Friday, July 8, 2011

Rising body-count in Niagara: now 20 C.difficile victims dead, yet local Liberal MPP Jim Bradley hides from comment

The C. difficile body count in the Liberal-run health-monopoly in Niagara has now reached 20 patients dead.

Thankfully, no one has bothered to ask the local big-mouthed health-care monopolist, Liberal MPP Jim Bradley, about what has happened in his own riding, in his own backyard, in his own secretive, unaccountable, despotic health monopoly. Jimmy's safe in his impenetrable Cone of Silence.

Vote for Jim Bradley - and vote often!! And don't ask any questions, either, dammit.
Are you wondering what the above was all about?
Well, then read how Ontario's Liberals -including MPP Jim Bradley - did nothing when HUNDREDS of Ontario patients were being killed by C. difficile in Ontario's Liberal-run hospitals.

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