Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Brantford demolition continues

Further to my previous post - on Aug.31, 2010, demolition began on the building at #135 Colborne St., which was built by Arunah Huntington ca.1867.
Below, #135 is seen with its gable roof torn down. below: a little while later, the third-floor ceilng and west-side brick wall are gone.
below: now the third floor has collapsed onto the second floor; the rear wall is being demolished
below: the rear wall is gone
below: the debris which had been laying on the second floor has collapsed down within the building into the first floor of #135. The next building still fully standing, whose wall is now exposed, is #137 Colborne St.

above: looking south from Colborne St., in the lower foreground is the remnant of the mid-rear brick wall of #131-133 Colborne (demolished yesterday); next to it, at the far center-left, is the remnant of the now-demolished rear addition which had been behind #135 Colborne (it was demolished prior to the front part of #135 being demolished, probably done early today).
At the upper right is the gable of the Riverview Automotive building (still standing at this time), which had been at the rear of #131-133 Colborne.
Now from this vantage point the old Brantford train station can be seen in the upper right distance.
below: video of #135 Colborne St. being demolished.

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