Friday, February 25, 2011

Didn't Jim Bradley know about Agent Orange?

Maybe the Toronto Star can dig up McGuinty's former Liberal Transportation Minister, MPP Jim Bradley, to answer whether he knew of these allegations that the Ministry of Transportation sprayed 'agent orange' in Ontario, supposedly until 1980. Bradley was Kathleen Wynne's predecessor - how is it that Wynne is now suddenly aware of these allegations, yet Bradley had said nothing when he was Transportation Minister?
In the mid 1980's Bradley was also Peterson's Environment Minister - why didn't Jim ['the environmentalists' saint'] Bradley mention any of these allegations then?!
It's a good bet the GreenFear columnists at the St. Catharines Standard will do their utmost not to ask Jimmy 'bout that. Nobody from the Standard even bothers to ask Good Ole Jimmy 'bout anything - they've been helping Ole Jimmy this way for years, spinning the attention elsewhere, not on Jimmy's Liberal hypocrisy!
Hundreds of Ontario patients were killed by C. diff infection in Dalton McGuinty's Liberal health monopoly - REMEMBER THAT, FOLKS ???!
An oh-so-smug McGuinty couldn't be bothered  to "uncover what happened during those years" of Liberal health-care duplicity!!
Jimmy and Dalton don't want you to remember these hundreds of deaths which occurred under the Liberals' watch during this term - but they're sure gonna find out about the agent orange spraying from three decades ago!
What's next - asking Jim Bradley to explain why lead pipes carrying drinking water still exist throughout Ontario, even at Queen's Park? Why, Jim...why?

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