of Canada's demonic no-choice health-socialism.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Niagara Falls misspells new Crysler Ave. street sign

How long do you think it will take for Niagara Falls, Ontario mayor Jim Diodati to realize his own city has misspelled Crysler Ave.? It's bad enough that Diodati's Liberal buddy Kim Craitor thinks Canada has 12 provinces, does Diodati even know who 'Monty' Crysler was?!
C'mon, there, Jimmy: stop BS-ing us with your global warming fear, your pro-monopolist, anti-NHS/pro-Liberal LHIN disinformation, and try to pay attention to simple municipal items, like knowing the proper names of the streets which  are located four blocks from your city hall office.
above: looking at the new streetsigns which were installed this week along Queen St. in Niagara Falls, Ont.; this one is crossing Queen St. at Crysler Ave. The sign is misspelled as "Chrysler Ave."
above: during the Blizzard of 1977; a photo of Queen St., looking east towards Crysler Ave. from St.Lawrence Ave. At the far right is a corner of the marquee of the former Seneca movie theatre. Photo from the Niagara Falls Library.
above: Feb.2, 2010 - same view; Crysler Ave. crosses where the red building (the old F.C. Burroughes Furniture store) is seen at the center-right.
above: Mar.5, 2010 - same view; Queen St, underwent a lot of re-construction in 2010 - in this photo, Queen St. is seen closed east of Crysler Ave. while work crews dig and install new sewers.
above: Jul.30, 2010 - same view, as hundreds of motorcycles line both sides of Queen St.
above: Sept.3, 2011 - same view - new streetsigns are seen crossing over Queen St. into the distance. The misspelled "Chrysler Ave." sign is the one closest to the camera.
below: May 4, 2010 - looking west along Queen St. from Crysler Ave.; the street is closed due to the construction seen in the distance, at Queen and St.Lawrence. Note the current concrete lampposts.

above: Aug.31, 2011 - at the same corner of Crysler Ave. and Queen St.; the new streetsign is being craned into place on new steel posts. The nameplate is not on yet.
below: Mar.1, 2011 - looking west along Queen St., standing just east of Erie Ave. Note that two of these signs are seen installed along the street; the closest one is at Erie Ave., the other one further back at Ontario Ave. These signs were put up, and then taken down several weeks later. It looks as if at first these signs were installed by inserting the steel ends of the arch onto regular cement streetposts; afterwards, these signs were installed onto steel posts, which were bolted to new concrete bases. (see here for earlier views of same corner)

above: July 21, 2011 - looking at Queen St. and Ontario Ave., the first sign which had been here previously has now been removed; at the left and right near the sidewalks can be seen the excavations for the new concrete pads.
below: July 21, 2011, at the NW corner of Queen St.and St.Clair Ave. - the depth of the concrete footings for the new signposts can be seen here, where only a worker's head is visible while he's standing inside the hole. The building at the back was the old Wallace's Dry Goods store.

above: Aug.23, 2011 -  here's the newer replacement sign which crosses Queen St. at Erie Ave.; now it is attached to steel posts instead of to the previous concrete lamp-posts. The building at the right is the former Bank of Hamilton. Note the corner convenience store, which had been on the ground floor of the former bank, has recently closed.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Deb Matthews: it's not about the 'confidence in the NHS' as you claim; it's about what YOUR Liberals have done to the NHS

The St.Catharines Standard's Jeff Bolichowsky wrote a Sept.2, 2011 piece, stating that "Ontario is the only province where an ombudsman does not have a mandate to oversee hospitals".

However, this intrepid Standard reporter, naturally, DID NOT bother to ask the local Liberal MPP in his own city, Jim Bradley, why this might be! Was reporter Bolichowsky warned by his editors not to mention or involve Liberal Jim Bradley in any possibly-embarrassing policy questions?!

Wow: after all the secrecy and lies and patient-deaths surrounding McGuinty's Liberal healthcare monopoly, is it any wonder that McGuinty's Liberals DID NOT want the ombudsman nosing around their health monopoly?

Deb Matthews is hypocritical beyond belief when she crows piously that she's "sad when I see people playing politics with something as important as health care"! What a dump-load of crap that is, spewed by the Liberals for whom health-care [specifically, ideologically-motivated monopolist health-care] IS NOTHING BUT POLITICAL!!

Come on, Deb -  your Liberal contrition is so phony, you should be embarrassed.This is NOT about the 'confidence in the hospital', as Deb Matthews claims, and wants us to believe: IT'S ABOUT WHAT HER MONOPOLIST LIBERALS HAVE DONE TO THE NHS !!

What glib, deceptive Grit greaseballs these McGuintyites are! This is from the same sanctimonious Liberals who created the LHIN's, and who forced the NHS to create the cost-cutting Niagara HIP!!

These are the same Liberals who under scummy Smitherman  ran away and hid from having any public inquiry into their last killer C. difficile outbreak in 2008!!

Why didn't reporter Bolichowsly ask Niagara's local Liberal hacks Bradley and Kim Craitor why - after eight years of Liberal majority rule - the ombudsman STILL doesn't have access to hospitals?!!

How many Ontario patients would have been spared death in McGuinty's health-care horror hospitals if the ombudsman had been allowed independent access to scrutinize what McGuinty's monopolists were doing?

Waazzat, you say: but Deb Matthews did allow the ombudsman into the NHS!! She is gloriously transparent!!

Sorry: this last-minute pre-election Supervisor/ombudsman game we see unfolding in Niagara was a planned one-off affair; this is in no way the same as the ombudsman having full investigatory access to any Ontario hospital, anytime, without Liberal-government-pre-approval.

McGuinty's secretive Liberals refuse to allow that kind of independent scrutiny of their failing ideological single-payer health monopoly.

Bolichowsky also failed to mention that it's not just activities within the hospitals which McGuinty, Bradley, and Craitor want to keep the lid on, but the ENTIRE 'MUSH' SECTOR (Municipalities, Universities, School boards, Hospitals) is a no-go zone for ombudsman scrutiny; McGuinty's secretive Liberals have ensured that Ontario has the most limited ombudsman access to these sectors in all of Canada.

But why would the self-appointed wrong-righters at theSt.Catharines Standard bother to ask their pride'n'joy JimmyBoy about such trivial matters?!

Craitor and Bradley's Liberals continue their health-care cuts

Dr. Mark Wagner Salem wrote in "McGuinty has mismanaged our treasured health-care system" (Stratford Beacon Herald, Aug.31, 2011):

"This letter is being submitted as a result of reading Ian MacDonald's Aug. 19 column entitled Fundamental Signs Point to Hudak Win (Aug. 19).
As ordinary citizens we need to exercise extreme caution when considering whether or not to trust Dalton McGuinty with four more years of Ontario health care. According to the Conference Board of Canada (CBOC) the McGuinty government plans to limit health-care spending increases to 3% per year for the next five years, which is less than half of the 6.5% average that has occurred over the past 15 years. A noble goal, but one that, according to the CBOC, lacks a clear strategic plan to achieve it.
Aside from this absence of a clearly articulated agenda, which in itself raises fears of a lack of preparedness, my trepidation is further fuelled by the $1 billion wasted in the eHealth debacle, an event that becomes even more annoying, coming on the heels of the $650 million already lost on the previous administrative disaster known as the Smart Systems for Health Agency (SSHA) that was initiated in 2003 (Dalton's first year as premier) and abandoned in 2008. As it turns out, Deloitte & Touche LLP cited the same deficiency in the SSHA as the CBOC does with the current health-care budget, namely the lack of strategic direction. This begs the question of whether or not Mr. McGuinty is learning from the mistakes of the past or if we are simply doomed to see them repeated. Frankly, the thought of actually letting him continue to preside over $47 billion in health-care spending is at best worrisome.
Dalton McGuinty has had plenty of time to prove himself. Giving him a third mandate would also give him another opportunity to mismanage our treasured health-care system and our province. I believe we have too much to lose."
Yes: you read that correctly: McGuinty's Liberals ARE CUTTING HEALTH-CARE SPENDING.

Go ahead: read that again if you need to, take your time... absorb it; remember that an election is underway, and that we should learn from our past mistakes and not allow McGuinty's Lying Liberals another shot at running Ontario into the ground.

Go ahead: ask Liberal health-care monopolists Kim Craitor or Jim Bradley about their health-care cutting... all you'll get from these disgusting Grit gasholes are deceptive diversions about "harris"!

The spending-increase cuts which Wagner points to in 2011, are directly linked back to the cuts which Liberal Greg Sorbara announced on May 18, 2004, when he had introduced McGuinty's hated Health Tax. Sorbara vowed that McGuinty's Liberals were going to STOP Harris' high health care spending [yes... once again: you read that correctly...] which Sorbara HIMSELF said was running at an 8% increase annually!! Sorbara planned to stop that, and  to cut health care funding - which in Niagara led to George Smitherman forcing his cost-cutting HIP onto the NHS.

Go ahead: ask Jimmy'N'Kimmy about that!!

We see now that the Liberals were cutting health care from the moment they were elected - and we see that the Liberals out and out lied - and still lie - by blaming Harris.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

More despotism from Liberal Jim Bradley

 So it's not just us in Niagara whom Liberal Jim Bradley is screwing.

 John McFee wrote Aug.30, 2011 in the Walkerton Herald-Times:

"Disappointment and frustration stemming from the latest meeting with local officials and Jim Bradley, Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services might lead to a showdown with the Attorney General’s office if the Walkerton jail is closed after October.
Brockton Mayor David Inglis, along with Couns. Chris Peabody, Charlie Reidl, Kym Hutcheon, and Bruce Warden Mike Smith, met with the Minister in London Monday during the Association of Municipalities of Ontario conference.
“I was obviously disappointed and frustrated again,” Inglis told The WHT Thursday.
“There’s no give and take with them. They’ve made up their minds, but can’t give us a reason for not giving us the background information,” he added.
Peabody said the Minister “insists they’ve analyzed all the numbers but he wouldn’t show them to us.” Peabody added that he was shocked when Bradley asked him why he opposed the jail closure “since I’m a fiscal conservative and want to save taxpayers money in my campaigns. I was shocked that they had looked that up.”
Coun. Reidl, who chairs Brockton’s Police Services Board, suggested a showdown might be looming over the increased court security costs which would be required if the Walkerton and Owen Sound jails are closed.
Reidl said he’s been told that there will have to be two OPP officers in the holding area while different prisoners attend court. Currently those awaiting trial are simply brought over from the Walkerton jail when it’s time.
“We’ve calculated it will cost around $140,000 to $150,000 annually,” Reidl said. “I’m not too sure we’re ready to honour the request of the Attorney General,” for the two officers. “It’s not our job to babysit (prisoners) at hearings,” Reidl said.
He was also upset that Bradley told the group the government would “reimburse” the municipality for costs incurred on weekend arrests that require local officers to travel to Penetanguishene to process a suspect.
“There are a lot of questions unanswered. The details have not been discussed,” he added.
Inglis agreed. “We’re concerned about the unknown, definitely.”
Added to these worries, the mayor said he was especially distressed to hear Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak tell municipal officials that he couldn’t guarantee to continue the uploading schedule committed to by Premier Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals.
Included in that uploading is eventual coverage of court security costs, which Brockton currently pays for all on its own.
“For sure that’s a huge concern,” he said. “It’s been a huge issue and for us to hear him say that, it’s a big worry, no doubt.”
Despite the overall feeling of despair on the jail’s future, the mayor said they’re not giving up. “We’ll keep plugging away, make it an election issue.”
The mayor launched a new postcard signing campaign last week urging local residents to sign a card as well.
Organizer Barbara Ernest said the public is encouraged to sign the cards Friday, Sept. 2 at either Wright’s Foodland or Holst Office Supplies.
“We want to gather as many as we can and plan on presenting them to Premier (Dalton) McGuinty when he tours in Bruce Grey during the election” she said. "

Ohh, now the rest of Ontario is wising up to that secretive slime Jim Bradley.
'No give and take', and 'no reasons given' - why, THAT's the McGuinty statist way!! It's no different in Niagara! This is the Liberal despotism which we must rid ourselves of in the next election!
Isn't it just precious how Bradley smugly uses someone's character against them? This is classic Bradley; the scumbag will turn an argument against you, yet never really reveal what he stands for, or reveal what his reasoning is; his shifty position is always 'in terms of something else'. Bradley is above accountabilty, y'see. Here, the other guy's the 'fiscal conservative', y'see (...but what Bradley is, remains murky...!) so Bradley simply hooks that bait.
Let's ask:
What was the scientific evidence for your 2002 global-warming Kyoto agitation, Jim? (silence)
What was your response to the Niagara HIP plan, Jim? (silence)
What was your response to the 2007 CIHI study which revealed the hospital in YOUR St.Catharines riding had the third-highest patient-death-rate in Canada, Jim? (silence)
Hundreds of C. difficile patients died in Ontario in 2008 in your health-prisons, Jim - what did you say about that? (silence)
Another 33 C. diff patients died this summer, in 2011, all in Niagara; what do you have to say about that, Jim? (silence)