Saturday, July 9, 2011

Still waiting for your C.difficile answers, Mayor McMullan

So: here are Mayor McFullofit and Liberal MPP Jim Bradley all smiley-faced on another staged photo-op, while 21 patients (so far...) have died of C. difficile infection in Bradley's local Niagara single-payer health monopoly.
We all remember - right? - how back in mid-June, an  oh-so-concerned  Mayor McFullofit was demanding answers and explanations for this C. difficile outbreak in Niagara.
So here we are, once again... now 21 Niagarans are dead... and we have Mayor McFullofit at another photo-op, again standing happily next to Jim Bradley - the Liberal cabinet member from Niagara, whose despotic government is responsible for enforcing Ontario's health-care monopoly - and so again, we ask: Hey there, Mayor McFullofit: has Jim Bradley answered your questions yet?!??
Or haven't you even bothered to ask?!!
What a pathetic game these politicians are playing.
By Dec.8, 2011 - ANOTHER C. difficile outbreak was declared in Niagara: unbelievable, but true. So when can we expect Mayor McFullofit  to again make his phony demands for 'answers and explanantions'?
A lot of good that did last time, eh?
Let's hear Brian McMullan tell us exactly what Jim Bradley had ever 'answered and explained' to him  about the C. diff outbreak - about any of the C. diff outbreaks. [Hundreds of patients were killed of C. diff in Ontario in 2008 - while Bradley's Liberals hid from a public inquiry! McMullan didn't bother to 'demand explanations and answers' from Bradley about that then, did he?]
So here we are, again - with another damn Niagara C. diff outbreak in Dec.2011, yet, Brian McMullan has NEVER PROVIDED St.Catharines residents with all these supposed answers which his grand 'demands' yielded from the last time - just this summer.

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