Saturday, November 29, 2008

Liberal health-care negligence: Where do we go from here?

This will sound familiar to those of us in St. Catharines/Niagara; Carol Mulligan wrote in “Emergency hospital meeting today; Action plan to solve city’s bed crisis on agenda”, (Sudbury Star, Nov.29, 2008):

“Sudbury Regional Hospital’s board of directors will hold an emergency meeting today to discuss an action plan to address the city’s bed crisis.

The board scheduled the special meeting so it could reply to doctors who work in the hospital system before Dec. 1.

More than 250 physicians have hospital privileges, and they have spoken out in anger and frustration about how the bed crunch is affecting their work with patients.

It has forced the cancellation of hundreds of surgeries, jammed up the emergency department and added pressure to daily operations throughout the hospital system.

At the Nov. 11 meeting of the hospital board, directors supported 15 recommendations from doctors about how the bed crisis could be improved. Doctors warned they were concerned about patient safety because of the situation.

The doctors also told the board it was giving it until Dec. 1 to find solutions to the crisis — when the next meeting of the medical staff will be held.

The doctors’ group was asking for immediate funding for 24 transitional care beds at the hospital, and Sudbury MPP Rick Bartolucci announced funding for that last week.

But there are several other recommendations from doctors, including funding 96 beds at the hospital’s Memorial site to treat elderly and infirm patients after the new one-site hospital opens in the spring of 2010.

Hospital board chair Carol Hartman said she expects today’s meeting to answer the question: “Where do we go from here?”

Hartman said directors know what the solutions are to the crisis. This meeting is designed to move closer to implementing them.

The medical staff will meet Monday evening to hear a progress report from the nine-member physicians’ task force, struck early in November in response to the crisis. They have been investigating their own solutions.

Dr. Peter Zalan is a member of that task force. He said members of his group are to meet with Bartolucci Friday about ways in which the province can help.”


Whaaa …..? Find ways in which the province’s Liberal-government assholes can help?

Are you kidding: Ontario Liberals are the FLICKING PROBLEM!

You need a Liberal MPP to “help” you like you need a hole in the head, for crying out loud.

We know that in 2006 Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal health-care monopolists were smugly dismissing concerns by doctors to ease the “bed crisis”. (see: Jim Bradley: Liberal not responsible for seniors )

Where indeed “do we go from here”, when big-central-government Liberals negligently cut health-care for our own good?

Liberals know - but publicly pretend otherwise - that their failing monopoly health-care policies, whether in Sarnia, St. Catharines, Belleville, or Sudbury, have “forced the cancellation of hundreds of surgeries, jammed up the emergency department and added pressure to daily operations throughout the hospital system.” Yes, these are today's Liberal forced health-care cuts - the ones David Caplan pretends that the Conservatives of a decade ago are somehow responsible for! (Check out smug Liberal windbag Health Minister Caplan not answering Jim Wilson's question at

Here in Niagara we are experiencing the same problems and being given the same tired statist Liberal "solutions" - government health-care cuts to 'save' government health-care! This trend did not go unnoticed; Ontario Auditor Jim McCarter’s Dec. 2007 report (see: Ontario Liberals can't measure hospital surgical capacity) noted numerous systemic deficiencies with McGuinty’s health monopoly.

McGuinty ignored McCarter’s findings.

McGuinty ignored calls to investigate the C. difficile outbreak in his government-run health monopoly, which killed over 500 Ontario patients (that we know of).

McGuinty ignored calls for Ontario's ombudsman to investigate the Niagara Health System, whose St. Catharines hospital was found in a Nov.29, 2007 CIHI report to have the third-highest patient death-rate in Canada. St. Catharines Liberal health-care monopolist MPP Jim Bradley refused to provide any explanation for his local health system’s high death-rate. CIHI’s St. Catharines patient death-rate revelation remains unexplained to this day.
The ombudsman's study of the Suzanne Aucoin case, I believe, was indicative of the kind of systemic problems found within Ontario's health monopoly. I believe further investigation is needed to determine whether patient health had been (or still is) placed at risk by political fiat of a government-run health monopoly, while concurrently that same government bans patients from accessing other non-state-controlled health-care options.

The Ontario government is clearly forcing its health-systems to cut costs; yet, the government also prevents any independent scrutiny of its hospitals to determine the efficacy of its policies and the veracity of its claims as to their impact on patient health. In the case of the NHS, the government has said there is no link between their funding-model and patient-care (see: Liberals ignore call for health-monopoly investigation); in fact, previous Liberal Health Minister George Smitherman said hospitals were in a spending "free for all" (see: Liberals claim medicare is a "free-for-all": so they cut hospital beds and nurses! ) and that they must essentially work within the budget rationed them by the Liberal sole-single-payer government; yet the NHS says, in contradiction, that they need more funding to operate and maintain service levels.

An investigation by some independent authority is needed; whether of the LHIN, or of the NHS itself, to see how far up McGuinty's government the rot lies. I believe such oversight should be mandatory and permanent for the entire MUSH sector, especially in areas where the government assumes a monopoly.

Arrogant, secretive Liberals hide from that kind of scrutiny and accountability, while patients suffer in the Liberal's health-care monopoly morass.

So, where does a citizen go from here? The States?

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