Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Vote for Kim Craitor is saying YES to Dalton McGuinty's Liberals

Interesting how the leftist press is now trying to glorify Kim Craitor, trying to portray him as some sort of damn rebel.
Craitor's a Liberal  (...or so he thinks...which might just be his entire problem...) - and a hypocrite Liberal, at that.
Craitor lost credibility years ago - still in McGuinty's first term. Craitor nevertheless happily ran on McGuinty's Liberal Party coattails twice. Craitor was no damn rebel during the 2007 Liberal re-election; Craitor was a company man.
Kim didn't quit his Liberal party. He chose to stay with McGuinty.
Craitor bullshits when he pretends that health care in Ontario somehow is not political; oh, come on, Kimmy - of course it's political; and, furthermore, it was McGuinty's Liberals - including Craitor - who made it so!
Kim Craitor, first and foremost, wears the McGuinty Liberal record. It is not someone else's record: it is Kim's and it applies to the health-care cutting which Craitor's own secretive Liberals did right in Niagara.
It's tiresome to hear these Liberals pretend that the problems in Ontario are of someone else's doing, not McGuinty's or Craitor's!
Craitor peddles purely deceptive politics when he avoids putting any investigative focus on his own Liberal-created LHIN's, and their direct role (as overseers) in any of the problems at the NHS!
Craitor wants an investigation into the NHS - but where's his call for an independent investigation into the LHIN?! (...and not a phony-baloney "internal LHIN review" which the bait-and-switch health-care-fraud team of McGuinty-Smitherman promised would be forthcoming, back when they introduced the LHIN monstrosity. McGuinty, breaking his own Liberal promises/lying once again, has since cancelled even that cursory review of the LHIN's!!)
Craitor cannot understand how his perverted Liberal single-payer despotism is falling apart at the seams.
We have 22 C. difficile-infection deaths in Niagara (as of July 14, 2011) yet the press and Craitor all follow the same narrative, that the NHS is to blame; and that Liberals are somehow innocent heroes!!!!
Forget about who funds and who directs the NHS monopoly!! (It's the Liberals)
Forget about which secretive, unaccountable government hid from scrutiny and refused to call a public inquiry into the C.diff outbreak in 2006-08, which killed some 500 Ontarians!!! (It was the Liberals)
Craitor doesn't get into that!!!! (because he's a Liberal)
Craitor, the hypocrite rebel without a clue, didn't have any sanctimonious problems with the 2008 C. diff outbreak, and the subsequent cover-up by HIS OWN LIBERAL government!
Now, after 22 local Niagara deaths in his own monopolist Liberal health-care prison - Craitor still has not demanded a criminal investigation examining the complicity of the LHIN and of McGuinty's cabinet in Niagara's C. difficile deaths. 
Wow: some FLICKING "rebel".
(...and neither have Craitor's and Jim Bradley's fawning ass-licks/useful idiots in the Niagara media and blogosphere called for a criminal investigation into the McGuinty Liberal's C. diff negligence. Telling.)
Craitor is Liberal schizo: railing with flailing indignance against misguidedly-perceived enemies (and purely fictitious ones, like his favourite strawman diversion, the scary "harris".) Craitor cannot fathom that his own monopolist anti-patient-choice Liberalism has caused what we see not only in Niagara, but in Ontario, today.
A vote for Kim Craitor is not a vote for some kind of  (frankly useless) 'rebellion'; a vote for Kim Craitor is an affirmation of Liberal Liar Dalton McGuinty's disgusting statist despotism.
It is saying YES to McGuinty.
It is encouragement to McGuinty.
It is aiding-and-abetting McGuinty.
It is an act of enabling McGuinty's Liberal addiction to secrecy and statism.
It is an "attaboy" to McGuinty.
A vote for Kim Craitor (or for Jim Bradley) is a vote for McGuinty's failing monopolist status-quo.
A vote for Craitor - or Bradley - is a vote for more of the failed same!!
More Liberalism - even more of Craitor's wackjob Liberalism - isn't going to fix the problem.
The Liberal hydra is pervasive in Niagara; Craitor's is one of the many Liberal heads which politically must roll in October of 2011.

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