Sunday, May 29, 2011

McGuinty's greedy Liberals took tax-payer cash at a party 'fund-raiser'

Are you tired yet of how Jim Bradley's secretive Liberals pilfer taxpayer cash for their own political benefit?
It was revealed that Georgian College president Brian Tamblyn gave $5,000 tax-dollars to the Liberal Party at a 2008 Liberal fundraiser in Barrie.
It was a pricey FIVE THOUSAND DOLLAR A PLATE event!!!
It's amazing not only that this Tamblyn guy now sloughs off his disgusting action as "an honest mistake", but that the Liberal party actually took this money from this public servant WITHOUT QUESTION!!
Another disgusting example of the incestuous relationship between Jim Bradley's Liberals and the Ombudsman-Free-By-Liberal-Design MUSH sector.
How many other similar such political donations of PUBLIC CASH were happily handed over by eager sycophants to McGuinty's greedy, secretive Liberal party over the years?
What made this guy actually believe that he had any damn authority to give away public money to McGuinty's scumbag Liberals?!
If Tamblyn liked McGuinty enough to slide five thousand dollars into Dalton's pants for a rubber chicken dinner, then Tamblyn should have written that cheque from his own personal account in the first place.
It's interesting that there were municipal officials from Barrie attending this elite McGuinty Liberal event, who apparently did not pay to attend, and did not charge their city any expenses - so, how is it that some attendees believed they had to pay 5 grand for the McGuinty rubber-chicken meal, but others didn't?! Did these other officials not get to eat?!?
How is it that Tamblyn thought he had to pay McGuinty 5 grand - from the public purse - for this meal, yet other public officials at the same event knew enough not to?!
While it wasn't reported whether any of these other officals nevertheless donated money personally to McGuinty's Liberals, at least they didn't ask their own city's tax-payers to reimburse them!!
Was Tamblyn truly so ignorant about what he was actually doing?! Come on!!
Would this even have had come to light if not for the FOI request?
Note the interesting timing: the FOI request was made in September 2009, Tamblyn then pays back 5 grand to the college in November 2009!! So for over a year, from June 2008 to November 2009,  the college was out $5,000 - money which never should have been taken from their account in the first place. By the same token, Tamblyn benefited by having $5,000 tax-payer dollars in his possession for that same period, money that was improperly reimbursed to him under false pretenses.
And let's remember: during all of this, McGuinty's Liberal party kept the money! They didn't care how it was obtained!!
Funny that Niagara's local newspapers haven't bothered to ask Liberal MPP's Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor about any of this!! hahaha
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