Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bed shortage in Windsor labelled a 'crisis': McGuinty's health-monopoly now charging patients $600 a day if they don't leave hospital

So McGuinty's Liberal government health-care monopoly is now charging patients $600 a day if they won't move from Windsor hospitals to long-term care facilities. In a province dedicated to health care socialism and state-controlled monopolist pseudo-egalitarianism, when can we expect this very same tactic to be employed in Niagara?
It would be nice if some Niagara reporter would dare bother to interview Liberals Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor about this tactic their government is pursuing in Windsor.
Do they agree with this move?! Are they speaking out against it?!
But rest assured: folks in Niagara will never know!
Why should we know about such things; about what our Liberal MPP's think of what their own Liberal government is doing in Windsor!! It's best not to ask!
Bradley and Craitor don't want us in Niagara to know what their Liberals are up to in Windsor!! {and the local press would like to keep it this way...}
There's nothin' to see here, folks... move along, now!
Just like Liberals Pupatello and Duncan  aren't too keen on telling their constituents about how their own Liberals closed two emergency rooms in Niagara!
After all, why should Liberals in Windsor care about what the Liberals did in Niagara!? It's better for McGuinty's Liberals that their health-care incompetence and duplicity remain localized and hidden!
Kim Craitor probably thinks Mike Harris is doing this, but Jim Bradley sure knows that it is their own Liberal government allowing this!
Both Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor will hide and remain blithely mute if anyone asks them why in 2006 Dalton McGuinty was against building more hospital beds in Niagara!! (...and who is gonna ask?! It won't be anyone from Niagara's press!)
Why was McGuinty not interested in building more care beds in Niagara?
Isn't that  a "crisis" just waiting to happen in Niagara, just as it is now happening in Windsor, directly caused by Liberal incompetence?
We all know health-care isn't a priority of Liberals such as Jim Bradley; enforcing health-monopolism is their priority, allowing them to divert taxes to other priorities to help them buy votes!
By purposefully creating a bed shortage, McGuinty and his disgusting Liberals will able to charge patients $600 a day in Niagara as well  - for a bed shortage which the Liberals created!!
Isn't Jim Bradley's and Kim Craitor's sanctimonious health-care despotism just perfect?!
Hahaha: we don't need any more stinkin' beds, sez McGinny!!  So remember: Vote for Jim Bradley and Dalton McGuinty!! They will... umm... "fix" health-care! hahahahah
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