Monday, August 30, 2010

Brantford demolition continues

Further to my previous post, as of Mon. Aug.30, 2010, the demolition was focused on #131-133 Colborne St.; its front facade (the one with the hidden "billiards, tobacco, cigars" sign) was ripped down today, as well as the floor that had collapsed in the center, as well as the three-storey mid-rear wall (all still remaining from Fri.27th); also, the mid-rear portion was torn down today, up to the rear gable of the Riverview Automotive building, which sits behind down on Water St.
below: Aug.30, 2010 - as seen at the right rear, behind where the three-storey brick wall of #131-133 had stood, there was a single-story addition which stretched back towards the firehall-looking Riverview building.
The next building still standing, with its west-wall now exposed, is #135 Colborne Street. [The stairwell and painted room outlines seen on the brick wall, of course, are (or rather, were) part of the inside east-side wall of #131-133 Colborne!]
above: Aug.30, 2010 - the roof of the single-storey addition (consisting of the mid-rear section of #131-133) had just been torn down several seconds ago, revealing for the first time this view from Colborne St. of the north-side of the square-topped tower of the old Riverside Automotive building on Water St. (in the center-right distance)
The wall of #135 is at the far left
below: Aug.30, 2010 - looking from the walkway, the mid-rear of #131-133 is being demolished. The firehall-looking old Riverview Automotive building with the tower, sits right behind this addition. Hard to tell whether this mid-rear section had any levels beneath it, going down the slope.

above: Aug.30, 2010 - looking from a little farther south along the walkway, it is clear that between the mid-rear addition and the old Riverview Automotive building at the right, the brick walls of the two buildings were separate, as seen closer below:
below: the brick over the gable of the Riverview structure (where it meets the mid-rear building) was laid in an odd manner - not horizontally, but rather at an angle, following the slope of the gable.

above: at the upper right, the Colborne-street-grade mid-rear section of #131-133 has now been removed, right up to the gable of the Riverview building, revealing a door-way which led from the (Colborne street-level) mid-section into the (Water St. fourth-storey!) gable of the Riverview building, as seen below:
below: video of the demolition of the mid-part of #131-133 Colborne St., as seen on Aug.30, 2010.

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