Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Proud to be a Liberal... puke.

Liberal Warren Kantsellit was going on in his Jun.14, 2011 St.Catharines Standard column about how proud he is to be a Liberal, and asks rhetorically "can anyone name any other proud Liberal writing a column for the Sun Media chain?"
hmm... Maybe Kinsella doesn't know that the St.Catharines Standard is a Sun paper; and maybe Kinsella should be trying to name even one small-C- conservative reporter/writer/columnist at the St.Catharines Standard!! C'mon...  try it...  it ain't that easy....!
The Standard reeks of the lib-left-and-worse status-quo; it's like Niagara's own little CBC, without the tax-payer funding. The weasel-word-qualifier which Kinsella is using is that these Sun writers he's asking about have to be "proud" Liberals - whatever that means.
The St.Catharines Standard has been proudly kissing Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's ass for three decades now.
Doesn't that count for anything in Warren's Liberal world-view?!
Aren't the lib-left weasels at the Standard going to protest Kantsellit's insulting and demeaning rhetoric?!

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R.Bobak said...

Still waiting, Warren for you to let us know which St.Catharines Standard Sun Media "writers" AREN'T Liberals!!
...or is it that they'e not just "proud" ones... or maybe it's that they prefer to act as anonymous behind-the-scenes Liberal propagandists...
So, can ya do that for us, Warren, can ya tell us which ones are Liberal, and which ones aren't?!?
Ah, c'mon, there, proud Liberal: you can rat on your Gritty Standard hacks, can't ya, in order to clarify your rhetorical claims?