Monday, August 9, 2010

Brantford demolition continues

below: further to my previous photos, as of Aug.9, 2010, the demolition today claimed #103 Colborne St., which had been the right-half of the white-painted-brick building seen in the centre; a steel beam, which had held up the brick wall over the storefront windows of #103, is now seen hanging unsupported at the centre right as the demolition continues. The left-half of the white-painted-brick building is #105 Colborne St., which will be torn down on Aug.10, 2010. This building at #103-105 Colborne St. was built ca.1870 by Arunah Huntington (who had also built #35-39 Colborne St. in 1867, which was the first building in this strip to be demolished, back on Jun.8, 2010, see here).
above: Aug.9, 2010 - a large section of floor is hauled off from the demolition of #103 Colborne St., which had stood at the left; a small remnant of its rear brick wall can still seen in this shot in the left distance; it was torn down several minutes later.

below: Aug.9, 2010 - a closer view of #105 Colborne St. (at the left); the right-half of the building, which had been #103, is now gone; only a steel beam, which had been the main lintel supporting the upper front brick wall, remains hanging. A chunk of the white-painted brick facade of #103 can be seen laying in the rubble on the sidewalk at the right. below: Aug.9, 2010, video of 103 Colborne St. during demolition.

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