Saturday, June 18, 2011

A cute photo-op with Liberal Jim Bradley - yet the Cone of Silence remains intact

Amazing - that bag of Liberal crap from St.Catharines, MPP Jim Bradley, appeared twice in local media photo-ops recently...

 - in the Jun.18 St.Catharines Standard, with St.Catharines Mayor Brian McMullan and Conservative MP Rick Dykstra, opening Kiwanis Field in St.Catharines

- and in the Jun.17 Niagara This Week, with Lincoln Mayor Bill Hodgson and Conservative MP Dean Allison, opening the Hilary Bald splash pad in Beamsville, where Bradley's seen performing his umbrella-ella parody of Mary Poppins  (... by the way, since when has Jim Bradley become the MPP for Beamsville...?!)

... and yet, did anybody bother to ask that Liberal sack of shit Jim Bradley about the C. difficile outbreak in St.Catharines?!
How about it, Rick and Dean and Brian and Billy: did any of you ask your smiley photo-op buddy Bradley anything at all about why this killer outbreak occurred in St.Catharines, under Jim Bradley's monopolist watch?!
Did any reporter ask Bradley about that? Hey, Bernie Puchalski of the St.Catharines Standard, or Scott Rosts from NTW: did you bother to question the secretive Liberal Jim Bradley about the C. diff outbreak in St.Catharines??l Or were you simply acting as McGuinty's useful-idiot stenographers??
Oh, gee, gosh darnit... this isn't the time or place for seriousness, after all...
Only a week ago, a smarmy, sanctimonious Mayor McMullan was piously demanding 'answers and explanations' about the outbreak.
Hey, Mayor McFullofit: just yesterday you were happily posing with your buddy Bradley, while patients were still struggling with the killer outbreak in your own city: WHY DIDN'T YOU ASK BRADLEY?!!?
Where are all those 'answers and explanations' which you were phonily seeking, Mr. McMullan?!
Bradley's Liberals underfunded the NHS for years - have you conveniently FORGOTTEN  that, Mayor McFullofit?
Why hasn't McMullan demanded that his ball-buddy Bradley make a public statement about the C. diff outbreak and its causes?
Has McMullan demanded a public inquiry into this outbreak?!
Has McMullan demanded an independent investigation into the link between the Liberal cabinet, the Smitherman-era-Liberal-created LHIN's, the historical Liberal health-care underfunding to the NHS, and the consequent effect on patients, trapped within the confines of a no-patient-choice, state-controlled, single-payer health-monopoly?
No, Mayor McFullofit hasn't, the FLICKING hypocrite.
He just wants shallow, safe, phony, facile 'answers', all status-quo, don't-rock-the-boat mumbo-jumbo appearance over substance.
Have any of the other politicians rubbing elbows with Bradley bothered to demand answers and call for a public inquiry, an investigation which cannot be tainted or influenced by Liberal apparatchiks?
Nope - all were smiley-faced and la-di-da happy, kicking balls around with Bradley, while health-care monopolist Jim Bradley and his secretive Liberals were kicking patient-victims in the balls.
Shame on your 'political-correctness', Brian McMullan, Dean Allison, Bill Hodgson, and Rick Dykstra: shame on you, for sloughing off the interests of Ontario's patients, who are trapped and victimized in Jim Bradley's secretive, ideological state-run health-care monopoly, right in Niagara.
We expected more from these politicians; they are now all part of the status-quo problem.
Looks like no-one's going to bother holding Jim Bradley, McGuinty's senior Liberal thug in Niagara, accountable.

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