Thursday, November 13, 2008

Doing nothing on health care is the option preferred by Jim Bradley

above: A shipment of newly built 2009 Toyota Corollas cruises over the Garden City Skyway in St. Catharines enroute to the border for export to the United States, taken Nov.13, 2008 by R. Bobak. The AJAC-award winning, affordable, fuel-efficient (rated 50 mpg highway) and reliable Corolla is built at Toyota's huge non-union plant in Cambridge Ontario, and is a real Ontario success story.

Ontario Transportation Minister Jim Bradley, the Liberal MPP from St. Catharines, says that the Big Three Detroit automakers are in crisis and need help now. "Doing nothing isn't an option," Bradley said. (St. Catharines Standard, Nov.13, 2008)

Sure it is - Jim's been doing nothing about health care in Ontario for years - and there's a real crisis there.

If Bradley and his statist Liberals want to dump more millions anywhere, why should it be to his corporate pals at GM, instead of into the health-monopoly which Bradley's Liberals have underfunded for years? Bradley can reduce his high Liberal provincial sales tax, instead of bailing out the 'big old three'.

Even Keynesian Nobel Prize in Economics recipient (2001) Thomas Stiglitz says: "These companies ought to go bankrupt...That doesn't mean the company ceases to exist. What it means is you restructure the finances." (William Watson, National Post, Nov.13, 2008) Watson writes that Thomas Friedman (Pulitzer recipient in 2002) "says essentially the same thing, blaming the U.S. car industry's troubles on: "a very un-innovative business culture,visionless management, and overly generous labour contracts." (Well, that does sound like something a Liberal would throw money at, and call it an 'investment'.) Yet as Watson notes, Friedman and Stiglitz are left-leaning, and they don't believe in bail-outs - so why is Bradley babbling about this again - his Liberals already dumped millions into the auto sector (postponing the inevitable), with little to show for it except calls for even more bailout money.

This Liberal minister who wants to hand these failing auto companies more cash, yet said nothing when his own Liberal government recently cut $50 million dollars from nurse funding, shouldn't be taken seriously.

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