Sunday, July 17, 2011

Now 24 patients are dead in Niagara's C.difficile outbreak; yet local Liberal health-care monopolist Jim Bradley vanishes

As of July.17, 2011  24 patients have now died in the Niagara C. difficile outbreak.

Local Liberal health-care-monopoly pushing despot MPP Jim Bradley has vanished, hiding and avoiding any comments on this issue - the same way he hid from his last killer C. diff outbreak in 2008, which killed hundreds of Ontarians, and which McGuinty's Liberal scumbags refused to investigate.

Meanwhile, Bradley's Liberal doofus buddy MPP Kim Craitor does his disingenuous best to pretend that... somehow... ummm... Harris killed these patients, and not Dalton McGuinty! ha ha ha... Kimmy's a laugh-riot...

That's how these secretive Liberal scumbags roll: hide from scrutiny, with a lot of help from their leftist media and municipal  buddies, and then pretend that their own failing monopolism, their own ideological single-payer, no-patient-choice health-fascism, has nothing at all to do with any of this.

The dead patients pile up in Niagara's Liberal under-funded health-monopoly, while Liberal secretive health-care-cutting scumbags continue to hide from scrutiny and from their own guilt.

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