Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Time to get the Niagara Mid-Pen highway rolling

Re Paikin's Agenda Camp (May16, 2011, TVO) Liberal MPP Kim Craitor tells us he's not in favour of the mid-pen highway, and also says that Port Colborne mayor Vance Badawey supports extending only a 406 extension. Then Paikin brings in Badawey...
 (I don't recall whether Paikin told the audience that Badawey was a former Liberal contender in Niagara south, and would have been Craitor's colleague at Queen's Park!)
...who goes on to tell the audience that he wants the mid-pen continued on beyond Niagara to south-central Ontario - essentially as it was envisioned by the Conservatives before Craitor, Jim Bradley (and Badawey himself, through his Liberal candidacy) destroyed those very same plans in 2003!
And now Badawey says (correctly) that the mid-pen environmental assessments have been done and basically sitting collecting dust for years - and Badawey should know: his Liberals are the ones who delayed, postponed, dicked around, and made sanctimonious political hay on the mid-pen for the last eight years: all ya gotta do is ask St.Catharines Liberal MPP Jim Bradley about that  (...which Doug Herod ha ha didn't do in his May17, 2011 Standard column!! Bradley...? What does Ole Jimmy got to do with any of that...?! Yowzers, indeed... frankly...)
 So it's interesting to see how the Liberals are spinning and skewing the whole mid-pen file, pretending to be against it, or for it, or studying to be against it, or for it, or pretending to only want part of it, and then calling it something else...
[Interesting as well during this show, that Niagara Falls Liberal MPP Kim Craitor actually stated that he was NOT in favour of free trade!!!  What an imbecile. If Craitor had his leftist way, there'd be no wine industry in his riding at all... flicking clown...]

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