Tuesday, May 31, 2011

C.difficile outbreak and fatality reported in St.Catharines; local Liberal MPP Jim Bradley nowhere to be found

Funny how in two stories (May 30 and 31) about the C. difficile outbreak at the St.Catharines General hospital, that the St.Catharines Standard couldn't find Ontario's Liberal public safety minister (and local St.Catharines MPP!) Jim Bradley for a comment!
Apparently, Ole Jimmy's got nothin' to do with this - with any of this!! Why should Standard reporter Grant Lafleche bother to report what Jim Bradley has to say about this outbreak and death in his Liberal government's health-care monopoly in Bradley's own city?! Best to leave Ole Jimmy - the health-care-monopoly-pushing, health-care-cutting demagogue - outta this!!! hahaha
Why, just to show how much Jimmy cares, maybe tomorrow the Standard'll run a front page feel-good spread with a photo of Good Ole Jimmy helping sand the drywall at the new hospital!!
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[as of Aug.20, 2011 - after 31 Niagara C. difficile-infected patients had been killed in Jim Bradley's Liberal-controlled health monopoly, there still hasn't been a single interview in the St.Catharines Standard with their own local Liberal MPP Golden Boy Jimmy regarding this catastrophe which occurred in Jimmy's utopian Liberal-run health-monopoly, right at Jimmy's doorstep. The Standard has been lickin' Jim Bradley's Liberal ass like there's no tomorrow.]

Sunday, May 29, 2011

McGuinty's greedy Liberals took tax-payer cash at a party 'fund-raiser'

Are you tired yet of how Jim Bradley's secretive Liberals pilfer taxpayer cash for their own political benefit?
It was revealed that Georgian College president Brian Tamblyn gave $5,000 tax-dollars to the Liberal Party at a 2008 Liberal fundraiser in Barrie.
It was a pricey FIVE THOUSAND DOLLAR A PLATE event!!!
It's amazing not only that this Tamblyn guy now sloughs off his disgusting action as "an honest mistake", but that the Liberal party actually took this money from this public servant WITHOUT QUESTION!!
Another disgusting example of the incestuous relationship between Jim Bradley's Liberals and the Ombudsman-Free-By-Liberal-Design MUSH sector.
How many other similar such political donations of PUBLIC CASH were happily handed over by eager sycophants to McGuinty's greedy, secretive Liberal party over the years?
What made this guy actually believe that he had any damn authority to give away public money to McGuinty's scumbag Liberals?!
If Tamblyn liked McGuinty enough to slide five thousand dollars into Dalton's pants for a rubber chicken dinner, then Tamblyn should have written that cheque from his own personal account in the first place.
It's interesting that there were municipal officials from Barrie attending this elite McGuinty Liberal event, who apparently did not pay to attend, and did not charge their city any expenses - so, how is it that some attendees believed they had to pay 5 grand for the McGuinty rubber-chicken meal, but others didn't?! Did these other officials not get to eat?!?
How is it that Tamblyn thought he had to pay McGuinty 5 grand - from the public purse - for this meal, yet other public officials at the same event knew enough not to?!
While it wasn't reported whether any of these other officals nevertheless donated money personally to McGuinty's Liberals, at least they didn't ask their own city's tax-payers to reimburse them!!
Was Tamblyn truly so ignorant about what he was actually doing?! Come on!!
Would this even have had come to light if not for the FOI request?
Note the interesting timing: the FOI request was made in September 2009, Tamblyn then pays back 5 grand to the college in November 2009!! So for over a year, from June 2008 to November 2009,  the college was out $5,000 - money which never should have been taken from their account in the first place. By the same token, Tamblyn benefited by having $5,000 tax-payer dollars in his possession for that same period, money that was improperly reimbursed to him under false pretenses.
And let's remember: during all of this, McGuinty's Liberal party kept the money! They didn't care how it was obtained!!
Funny that Niagara's local newspapers haven't bothered to ask Liberal MPP's Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor about any of this!! hahaha
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jail guards on Ontario-wide manhunt for slippery corrections minister JIm Bradley!

Kevin Bernard reported in  "Hitting the road for jails" (Bayshore News, May 20, 2011) about how a posse of about 30 OPSEU jail staff from Owen Sound and Walkerton came to St.Catharines on May 20 hunting for their boss, Liberal corrections services minister Jim Bradley.
'What's that?' you say... jail guards were hunting for Good Ole Liberal MPP Jim Bradley??
This can't be: our local newspaper, the St.Catharines Liberal AssKisser Standard would have certainly written about that!! ...right??
But alas, frankly and yowzers [!], the St.Catharines Bradley Buttlick Society didn't deem this manhunt as being newsworthy!
The Local 224 president Paul Johnstone said that his members wanted to protest the McGuinty Liberal plan to close down their local jails, and also said that Jim Bradley has not had a one-on-one meeting with him about the issue.
Johnstone said that they went to Bradley's office searching for him, but that Bradley was nowhere to be found!! (well, on Friday afternoon, Bradley was stuffing himself with free food at the Folk Arts festival...)
Funny how the St.Catharines Standard wouldn't bother to tell Niagarans about how a secretive, smug, dictatorial Jim Bradley is handling this issue!
The folks in Walkerton and Owen Sound should write to the St.Catharines Standard [...as if the Standard Liberal AnalCleaners would care, though...] and ask them why the Standard continues to protect and cover Jim Bradley's ass! Jim Bradley can always be found... when the St.Catharines Standard has some Bradley-friendly propaganda to spew, that is; otherwise, Bradley vanishes into his trademarked Cone of Silence.
Yep - sigh - no one from the St.Catharines Standard (or the JimmyBoy Fanclub over at Niagara This Week) has bothered to ask Good Ole Jim 'the Kyodiot' Bradley (who, after all, is the Liberal greenshevik saviour of planet earth...)  about the environmental costs of GoldenBoy Jimmy's plans to now have to truck prisoners all over the place because he's closing down the prisons.
It's just best not to ask Jimmy 'bout any of these things...!!!
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

McGuinty rewards eHealth with a raise!

It's nice to see Jim Bradley's Lying Liberals rewarding eHealth workers with a raise. Un-FLICKING believable.
It's a good bet no-one from the Niagara press will bother to ask Jim Bradley or Kim Craitor about that. After all, what do Kimmy'N'Jimmy have to do with any of this stuff - right ?!!!
What are the cancellation clause details in the Smitherman/Duguid secretive Samsung greenie deal? Why can't Duguid present a specific answer to this in the House, instead of decanting his usual evasive greenshevist rhetoric? Why is no-one from the local press asking Niagara's local Liberal liars Jimmy'N'Kimmy about that, either??!
What about the Freedom Of Information exemptions Jimmy'N'Kimmy gave to their monopoly's hospitals - has the local GritLickerClub already forgotten about that, too?!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Liberal McGuinty's green-bolshevik energy act guaranteed to fail

Nice story in the May 17, 2011 National Post by Ross McKitrick about the George Smitherman - Brad Duguid - Dalton McGuinty - Jim Bradley - Kim Craitor  "Green energy failure" in Liberal Ontario.
Yet another huge reason to kick these Liberal clowns out of office in October.

Time to get the Niagara Mid-Pen highway rolling

Re Paikin's Agenda Camp (May16, 2011, TVO) Liberal MPP Kim Craitor tells us he's not in favour of the mid-pen highway, and also says that Port Colborne mayor Vance Badawey supports extending only a 406 extension. Then Paikin brings in Badawey...
 (I don't recall whether Paikin told the audience that Badawey was a former Liberal contender in Niagara south, and would have been Craitor's colleague at Queen's Park!)
...who goes on to tell the audience that he wants the mid-pen continued on beyond Niagara to south-central Ontario - essentially as it was envisioned by the Conservatives before Craitor, Jim Bradley (and Badawey himself, through his Liberal candidacy) destroyed those very same plans in 2003!
And now Badawey says (correctly) that the mid-pen environmental assessments have been done and basically sitting collecting dust for years - and Badawey should know: his Liberals are the ones who delayed, postponed, dicked around, and made sanctimonious political hay on the mid-pen for the last eight years: all ya gotta do is ask St.Catharines Liberal MPP Jim Bradley about that  (...which Doug Herod ha ha didn't do in his May17, 2011 Standard column!! Bradley...? What does Ole Jimmy got to do with any of that...?! Yowzers, indeed... frankly...)
 So it's interesting to see how the Liberals are spinning and skewing the whole mid-pen file, pretending to be against it, or for it, or studying to be against it, or for it, or pretending to only want part of it, and then calling it something else...
[Interesting as well during this show, that Niagara Falls Liberal MPP Kim Craitor actually stated that he was NOT in favour of free trade!!!  What an imbecile. If Craitor had his leftist way, there'd be no wine industry in his riding at all... flicking clown...]

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Glen Murray: more like McGuinty's greenie Minister of Propaganda

Lorrie Goldstein wrote in "Dalton McGuinty's mind games" (SunMedia, Mar.6,2011):

"It would be so much easier if Premier Dalton McGuinty and his government would just be honest and forthright about electricity pricing and renewable energy.
Knowing what they’re talking about would also help.
This struck me while reading a pamphlet the Liberal government recently sent to homeowners.
It informs us on its front cover — accompanied by pictures of wind turbines and a hydro dam — that “Electricity prices are changing” and invites us to “Find out why” inside.
Note the use of the weasel word “changing” to describe electricity prices, as opposed to the honest one — “rising.”
The fact prices are “going up” does make it into small print at the top of the first inside page.
But it’s immediately qualified by arguments prices are rising worldwide, and in Ontario the reasons are the need to upgrade hydro infrastructure and close coal-fired electricity plants.
More weasel words, not because of what is said, but because of what’s omitted.
For example, there’s no mention of McGuinty’s imposition of the HST July 1, which added 8% to electricity bills — not to mention bills for gasoline, heat and hundreds of other goods and services.
However, the pamphlet cites the Ontario Clean Energy Benefit — borrowed money we’ll have to pay back — taking 10% off only electricity bills and only for five years, in the section: “How can I manage costs?”
In fact, this “benefit” was created by McGuinty to try to reduce public anger over the HST, before he has to face voters, Oct. 6.
So, in McGuinty’s Ontario, only government actions lowering electricity prices temporarily are worth mentioning, not actions raising prices permanently — even when the latter prompts the former.
Next I read something which makes me wonder if the Liberals have any idea of what they’re doing on renewable energy.
In answer to the question “Why not coal?” — meaning why has the government decided to close less expensive, coal-fired electricity plants, the pamphlet warns: “Coal plants release greenhouse gases that pollute the air we breathe.”
Here, the weasel words lie in the fact this explanation is so simplistic, it’s misleading.
While greenhouse gases and gases which cause pollution both come out of the same smokestack when burning coal, they are separate issues.
As is not yet the case for greenhouse gases, we have practical technology — scrubbers — to reduce smokestack emissions which cause pollution and smog.
But McGuinty has refused since being elected in 2003 to install scrubbers on coal-fired plants.
The original explanation was that since he had promised in the 2003 campaign to close all coal-fired plants by 2007, it didn’t make economic sense to do so.
Problem is, McGuinty not only missed that deadline, but now says he won’t finish the job until 2014.
Despite this, his government’s pamphlet, after confusing greenhouse gases with air pollution, warns that: “According to a 2005 study prepared for the government, the health-related damages of coal could top $3 billion a year.”
If so, why did McGuinty decide to let this go on until (at least) 2014, instead of acting immediately?
What actually happened was McGuinty in 2003 made an unrealistic pledge to shut down all coal-fired plants by 2007, replacing them with renewable energy — mainly wind.
In fairness, Ontario has reduced its coal-fired emissions since 2007, but largely because the 2008 global recession, which hit Ontario’s already struggling manufacturing sector, reduced electricity demand.
The problem with wind power is that at present it isn’t viable without massive subsidies from electricity consumers, another reason for rising prices.
Plus, wind power can’t produce energy on demand.
Those wind turbines on the front of the government’s pamphlet will have to be backed up by other forms of energy — typically natural gas.
Natural gas, while cleaner than coal, is also a fossil fuel and emits greenhouse gases and pollution.
Oddly, that isn’t in the pamphlet, either."
There's a lot of secrecy surrounding all aspects of Dalton McGuinty's scummy Liberal government, not the least of which cloaks their fanatical pursuit of expensive green bolshevism. McGuinty's Smitherman-smelling FIT fiasco isn't even fit, sound financial planning. Despite Glen Murray's deceptions of the multi-billion-dollar-subsidized greenie Grit utopia which is supposedly blooming before our very eyes...
(btw, why didn't St.Catharines Standard reporter Monique Beech, in her May 13, 2011 story, specifically ask Murray for definitive examples of all these greenie jobs in Niagara, and of their corresponding tax costs, and opportunity costs, and how many other jobs were lost in Ontario due to McGuinty's greenshevist kyodiotism?)
... all we really need to understand is that for the last eight years, McGuinty's secretive, climatalarmist, global-warming-fear-mongering Liberals have simply embarked upon a fanciful statist greenie experiment.
That's all this is: expensive, experimental Grit GreenShit.
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Friday, May 13, 2011

In opposition, Liberal fraudsters Dalton McGuinty and Jim Bradley lied about their intentions to control gas prices

It's funnee - in a YOWZERS kinda way - how no-one at the St.Catharines Standard can be bothered to corner Liberal MPP Jim Bradley (the Savant of Secord Dr.) and ask Good Ole Jimmy to explain why gasoline prices are so high ($1.41 as of May 12) in St.Catharines!No-one today from the local LiberalButtlickerSociety is asking Jim Bradley why he hasn't reintroduced the gas price-control laws which Bradley and Dalton McGuinty were agitating for when they were in opposition! No one is asking Good Ole Jimmy to 'splain why his Liberals increased the price of gas with their HST.
Magically, this has nothin' to do with Jimmy or the other Grit doofus, Kimmy Craitor!! Liberals now tell us that there's nothing they can do - yet this is the exact opposite of what Dalton McGuinty and Jim Bradley were saying in opposition!!
Back then, Bradley blathered constantly with unsubstantiated  allegations of collusion and price-fixing.
Now - magically - nobody in the Niagara press seems to remember those years of Liberal lies and sanctimonious posturing from Jim Bradley and McLiar!! In Nov. 1999, while in opposition, Bradley even cooked up a predatory gas-price bill - yet, after eight duplicitous years of Liberal majority government, where is Bradley's private member's bill today?!!
Why, it's as if the BradleyAsslickSociety at the St.Catharines Standard has never even seen the Nov.19, 1999 edition of their own newspaper!!
Why, it's as if - magically - that was some other Jim Bradley which the St.Catharines Standard was happily promoting in 1999!!
Frankly, ain't this all just amazing!? That was all just utter Bradley bullshit !!
We now have confirmed that Jimmy and McGuinty were "mindlessly grandstanding" back then - and that's according to Dwight Duncan!!
McGuinty's Liberal liars could lower the HST - but don't count on any Niagara GritButtLicking reporter bothering to ask Jimmy or Kimmy about that.

McGuinty and Chretien-era Liberals did nothing to "control" gas prices

It was grrrreat to read Don Fraser's front-page story in the May 12, 2011 St.Catharines Standard "Squeezed by record pump prices", where absolutely no mention was made of the local Liberal MPP Jim Bradley, nor of Bradley's personal role in helping extenuate today's "record pump prices"! Yep: it's as if Good Ole Jimmy never had anything to do with any of this!!!
Now, it's as if Ole Jimbo had never written any price-control bills in the past - and then conveniently forgot about them for the last eight years!!
Now, it's as if Jim Bradley and Dalton McGuinty had never said that they could - and would, if elected - bring in laws to... umm... stop all the "gouging", all the "ripping-off", all the "price-fixing", all the "collusion" that was supposedly going on.
Yep: read the Standard today and it's as if the Liberals had never fraudulently presented themselves as 'controllers of gasoline prices' !!
[The St. Catharines Standard sure doesn't want you to remember any of that!! After all, why would the St.Catharines Standard - whose motto oughtta be " Happily doing Jim's political laundry since '77 " - want to remind the proletariat about Jim Bradley's Liberal lies and deceptions about controlling the price of gasoline?!?]
There's no need to remind loyal Liberal voters about JimBoyBradley's track record of smarmy lies and hypocrisy!!
Yeah: Jim Bradley - the Liberal liar from St.Catharines - along with that other gas-hole scumbag McGuinty - outright conned voters into believing that the Liberals would "control" gas prices. The St.Catharines Standard merrily went along with that narrative back then; yet today, there's not a damn word about the Liberals' past deceit on this very issue.
Today, there's nothin' from the St.Catharines Standard about how a sanctimonious Jim Bradley, at Queen's Park on May 4, 1999, had goaded the Conservatives to "pass my bill" about helping control gas prices.
Today, no-one from the St.Catharines Standard has bothered to recall for readers what specifically was in Bradley's private-member's bill.
Today, no-one from the Standard has asked Jim Bradley why his bill was never reintroduced and passed during the last eight years of McGuinty's Liberal majority.
What bias.
And of course, when real investigative reporting fails in this Standard report, who else do they turn to for gassy filler than Dan McTeague, the Liberal MP who was thankfully finally booted out of office when that disgusting Liberal Ignatieff was walloped in the May 2 election.
Reporter Fraser didn't explain to readers - and didn't bother to actually contact and ask McTeague to explain - why McTeague, for all his years in a Liberal majority federal government - also DID NOTHING to "control" oil prices!
Didn't McTeague also try to pass some kind of gas price control bill at the federal level?
OOPS! Why would the Standard want people to know about that, eh?!!! hee hee!
Yet: here's McTeague, like a bad penny, unquestioningly now being used as a source!
The St.Catharines Standard  - mysteriously (ha ha !) - also fails to mention, or to ask McTeague about, the role which former St.Catharines federal Liberal MP Walt Lastewka played in quashing his own Liberal colleague McTeague's gas price control bill!!
Say what??!!
Why should the local Liberal-lovin' proletariat wanna know 'bout that?!? The St.Catharines Standard really doesn't want to mention any of this! The locals don't need to know the direct roles which Liberals such as Jim Bradley, Walt Lastewka, and Dalton McGuinty played in creating today's "record pump prices"!
Then, in a May 13 St.Catharines Standard story ("Ottawa to investigate high gasoline prices" by Jonathan Jenkins) that same old Liberal, Gas-Tank McTeague, blames in particular the federal GST for higher gas prices, telling us it 'goes up lockstep with the price'.
No challenge was made by the reporter, who should have asked: say, there, Danny Boy, what "GST" is there in Ontario? Isn't it specifically the "HST" which you should be talking about? In particular - McGUINTY'S newly-implemented 8% tax-gouge on gasoline????????????!!!!!!!?!
Doesn't McGuinty's new 8% tax-grab on gas 'go up in lockstep with the price' ?!!
Astoundingly, Jenkins didn't bother to ask Liberal McTeague whether his Liberal buddy McGUINTY'S taxes had anything to do with the high price of gas!!!
And - of course - no one from the St.Catharines Standard will bother to recall for readers that Lastewka's Liberals also had called for 'investigations' into gas-price fixing by the Competition Bureau. Back then this was seen as a brave and heroic deed! Now, when Clement does the same, massageboy Jackoff Layton's dippers deride that as "inadequate" - without quite saying what exactly they would do!
And finally, let's not forget: when Chretien-era Liberal Lastewka was telling us that there was no evidence of any price fixing, Liberal MP Dan McTeague was also Lastewka's Liberal colleague at the time.
Fast forward to Oct.16, 2014, to a strange St.Catharines Standard editorial headed "Let's relish this rare drop in fuel prices", written by Peter Epp.
Reading this weirdo editorial, it's like Epp doesn't know any of the previous gasoline-price-voodoo which Ontario's Liberals were practicing!
Epp whines on about how gas prices are falling in Canada, and are "at five-year lows" (eg "as low as $1.14 in some parts of Ontario" on Wed. Oct. 15, 2014)
Epp calls it "a classic picture of supply and demand".
Hmm - yet, Epp for some strange reason never mentions what the Ontario Liberal's role was in this "classic picture of supply and demand"!!
Furthermore, there was NOT A WORD IN THIS PATHETIC ARTICLE about local Liberal MPP hack Jim Bradley!!
Funny, eh - seeing that Jim Bradley and his Liberals were the ones who were screwing up and attempting to interfere with the "supply and demand", by price fixing gasoline THEMSELVES!! That's classic LIBERAL MARKET INTERFERENCE.
"Editorialist" Epp just plain 'forgot' (hahaha) to mention Jim Bradley's decades-long attempt to score votes by promising to regulate gas prices!
Yep: suddenly, when gas prices are dropping, Jim Bradley is nowhere to be found on the pages of the St.Catharines Standard - the same paper which for years had loyally trumpeted Bradley's phony gas-price-control antics!!
Now - nothing.
In his editorial, Epp doesn't dare bother to link or context the Ontario Liberal's paranoia and hatred for everything oil, nor their phony global-warming / climate-change Green-Fearmongering.
Epp says "more oil is being produced globally" and that "the U.S.is pumping out more oil than Saudi Arabia"  - yet Epp doesn't link any of that to Jim Bradley and his oil-hating Ontario Liberals.
Jim Bradley was fear mongering about "peak oil" decades ago - yet now, that there's more oil, Epp doesn't bother to ask Niagara's chief peak oil propagandist about this??!
By purposefully excluding Jim Bradley from this editorial, Epp is just continuing the St.Catharines Standard's pathetic propensity for swathing their hero Jimmy in convenient Cones of Silence.
Epp spews out lines such as "After years of getting hosed at the pumps" - without specifying WHICH years, and by which standard he was measuring what "getting hosed" meant. That kind of line is just what Jim Bradley would have spewed in the past.
Peter Epp should specifically explain what he meant here; it is crap journalism for the St.Catharines Standard to write half-baked articles such as this.
Does Epp have evidence of gasoline price-fixing, or something?? Why didn't Epp ask Jim Bradley about it, then?
What the hell is Epp actually talking about? This just blowhard rhetoric.
Epp is the one hosing readers with his garbage.
Epp didn't bother to get Liberal Jim Bradley - the chief gas-price-fear-spreader in Niagara - to confirm or deny that we have been 'getting hosed at the pumps for years'.
Were these the years under Bradley and his Liberals, which Epp refers to??
Is that why Peter Epp purposefully neglected to interview Jim Bradley about falling gas prices - because this incongruity didn't jive with Bradley's (and the Standard's) GreenFear-mongering agenda?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tear up Smitherman's expensive, secretive Liberal-Samsung deal

It is time to finally end Smitherman's slimy, secretive Samsung deal. Cleaning up after Georgie's stinking greenshit Grit policy turds won't be easy, but has to be done.
The green Goreons will be soo peeved! For Gaia's sake, don't tell'em about Saskatchewan's new $1.24 billion clean-coal generating plant!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Dalton McGuinty's legacy of Liberal lies and secrecy

McGuinty's secretive Liberal scumbags have been busily lying, manipulating, and hiding their slimy deeds: we've now found out about the Liberals' stealthy  bribing of Opseu with a secretive contract deal. (So that's how Jimmy Bradley and Kimmy Craitor "buy" their union buddies!) And now we find out that these Liberal scumbags are interfering with the privacy protection of Freedom of Information requests and also giving exemption to their Liberal health-care monopoly's hospitals so that they can ignore FOI requests!

Do you think that any local Niagara newspaper will ever bother to ask MPP's Jim Bradley or Kim Craitor about any of this?!! These two skip merrily by without any scrutiny by the local Liberal Asskiss Society, as if what these MPP's own Liberal government is doing has nothing at all to do with them!!

The Standard's Doug Herod couldn't be bothered to actually ask Jim Bradley about any of this stuff... Doug was busy dutifully directing our attention elsewhere, smearing Hudak and Dykstra for the gasp unforgiveable sin of using the word "frankly"!!!

Yowzers: frankly, now.. that's some good ole scribin fer ya!!

Fuggedabout examining Jimmy's years of Liberal lies - why should the local press bother to look into their own favourite Grit's decades of deceptions - or even the ones from this week?!!

["Frankly", there's nothin' to see here, folks! Jimmy's got nothin' to do with any of this!!! hee hee]

At least one reporter, CP's Keith Leslie , gave us an overview on this obvious trend of Liberal secrecy and duplicity which has become the hallmark of Dalton McGuinty's scumbag Ontario government: 

"Critics are accusing Ontario's Liberals of becoming more secretive, despite their claims of making the government more open and transparent.
Liberals on the finance committee used their majority Thursday to give hospitals an exemption from the freedom of information law for data on "quality of care," an exemption they buried deep in the 2011 provincial budget.
The Ontario Health Coalition, a patient advocacy group, said the Liberals "snuck" a clause into the budget that had nothing to do with finances, but amounts to a "blanket FOI exemption" for hospitals.
"We’re calling it the hospital secrecy clause," said the coalition's Natalie Mehra. "It really is a very uneven attempt to protect hospitals from having to disclose embarrassing information to the public."
However, Health Minister Deb Matthews said it was a "very narrow" exemption so health care professionals and other hospital staff can frankly discuss problems without concerns the information will become public. The Liberals are the first to extend freedom of information rules to cover hospitals, she added.
"We did not go as far as the Ontario Hospital Association and the Ontario Medical Association wanted us to go, which was a full exclusion where you can’t even request the information," said Matthews.
The Progressive Conservatives and New Democrats also blasted the Liberals for hiding a clause in the budget that they claimed "promoted a secretive approach to health care," and said it was only one example of the government's penchant for secrecy.
The Liberals were also under fire Thursday for a secret deal giving the Ontario Public Service Employees Union a one per cent wage hike next year on top of the two per cent increase in their contract.
"There are a lot of secret deals here, and I think this is just the tip of the iceberg," said Opposition critic Peter O'Toole.
The deal to give the 38,000 union members an extra one per cent without informing the public was reached in 2008, but only came to light this week at a labour board hearing.
"It was a side letter and government does need the ability to bargain (in private) because once you do it in public your position is compromised," said Finance Minister Dwight Duncan.
Last week, former Ontario chief justice Roy McMurtry criticized the Liberals for passing a secret law governing police powers during the G20 summit in Toronto, which he said was so vague it was wide open to abuse.
"The Public Works Protection Act raises issues regarding the liberty and security of the person in providing for warrantless searches and stopping for identification," McMurtry wrote in his report. "(The) potential for abuse is beyond troubling, to say the least."
The Liberals refuse to apologize for passing the G20 law in secret, and have said only that they could have done a better job informing the public about the exact nature of the powers they granted the 20,000 officers who patrolled Toronto during the summit.
More than 1,100 people were arrested and detained during the G20 weekend after what Ontario Ombudsman Andre Marin said was a "premeditated, conscious decision'' by the Liberals to keep the extra police powers secret from the public.
The Opposition is still fuming over what they call the Liberals' secret $7-billion green energy deal with Korean giant Samsung.
Most of the Samsung deal has been made public, said Energy Minister Brad Duguid, except for "commercially sensitive" sections that will be released after Samsung builds new plants in Ontario to manufacture components for green energy projects.
The NDP also pointed out the Liberals were caught again this year hiding high salaries of some top level bureaucrats in the budgets of local hospitals instead of in the Ministry of Health budget. The Liberals had promised to fix that, but instead published the salaries in two different areas of the sunshine list of public sector people paid over $100,000.
"For a government that likes to crow about transparency and accountability, we’ve seen exactly the opposite," said NDP Leader Andrea Horwath. "Whether it’s the secret G20 law, whether it’s the refusal to disclose severance packages of CEOs on the sunshine list, whether it’s the FOI process for hospitals, the Samsung deal, the list goes on and on and on."
Opposition Leader Tim Hudak echoed Horwath's concerns.
"This is clearly a government that has been around too long and is now protecting itself rather than protecting the taxpayers who pay the bills," said Hudak."
Did you all manage to see in the above story how McGuinty's lying Liberals once again performed their trademarked act of Liberal healthcare duplicity, pretending that they are oh-so "open" - while doing the exact opposite?!!

Funnee how Jim Bradley's lying Liberals claim to be so... umm... "transparent", yet they sneak in blanket exemption so their health-monopoly's hospitals don't have to comply with Freedom Of Information requests!!

And isn't it 'frankly' (!!) funnee - in a YOWZERS kinda way - how no-one at the St.Catharines Standard's JimmyBoyButtlickSociety could be bothered to ask Jim Bradley 'bout that!!
Take a look: it's not just that Jim Bradley's Liberals are secretive liars; it's also that the local Liberal-friendly press helps by doing their best to look the other way.
Secrecy in the health-care system??? What could ole Jimmy possibly have to do with any of that ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Damned if the St.Catharines Standard will tell us.

It's time to turf out Kim Craitor and Jim Bradley in October.

McGuinty's Liberal scumbags hide from G20 responsibility

Antonella Artuso wrote in  "Province blames feds about G20 law" (Toronto Sun, Apr.28, 2011):

"Ontario is pointing the finger at the federal Conservatives following the release of a second damning report on its own secret G20 law.

Community Safety Minister Jim Bradley rebuffed calls for a provincial inquiry, arguing it wasn’t Ontario’s idea to hold the G20 Summit in downtown Toronto last June.

“This was a federally-initiated conference; this was a federally-initiated security operation,” Bradley said Thursday. “I didn’t ask that it be placed in downtown Toronto. I don’t know who did. The federal government insisted it be there.”

Bradley denied suggestions he might be inserting himself into the federal election campaign with his comments, saying that was certainly not his intention.

The minister formally released Thursday the report of former Chief Justice Roy McMurtry, who was asked by the Dalton McGuinty government to review the Public Works Protection Act (PWPA), a War Measures bill used by police to protect the security perimeter at the summit.

The public only found out the bill had been used to create a barrier around the downtown core after police began stopping, searching and even arresting citizens under its powers.

McMurtry says the Act should be repealed.

“The vagueness of the PWPA permits it to be used in situations when it is arguably not necessary and potentially abusive,” McMurtry reports. “In my view, the PWPA has been used for purposes beyond its original intent.”

Last December, Ontario Ombudsman Andre Marin said the province’s PWPA essentially placed Torontonians under martial law over the weekend the city hosted world leaders.

Bradley said his government would introduce legislation to axe the legislation if re-elected in October.

Both the Tory and NDP opposition continued to call for more transparency on why the government chose to enact the legislation.

McMurtry’s report noted Ontario originally looked to Ottawa for more police powers, but was told officers had “sufficient” authority to deal with the G20 Summit.

“The Federal Deputy Minister was clear that in his view the police had sufficient authority at common law and in statute to secure these conferences,” the report says. “Similarly, the OPP were of the view that it was not necessary for the police forces to have any additional police powers, other than those already conferred by virtue of common law and statute...in order to secure the interdiction zones for the Summits.”

The PWPA was introduced in 1939 to protect the province’s hydro electric facilities from Nazi saboteurs, and more recently to permit courtroom searches and enable security at Ontario Power Generation’s power plants."


Despite what McGuinty's 'fixer', Jim Bradley, claims, it is actually Bradley, Rick Bartolucci, Dalton McGuinty and the rest of Ontario's scumbag Liberals who are directly to blame for the G20 law which they - not the feds - passed in secret!

What a duplicitous scumbag Jim Bradley has proven to be: the issue is all about his secretive Liberal government's G20 law  - not about whose idea it was to hold the meeting in Toronto!! Cut the crap, Jim!!

The issue is about whose idea it was to pass this fascist-state law IN SECRET !!

Hey, Jim: did McMurtry's report claim anywhere that any federal official participated in your provincial cabinet sessions the day that your Liberals passed your secret G20 law?! Were your Liberals forced by someone to pass this law in secret?!

C'mon Jimmy: out with it, you scumbag!! You're disingenuously blaming the federal government - so, tell us which federal officials passed the secret G20 law!!!! [Good Ole Jimmy's lyin' and tryin' to spin it that his Liberals had nothin' to do with any of this!! Typical!]

And why doesn't Bradley act immediately upon McMurtry's recommendations?! What's with the 'wait till we're re-elected' crap?! There's no need whatsoever to delay and wait for October!!  What arrogant, utterly disgusting dirtbags these Liberals are! 

If Iggy needs to know why his federal Liberals got creamed in Ontario, he should look no further than the smug disaster that has unfolded in Liberal Ontario under McGuinty. McGuinty's Liberal lies and incompetence have telegraphed to the federal ranks. Iggy can thank McGuinty and Dwight Duncan for all their "help" in making "Liberal" a "trustworthy" brand.