Saturday, February 5, 2011

Jim Bradley's dreadful silence regarding his Liberal Mess at the NHS

Frank Iker wrote in "Dreading going to ER" (St.Catharines Standard, Feb.5, 2011) about the "disconcerting" 8 1/2-hour wait time at the NHS's St.Catharines ER, seeing that the provincial "benchmark" is supposed to be 4 hrs. (don't tell Michael Moore)
Iker asks "What is our local Niagara Health System doing to improve our emergency health care?"

Interestingly, Iker DOES NOT ask the much more relevant questions of:

- what is our Liberal-controlled LHIN doing to improve emergency care?
- what is local Liberal health-care-cutter Jim Bradley doing to "improve" emergency care?!

As if it is not pathetic enough that the McGuinty Liberals' role in the ER closures was completely glossed over in Grant Lafleche's previous article, (which Iker was responding to here); but Iker himself seems to miss the point as well! There was no mention of any Liberal role or responsibility in Iker's letter, either!

Wow: it's as if McGuinty's Liberals had nothin' to do with these here wait-times and ER closures and budget-cuts! hee hee!

The NHS is in deficit 'cuz... well... they're just wastrels wallowing in cash, as Smitherman once said; Liberal underfunding of the NHS had nothing to do with it!! ha ha ha ha!

(We all know [!] that it was now-fired-NHS-CEO Debbie Sevenpifer who not only personally caused the long NHS health-care wait times, but also the deficits!! Yes she did! har har har! All by herself!! Yep!! Liberals had nothing to do with any of that!! Nothing... ya hear?!)

That McGuinty's secretive Liberal government enforces a despotic health monopoly in Ontario, and that local Liberal strongmen Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor are staunch single-payer monopolists, apparently has no bearing on the issue!

When McGuinty's Liberals export patients to Buffalo for health-care that (strangely!) is unavailable in Liberal-monopoly-controlled Ontario, so what that McGuinty is sending patients to the same Buffalo hospitals which would be illegal  if they were located across the river in McGuinty-stan?! What's that got to do with it, right?!! hahhaha

We must not pretend - whether purposefully, or through Bradley Syndrome - that Jim Bradley's Liberals are somehow disconnected, and are held harmless, from responsibility for their monopolist Mess at the NHS.

The Liberals must be held fully accountable for what happens in their state-controlled health-monopoly.

The Liberals  fully control the LHIN's, which fully control the NHS; Bradley and Craitor are Liberals.

It's dreadful that many Ontarians fail to recognize that.

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