Monday, July 4, 2011

Niagara's C. difficile horror and Doug Herod's corny spin

Sixteen Niagara C. diff-infected patients are now confirmed dead in the nearly-five-week-long C. difficile outbreak in Niagara's Liberal-monopoly-run hospitals.
But, it is ...frankly... funny how the St.Catharines Standard's Doug Herod manages to make jokes about the Mid Pen Cornfield Highway at the expense of Tim Hudak, yet amazingly... egads, sheesh and yowzers... good ole Doug HAD NO JOKES WHATSOEVER about Liberal scumbag MPP Jim Bradley's years of Liberal lies, statism, secrecy, and health-care incompetence.
hee hee hee ... now that's funny stuff... as funny as that Jun.30, 2011 Doug Herod article about federal Liberal candidate Andrew Gill suing private citizen Preston Haskell.
Somehow, Herod managed not to ask Gill about the lie his Liberal party printed in an Apr.20, 2011 Niagara This Week (above) campaign ad about Harper and health-care.
Did Gill publicly apologize for that l'il gaffe?  Herod hasn't really bothered to tell readers.
(so... uhh... vote for Jim Bradley!!)

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