Friday, June 10, 2011

Niagara hospital death toll reaches 4; while secretive Liberal Jim Bradley's Cone of Silence reaches 13 days

The front-page headline in the St.Catharines Standard's Jun.10, 2011 issue read "Hospital death toll reaches 4", regarding the C.difficile outbreak at the St.Catharines hospital.
It's funny (sadly) that this story, by the "Standard staff",  predictably failed to mention or to provide any comments whatsoever from the local St.Catharines health-monopoly-pusher and health-care cutter, Liberal MPP Jim Bradley.
Why... it's as if Ole Jimmy gots nuttin' ta do wid any o' dis!!!
Unflicking real.
The Standard's Bradley Butt-Lickin'-But-Good continues without shame. Since the outbreak began on May 28, the Standard has skillfully managed to avoid mentioning and to avoid providing its readers with any comment whatsoever on this issue from the local secretive monopolist Bradley!
Yeah: the hospital death toll in Jim Bradley's riding reaches 4; while Jim Bradley's Standard-assisted Cone of Silence has reached 13 days... and counting.
How long does Good Ole Jimmy think that he can hide from commenting on this issue?!!?
How long does the St.Catharines Standard intend to act as a shameless Bradley-Bootlicking enabler?

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