Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dump Disastrous Dalton!

Barbara Ashbee wrote in "I am not an anecdote" (Orangeville Citizen, Feb.24, 2011):

"Dalton McGuinty needs to educate and inform his ministers, friends and colleagues in positions of authority, such as top doc Dr. Arlene King, Minister Wilkinson, Minister Duguid and the entire ministry staff in every district office in Ontario but especially in Toronto, on the existence of real live people in rural areas of the province of Ontario.
I AM NOT AN ANECDOTE - Dalton’s representatives use this anecdote word a lot...a whole lot. It squeaks out from almost every character we hear on the radio shows, in sound bites and in news items. When backed into a corner to comment on the serious health issues that rural families are suffering from his aggressive wind turbine policy, we hear that old familiar phrase..."well, we hear of some anecdotal reports, but"..... But what Dalton?
But.....we haven’t actually met them because we don’t want to go there? But.....they have written us hundreds of letters and signed their real names but we don’t want people to know? But.....those anecdotes might ruin my plans and destroy my career?
When will Dalton engage in looking out for all Ontarians? When will he respond to them? He was not elected to shelter a chosen few or to pander to lobby groups and companies that only fit his vision. He needs to look out for everyone and protect everyone’s health.
You were elected by socalled anecdotes from all over rural Ontario Dalton. When do they get a fair shake?"
McGuinty's greasy Grits have been hiding for years - just look at Jim Bradley! Smitherman - that walking disaster of a former health and energy minister - was also one of those despotic Liberals who engaged in the 'What? Oh, that? Oh, that's just an anecdote... it's no big deal' tactic.
When Ontarians voiced their concerns about the Liberal-created LHIN fiasco and the Liberals' underfunding of their Niagara Health System monopoly, these concerns were simply ignored and marginalized by McGuinty's Liberal scumbags as being "anecdotal" - ie, unworthy of discussion or consideration. Dismissing dissenters as  inconsequential "anomalies" or as "obscure voices" was another favourite rationalization tactic by McGuinty's ideological Liberals.
In October of 2011 Ontarians can finally dismiss McGuinty's smug Liberal gang, and begin the hard climb back to prosperity.

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