Friday, August 6, 2010

Brantford demolition continues

Further to my previous post of Aug.3, the demolition along Colborne St. in Brantford has claimed two more buildings as of Aug.6:
- #99 Colborne St. (it was the green-painted Super Bowl building seen in the previous post; in the photo below this building had stood at the very far right, behind the stop sign);
- #101 Colborne St. (which had stood at the right side of the below photo, next door to the white-painted building still standing). #101 Colborne St. was torn down earlier today, on Aug.6, 2010; its rubble is still seen laying along the sidewalk at the bottom right. It had been built ca.1867 by William Matthews, who had also been mayor of Brantford. (see earlier photo)
above: Aug.6, 2010 - the white-painted brick building seen still standing at the right is #103 Colborne St., the left half of the same building is #105.
above: Aug.6, 2010 - looking up at the demolition site from the rear, the sidewall of #103 Colborne is seen exposed.
The demolition of the south side of Colborne St. began on Jun.8, 2010, at # 35 Colborne St., which had stood just east of Brant Ave. The demolition, as of Aug.6, 2010, has reached the intersection of Colborne St. and Queen St. (where the two buildings, previously hidden from this angle, are now visible across the street, in the left and centre distance) which makes this about the half-way point of this demolition project.
above: Aug.6, 2010 - further east at #151 Colborne St., looking at the 1867-built Smith building, more of its second floor has been demolished.

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