Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Brantford demolition continues

below: the demolition of a large part of Brantford's old downtown commercial strip along the south side of Colborne St. continues.
As of Aug.3, 2010, as seen below, the demolition has now claimed #95-97 Colborne St., which had stood to the right of the green-painted building seen still standing (see previous photos here) The green-painted building, at #99 Colborne St., was built ca. 1880, and was lastly the Super Bowl restaurant (see earlier photo here).

above: Aug.3, 2010 - looking up from Water St. at the demolition site from the rear - the building standing in the center (and next in line for demolition) is #99 Colborne St.
below: as seen July 26, 2010, the 1867-built Smith building (located at #151 Colborne St., at the very eastern end of the demolition site) was being prepped for demolition - also see earlier view here.

above: Aug.3, 2010 - same view, the top floor of the Smith building has been demolished; part of the former Right House structure is at the far right.

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