Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Get rid of Smitherman's LHIN disaster?! Don't ask Liberal Jim Bradley about that!

Let's hope that Jim Bradley is NOT asked by his bootlicks over at the St.Catharines Standard's JimmyB Fanclub to comment on Tanya Talaga's Aug.16, 2010 Toronto Star story "Ontario's local health networks must go, opposition says".
I mean, WHY SHOULD Good Ole Secretive Jimmy answer anything?!
It's better for the St.Catharines Standard's Jim Bradley Liberal Asslick Institute to simply ignore Jim Bradley in these times of inconveniently exposed Liberal healthcare duplicity!!
Who wants Jim Bradley to explain why his Liberal lying government's asinine LHIN's blew $80 million in 2009-10 for wages, rent and equipment? Certainly, NOT THE ST.CATHARINES STANDARD!! Makin' Liberal MPP Jim Bradley explain this stuff in public can only make Jim look bad - so, it's better to find other stuff to spin - say... how's that anthropogenic global warming thing going? oops - yeah, Jimmy can't talk about that, either...
The LHIN fiasco brought to Ontario by the incompetent fools Dalton McGuinty and George Smitherman doesn't need any explanations from Jim.
The St.Catharines Standard will make damn sure of that.
It's better to attack, ohhh, say, the NHS rather than the NHS's monopolist political masters: the McGuinty Liberal government!
Liberal Deb Matthews didn't restore the ER's in Fort Erie or Port Colborne, did she?!! She still thinks - bizarrely, even after Marin's report - that Slitherman's LHIN cock-up IS NOT A COCK-UP!!
And what does Jim think? Who the FLICK knows!!
All that Liberals such as Jim Bradley "care" about is that 300 of his LHIN monopoly's officials (who are still 'learning on the job', no less!) can continue to ahem... 'wisely spend scant health-care dollars' - because the people of Ontario, trapped in McGuinty's single-payer health monopoly, certainly can't be trusted with that task!!!
Obviously, the St.Catharines Standard (whose motto is "Proudly carrying Jim Bradley's Liberal Sacs Since '77") agrees.
Otherwise, they would have asked their pal Jim, instead of helping cover for him.

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