Tuesday, May 31, 2011

C.difficile outbreak and fatality reported in St.Catharines; local Liberal MPP Jim Bradley nowhere to be found

Funny how in two stories (May 30 and 31) about the C. difficile outbreak at the St.Catharines General hospital, that the St.Catharines Standard couldn't find Ontario's Liberal public safety minister (and local St.Catharines MPP!) Jim Bradley for a comment!
Apparently, Ole Jimmy's got nothin' to do with this - with any of this!! Why should Standard reporter Grant Lafleche bother to report what Jim Bradley has to say about this outbreak and death in his Liberal government's health-care monopoly in Bradley's own city?! Best to leave Ole Jimmy - the health-care-monopoly-pushing, health-care-cutting demagogue - outta this!!! hahaha
Why, just to show how much Jimmy cares, maybe tomorrow the Standard'll run a front page feel-good spread with a photo of Good Ole Jimmy helping sand the drywall at the new hospital!!
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[as of Aug.20, 2011 - after 31 Niagara C. difficile-infected patients had been killed in Jim Bradley's Liberal-controlled health monopoly, there still hasn't been a single interview in the St.Catharines Standard with their own local Liberal MPP Golden Boy Jimmy regarding this catastrophe which occurred in Jimmy's utopian Liberal-run health-monopoly, right at Jimmy's doorstep. The Standard has been lickin' Jim Bradley's Liberal ass like there's no tomorrow.]

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