Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mass demolition of Colborne St., Brantford Ont., slowly begins

On Jun.8, 2010, the first building to be demolished in the mass-demolition of the south side of Colborne St. in Brantford, Ont., was 35 Colborne St., where City Sign once was.

35-39 Colborne St. was the 'Huntington block', built in 1867 by Mr. Arunah Huntington (1795-1877), who had also been elected as Brantford's mayor in 1852.

In the video below, taken Jun.9, 2010, by R.Bobak, the westerly-half of the structure (the site of #35, demolished yesterday) was still being cleared; now visible in the rear is the center-wall of the easterly-half of the building (#39; recently Hollywood Hairstyling) which is to be demolished next.

Click 'Brantford Then and Now' below for more photos of the south-side Colborne St. area.

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