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The NHS's HIP was 100% Liberal-made

An interesting, yet quite misguided, lettter appeared in the July 23, 2011  St.Catharines Standard by John G. Bullivant, titled "Creating more problems".
Bullivant wrote (regarding the Niagara Health System's HIP)  " is difficult to understand why the NHS board of trustees, whose decisions created the problems in the first place, was then empowered to solve them."
You know what is truly difficult to understand? People who actually think that only the NHS created "the problems". (see another misguided Bullivant letter here)
Is this guy serious?
Time to replay the facts (again):

#1 - the NHS DID NOT originate the HIP.

#2 - George Smitherman was trying to cover up the 2007-CIHI-report which revealed that the NHS had the third-highest patient mortality rate in Canada. (see herehere)

# 3 - Liberal MPP Kim Craitor whined about governance reviews at the time - but did not bother to ask or explain WHY the NHS had this horrible death-rate. (see here)

#4 - Liberal MPP Jim Bradley also said nothing about the NHS's high mortality rate.(see here)

#5 - to this day, no Liberal has yet publicly explained the reasons for the 2007 CIHI revelations about the NHS's high-death rate. (see here)

# 6 - Smitherman, to appease Craitor, suddenly demanded that the NHS cut its spending - yet, no mention was made, by any Liberal, about the NHS's death-rate! Smitherman ordered cost-cutting reviews at the NHS, which led to the LHIN ordering the NHS to create a HIP plan. (see here)

# 7  - obviously, Bullivant doesn't remember this stuff.
In case Bullivant and others like him forgot, the LHIN's were created by Smitherman. The Niagara LHIN was tasked with ordering the NHS to come up with a HIP plan. (see here)

#8 - the NHS DID NOT  just come up with the idea of the HIP all on its own.
The NHS was ordered to create a HIP by the Liberal government which controls it, and pays its bills. What utter disingenuousness to pretend that the NHS did all this, all on their own, in some policy vacuum!! That's what Liberals want us to think!

#9 - Bullivant and others like him should now understand that the McGuinty Liberal government, through their LHIN-smokescreen agents, directed the activities at the NHS.
The HIP at the NHS was 100% Liberal-made. Bullivant should try to grasp that reality.

#10 - the Niagara LHIN, a Liberal-created, completely non-independent proxy of the McGuinty monopolist government, not only ordered the NHS to create the HIP plan, but this same LHIN also approved the HIP plan, after the recommendations of the Kitts Report were taken into consideration.

#11 - for some reason, the Bullivants of Niagara don't remember this.
The Bullivants blame the NHS for creating 'the problems' - yet 'the problems' were created by the Liberals and their LHIN!
The LHIN approved the NHS's HIP plan - the same plan which Smitherman and his Liberals (through their LHIN agents) demanded that the NHS come up with, in the first place!
The NHS complied with what its monopoly-pushing Liberal masters had ordered them to do!
Doesn't Bullivant see this catch-22 circle, orchestrated by McGuinty's Liberal health-care monopolists?!

#12 - McGuinty's Liberals had no problem whatsoever with the HIP which their LHIN imposed upon the NHS!
Have we all forgotten how George Smitherman, then David Caplan, and then Deb Matthews all were quite happy with the HIP, and REFUSED to RECONSIDER it? (...until the last minute, just before an election!!!!)

#13 - so when Bullivant now talks of how 'the people who created the problems are being empowered to solve them', doesn't he see that this is exactly the deception which Jim Bradley and his Liberals set in motion?
Bullivant, though, seems to believe that the NHS is to blame, and so doesn't seem to understand that it was the the Liberal-controlled LHIN which created 'the problems', and which is laughably now in charge of the solutions!! (...busy Liberals, busily um... 'fixing' what other busy Liberals had umm... been busily 'fixing' before...!)
Yes: this is the same LHIN which demanded the HIP in the first place; the same LHIN which then approved the HIP; and this is the same LHIN which ordered the NHS to begin implementing the HIP!!
And now this same LHIN is supposedly going to "solve the problems which the NHS created" ???! Come on!!!!
This was a Liberal-orchestrated fiasco by McGuinty's monopolist Liberals since day one.
This is the travesty of the non-independent, loyal LHIN doing the dirty work of McGuinty's health monopolists, while the locals are led to believe by deceptive doofuses such as Kim Craitor that the NHS is solely responsible for everything that's going on, and that the LHIN's are doing a great job!
The Bullivants and the Craitors and the left-wing media in Niagara are loathe to connect the Mess In The NHS to the LHIN or to Dalton McGuinty's fascist health monopolism.
For the purposes of the Liberal-friendly narrative, the NHS must be blamed, while the LHIN's and the LHIN's Liberal-creators and policy-makers are to be given a free pass.

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R.Bobak said...

This 'Blame the NHS' refresher should also apply to Niagara This Week employees such as Doug Draper, who in an Aug.4, 2011 NTW article referred to the "NHS's hospital improvement plan", knowing full well that the NHS's HIP was 100% Liberal made, by Jim Bradley's and Kim Craitor's Liberal government, with George Smitherman's stench all over it.
But, no McGuinty Liberal was mentioned in Draper's article - as if the Liberals had NOTHING at all to do with forcing the NHS to create the HIP!!
Also in the same issue of NTW, Richard Hutton wrote "the NHS has been under fire from critics virtually since the day the plan to restructure was unveiled".
Depends on which lefty critics Hutton's referring to. I've been critical of despotic single-payer health monopolism for years, before Bob Rae's days as the socialist commissar of Ontario - but only lefties can be considered real critics, I guess...
Why didn't Hutton get any comment to this story (regarding the terms of reference for this phony, show-trial, pre-election charade of a HIP review) from Kim Craitor or Jim Bradley?
Why aren't Mike Williscraft's boys asking these Liberals - the same Liberal assholes which created the LHIN and created the HIP - for thier comments on this phony review?!
The Drapers and Huttons and the yellow-shirted noise-makers try really hard not to focus on the real problem: politicized, single-payer health-care, taken to extremes by a lying Liberal majority government.
The HIP was - and still is - the bastard child of Liberal health-care monopolists Kim Craitor and Jim Bradley.
Rinse and repeat that concept several times, Doug and Rich.
Thirty-plus C. difficile patients were killed in Craitor's and Bradley's Liberal-dream health-care monopoly, yet, astoundingly, Jimmy'n'Kimmy had nothin' to do with it - with ANY of it... and neither did the McGuinty-created LHIN, which not only demanded that the NHS create the HIP, but also then APPROVED its implementation!!
So,folks, the outrage is easy: keep blaming the NHS, as the leftist Niagara media would like. Do not question the failed socialism of Tommy Douglas's monopolist disciples.