Monday, November 17, 2008

Over 500 C. difficile deaths in their state-run health monopoly, yet Liberals refuse investigation

(click on photo to enlarge) Need further evidence of Liberal secretiveness, of Liberal arrogance, of Liberal unaccountability, of plain ole Liberal Healthcare Duplicity?

The headline on Keith Leslie's above report (St. Catharines Standard, Sept.25, 2008) sums it up: "McGuinty rejects demands for probe into C. difficile deaths".

It doesn't matter that the McGuinty Liberals were warned and knew for five years that C. dif was infecting their system, nor does it matter that the Liberals haven't revealed how the outbreak started.

It doesn't matter that the Liberals 'supported the listeriosis outbreak inquiry after 18 deaths, or called for a SARS inquiry at 44 deaths': that is typical Liberal sanctimonious posturing - blame another party or another level of government whenever politically advantageous, so as to deflect scrutiny on the 500 deaths occurring in your own Liberal health monopoly.

It doesn't matter that St. Catharines Liberal MPP, health-monopolist Jim Bradley arrogantly refuses to answer constituent questions, see: Another C. dif outbreak in Ontario: why aren't Liberals held willfully negligent?

It doesn't matter that for a year now, Bradley has avoided publicly disclosing why the hospital in his own riding, the St. Catharines General, was found in a Nov.29, 2007 CIHI study to have the third-highest patient mortality rate in Canada. It doesn't matter that a smug Bradley didn't even bother to call for an investigation at the time the report was released.

It doesn't matter that the Liberals deny that they are underfunding the hospitals, and deny links between their funding model and the hospital mortality rate. It doesn't matter that the Liberals - at the same time - refuse to allow independent scrutiny of hospital finances, in order to assess and verify the Liberal's claims.

It doesn't matter that half of Ontario's Liberal-government-run hospitals are in a deficit - a deficit purposefully created by none other than Liberals themselves.

It doesn't matter that the Liberal's hated Health Tax, the biggest single tax-grab in Ontario history, was supposed to - but hasn't - solved the problems inherent in the Liberal's single-payer, state-run health-care ideology.

How dare the proletariat demand accountability and answers from their arrogant Liberal MPP's?

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