Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More climate GreenFear spread by the St.Catharines Standard

There was a nice bit of global warming/climate-change GreenFear TM being spread by the St.Catharines Standard in their Jun.6, 2011 story by Reuters' Alistair Doyle. Perhaps the Standard's greenies could get  H.F. Shurvell to provide an informed rebuttal to the greengarbage being regularly propagated by the Standard. [Feh - why would the St.Catharines Standard's greenshevik propaganda dep't. want anyone to challenge their green-tainted 'it's all-settled-cuz-Al Gore-and-Bumbledore Dion-said-so' worldview?!] Thankfully, Shurvell, an emeritus professor of chemistry, already had an answer prepared. In his letter "Three myths about carbon-dioxide" (National Post, also on Jun.6, 2011), Shurvell dispells three myths surrounding CO2, to counter the GreenFear-mongering of the typical kyodiot. (and Standard story-editor...)
This is what kyodiots such as Liberal MPP Jim Bradley and his greenie ass-licks just don't want to hear about:

Myth 1
Man-made CO 2 causes global warming.
Fact 1
Compared to water, CO 2 does not absorb enough heat energy to be a significant greenhouse gas. There is approximately 40 times more water vapour than CO in the atmosphere.

Myth 2
Reducing our carbon footprint will save the Earth from global warming.
Fact 2
Man-made CO 2 is a relatively small amount to the total carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Myth 3
CO 2 is a pollutant.
Fact 3
Oxides of nitrogen and sulphur are pollutants.
CO 2 is not.
It is a colourless, odourless gas that does not create smog and is essential for life on Earth.
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