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Google search censoring Trudeau criticism?

Providing a link back to my previous post, regarding Trudeau's ethical breaches, which has been censored by google search.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Justin Trudeau found GUILTY - again - of ethics violations. FLUSH TURDO 2019


   On Aug.14, 2019, it was announced that Canada's ethics watchdog has found Canadian Liberal Crime Minister Justin Turdeau has - once again - violated Canadian ethics standards, this time a conflict-of-interest in the SNC - Lavalin scandal.
     Let's remember that back on Feb.7, 2019, Liberal liar Turdo claimed nothing happened, nothing was wrong, and that stories about what his Liberals had been doing were false..
     We now see that Canada's Liberal Crime Minister Justin Turdo was directly involved in attempting to influence and to pressure Canada's then-Attorney General (Jody Wilson Raybould) to try to gain a favourable (non-criminal) outcome in the SNC scandal.
   In other words, what Turdo wanted to do, was HALT THE CRIMINAL PROSECUTION of SNC-Lavalin - and furthermore, he wanted his AG, Ms. Raybould, to do the dirty work for him. She refused to kneel before Trudeau's attempts at criminality - so Trudeau fired her by demoting her, and installed bumboy Lametti, who would gladly kneel for his master.
   The Liberal stench of corruption permeating this pathetic Canadian Prime Minister's stained and dishonoured office has been revealed.
   The ethics commissioner's report raises even further, still-to-be investigated issues: whether Turdeau and some of his Liberal klan members OBSTRUCTED JUSTICE by interfering in the criminal process dealing with SNC-Lavalin. 
   Two-faced Turdeau and his Liberal klan were even conspiring AGAINST their own AG (Raybould), keeping her in the dark on many issues while themselves having exclusive contacts with SNC!!!
    Will Canada's Clown Prince Justin Trudeau - the smug moral-virtue peddler - now (Aug 14th) do the right thing and step down?  If not - why not?!
   (Well, it turns out the lying piece of shit Trudeau did NOT resign, and refused to apologize for his ethical breach - which is why an RCMP investigation into Trudeau's activities would be warranted, to follow up on the Ethics Commissioner's findings.
    Even the Ethics Commissioner, Mario Dion, was obstructed in his investigation by Trudeau and his Liberal klan!
    Clearly, not only were Turdo and his co-conspirators originally lying about what they were doing: pressuring AG Raybould to approve the Deferred Prosecution Agreement for SNC, but Turdo and his Liberal klan-members then attempted to cover up what they had done.

     It's important to note that this DPA had ALREADY been previously denied by Canada's Director of Public Prosecutions, who had ALREADY refused to negotiate a remediation agreement with SNC-Lavalin which would have allowed it to avoid a criminal conviction.
   So, Turdo's interference was not just with Raybould - but ALSO he was interfering with the previous original decision by the DPP.
    How can {some!} blinded Canadians still continue to trust this incompetent Liberal liar?

    Will Liberal MP's demand Turdo step down, or will they deflect and defend their Corrupt Lying Liberal 'Leader' to the end?
    If  Liberals want to win the upcoming federal election, will they eat their own, and remove Tainted Turdo out of the way now, asap, before the writ is dropped, in order to show Canadians that Liberals aren't Canada's perennial crime party?
    How can any Liberal still support Crooked Turdo now??!
   Note that while the Liberal liar Turdo was speaking {lying} in NOTL there were two Liberal hacks standing solemnly behind their Lying Hero: MP Chris Bittle and MP Vance Badawey.
   Funny that the local Liberal-lovin' Torstar rag, the St. Catharines Standard, didn't bother to ask these two local Niagara Liberal clowns about why they continue to support their crooked leader!
   No questions emanated from Niagara's local media Liberal ass-kissers, asking Bittle and Badawey 'Was your boy Turdo lying on Feb. 7, 2019, when he called the story about his involvement in the SNC-Lavalin scandal "false", or is your boy lying today, on Aug.14, 2019, when he said he took full responsibility for the scandal - the scandal which 6 months ago he called false?!  Do you still trust Trudeau? Why should anyone trust Turdo now?
   Of course, such questions would have been immediately and relentlessly asked by the frenzied local media if this was a Conservative caught lying the way Turdo was caught lying.
   Great 'reporting' job - again, Grant Lafleche!!
   There's' gotta be annuder 'award' comin' yer way soon, isn't there?!
   Maybe at least a nice Telford 'giftbasket', eh... or, a nice little Liberal 'taxpayer-funded subsidy' in your paycheque?!!
   Isn't it nice to see how Turdo's giving media outlets millions in taxpayer subsidies works wonders in the leftist propaganda department?! As Blacklock's Reporter wrote on Aug.1, 2019:
the money-losing Torstar revealed to its shareholders that their leftist rag has so far netted a whopping -get this - $115,385 A WEEK from Turdo's cozy little Liberal media bailout, stating We recorded an estimated benefit of $3 million for the first half of the year in respect of a new refundable labour tax credit for qualifying journalism organizations”!!! In Niagara, Trudeau's NEW PRAVDA peddlers are the Torstar's bumwipers St.Catharines Standard and Niagara This Week.

                              ...Hey ho, hey ho, Justin Turdo's gotta go...
                                                    Flush Turdo 2019

     Read the FULL REPORT on Crime Minister Turdo's 2nd ethics violation here:

    The pre-election campaign event which Turdo attended, was held at the Library/community centre grounds in Niagara on the Lake. It was packed with Liberal shills, Liberal operatives, and Liberal politicians, including NOTL mayor Betty Disero (yep: the Liberal hack formerly in Toronto city politics, who essentially drooled and fawned over Turdo) and of course, Ontario's Godfather of GreenFear, the disgusting Grit hack Jim Bradley.

    We then saw that on Aug.15, 2019, Turdo went to campaign in Fredericton, New Brunswick, where {despite his Aug.14th lie in NOTL that he"took full responsibility" for his actions} he refused to apologize for his purposeful ethics violation, again using the discredited canard of "jobs" as his reason to break the law.
   Also while in New Brunswick (at the National Acadian Day event in Dieppe) Turdo actually had a very brief 10-second interaction with Andrew Scheer. Turdo saw Scheer at the festival and approached him; they quickly shook hands, at which point Scheer told Turdo: "You have to stop lying to Canadians. You have to come clean"!! Turdo response was a bizarre "Oh, this is a good day today" and he walked way. CBC DID NOT report this interaction at all - but at least Global News did.

   "...Prime Minister Justin Trudeau remained dogged Thursday that he doesn't need to apologize for his role in the SNC-Lavalin affair, a day after Canada's ethics watchdog found he violated the Conflict of Interest Act by trying to influence the former attorney general while she was dealing with the SNC-Lavalin case.
   During an announcement in Fredericton on Thursday morning, Trudeau was asked by a reporter how he can take responsibility, but not apologize
   "I'm not going to apologize for standing up for Canadians' jobs because that's my job — to make sure that Canadians, communities and families across the country are supported, and that's what I will always do," he responded.
   Trudeau's comments echoed his resolve Wednesday, following the release of the report by Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion, that while he takes full responsibility for the SNC-Lavalin affair, he refuses to apologize.
   The report found the prime minister violated the Conflict of Interest Act by trying to influence Jody Wilson-Raybould and get her to overrule a decision to not grant a deferred prosecution agreement (DPA) to the Quebec-based engineering firm..."
   This Prime Minister has shown willful contempt for the law. He has lied to break the law, and lied and obstructed to cover up his actions - and was caught twice in the same subterfuge. This is a reckless Liberal, unfit to govern.

By Aug.16, the usual disgusting Liberal hacks popped up proudly vowing  allegiance to their morally-challenged hero Turdo - including hacks such as MP Freeland and MP Catherine McKenna - such good, proud, decent and supportive 'Liberal sisters' to Raybould and Philpott; such post-national Tru-gropian faux-feminist people-kinders!

On Aug.19, 2019, CBC  reported...  
   {... by the way, in the above CBC story, watch and  listen to one of CBC's panel guests, Yolande James, a former Liberal hack. It was ASTOUNDING and pathetic to witness the blatant ignorant dissembling emanating from this Turdo defender. It's like James was from some other planet, spinning, bobbing and weaving, deflecting from the points raised by the other two panelists. It was a most sickening performance, very troubling indeed under the circumstances, when the TRUST of the Canadian Prime Minister is at serious issue. 
  James presented herself as if she was cognitively impaired, unable to reconcile the very idea that her dear Liberal leader lied publicly, and was found to have pressured  the AG in a criminal proceeding, and then also obstructed the ethics commissioner's investigation!! What a job to willingly come out and defend this indefensible creep - and then try to somehow blame Scheer for calling on the RCMP to investigate!! James' attempts to downplay all this was revolting.
   Until 5 days ago (when the EC's report came out) NOBODY even knew the scope of Trudeau's activities nor of his deceptions and cover ups!! 
   Liberal hack James full well knows that Dion's report could not lay criminal blame, as his mandate was to determine ethics violations. But along the way,  Dion discovered - and reported - that there was a huge pile of Liberal stink still not yet revealed due to Trudeau's attempts to obstruct the investigation
Which is why the call now to ask the RCMP to investigate further into Trudeau's criminality is necessary.)
   Andrew Scheer has officially asked the RCMP to look into the allegations of Turdo's interference in the SNC DPA process, and how Turdo's attempts to influence the Attorney General to interfere in that process, was a criminal act... (... allegations revealed in the Ethics Commisioner's own report, not pulled out of thin air; and not "false" as Canada's Lying Liberal Crime Minister originally claimed!) The CBC immediately sent out a 'reporter' to say on the noon televised news to say that Scheer was doing this as a political stunt (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?)  - - - as if WHAT THE LYING PIECE OF CRAP TURDO was doing was somehow not political - and somehow not criminal??!!?!!! Looks like Liberals have a hard time understanding their own criminality.  Ah, you dedicated commies at the CBC: Turdo thanks you for your loyal Liberal c*ck-holstering!! 
   That same day, another disgusting McGuinty hack, Jim Warren at the Sun, once again brought out the misogynist card {...really: can ya believe it???!} - and BLAMED Jody Wilson Raybould for the mess which Trudeau created!!! 
   Talk about cooking up a batch of perverted Liberal propaganda to deflect from Justin Trudeau's well-deserved self-made criminality!
     By Sept.11, 2019 (the first official day of the 2019 federal election campaign) Turdo had not only refused to continue looking the ethic's commissioners findings,  (ie: Turdo shut the inquiry down), but now Turdo has also refused to allow the people who were involved in the SNC ethics breach and subsequent cover up, to speak freely about what they know. So this is the second (or now third??) cover up by Crime Minister Turdeau in relation to the fall out of his original ethics crime.

Trudeau "...was questioned repeatedly by reporters on Wednesday {Sept.11, 2019} about the Globe and Mail report that the government is blocking the RCMP from examining whether there was obstruction of justice and declined to answer.
When asked by a Globe and Mail reporter why he was not lifting cabinet confidentiality, Trudeau offered a one-line talking point.
“We gave out the largest and most expansive waiver of cabinet confidence in Canada’s history,” he said.
That referred to the limited waiver that allowed Wilson-Raybould to testify about what she experienced as attorney general — but that also barred her from discussing anything to do with what happened after she was removed from her position.
Reporters continued to push Trudeau to give a clear answer, with another asking him to explain what mistakes, exactly, he believes he made in the scandal.
Trudeau said his job is to defend Canadian jobs but stood silently when pressed two more times with the specific question: “Which mistakes?”
The Globe and Mail report does not indicate who, specifically, was telling the RCMP they could not discuss the matter.
But Wilson-Raybould told Global News earlier in the summer she had also been contacted by the RCMP when the scandal first emerged this spring..."
  Note that CTV and reporter Connolly COMPLETELY IGNORED Trudeau's brazen lie, when Trudeau falsely stated that "We gave out the largest and most expansive waiver of cabinet confidence in Canada’s history".
  This is patently an outright lie by Crime Minister Turdeau.
  The largest waiver of cabinet confidence occurred when Liberal PM Paul Martin allowed the RCMP full access to ALL sensitive Liberal govt documents in the Gomery inquiry! 
This was verified as being the case by the Globe and Mail's Robert Fife, even on radio, as was heard on the afternoon of  Wed. Sept.11, 2019, in an interview with Newstalk 1010 AM host Evan Solomon. Trudeau DID NOT issue any "expansive" waiver at all, in regards to his SNC scandal!
What Trudeau did do was conspire in a cover up of his own original ethics violations.
  Does Connolly not know this? Did Connolly not bother to check Turdeau's daily emissions, for ACTUAL FACT?? 
  CTV's job is just to peddle Turdo's lies, not to actually ask questions - much like they do regarding the "climate change emergency" hoax. Hey:Liberals don't lie!! All we have to do to earn our fat media salaries is to stenograph what they say, and not ask about anything - - like the St. Catharines Standard did with Ontario Liberal MPP Jim Bradley for several DECADES!! No need to ask pesky questions... it's all settled folks, so, g'wan... we know what we're doin'- move along now...
  HOW in f*ck's name did this ignorant reporter NOT BOTHER TO CATCH THE LIES DRIPPING FROM THIS LIBERAL's MOUTH?? These are Telford-bucks at work here! Hey hey, look the other way!!
  Turdo is EVADING the law, now blocking a CRIMINAL inquiry into his initial crime(s). This is an abuse of the highest order,a complete disregard for the rule of Canadian law.
  Turdeau is behaving EXACTLY like the Chinese despots he so admires.
  What exactly did Trudeau provide regarding SNC? Scant little! Trudeau spent his time hiding, obstructing and deflecting rather than being transparent and open. This is not just a charlatan, but a Librano criminal. 

  But CTV is not the only media outlet performing their dereliction of duty as journalists: CBC ALSO completely ignored Turdo's lie on the CBC news that night, on Sept. 11, 2019!

  CBC's Rosemary Barton even showed that exact video clip of Trudeau - at his press conference held on the walkway right in front of the Governor General's Residence - presenting his lie as 'fact'. YET - Rosemary Barton DID NOT even bother to examine if this was in fact true! She DIDN'T SAY a word about Turdo's claims!! 
Barton refused to point out to CBC viewers that Trudeau was already lying on the first day of the campaign!
Barton looked the other way when Canada's Crime Minister Trudeau lied!! 

   This is EXACTLY what Fake News is: repeat the lie, and make sure you DO NOT question it or analyze it. 
  Let the lie stand,unchallenged and unquestioned, AS IF it were actually true  (...which is the typical media gameplan for the climate-change hoax, as well, what with all that tiresome Cagey Climate Two-Step Tangoin' going on...) 

 Barton may claim with scorn and mirthful derision that she and the CBC are not peddling fake news, but providing half-to-less-than-half of the story IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH -  Barton's just showed herself to be a propagandist, not a journalist!! Her job {...supposedly... hahahaha!} IS to provide 'Canadians with what they need to know about the election campaign'...
 ( least that's what the CBC is now claiming in their own advertising - falsely, we see - with all those smug Andrew Chang ads... what a load of utter CBC crap...)
 ....yet, the CBC's PLANNED FAILURE to ACTUALLY EXAMINE what Trudeau said, completely negates the CBC's own claim - the CBC IS NOT 'giving us all we need to know'!! 

 It didn't take long, did it, for the FAKE NEWS CBC to reveal their bias - Turdo's FIRST campaign-day speech, right in front of the GG's residence, and his lies go UNCHALLENGED already!!!!
  The CBC is setting THEIR OWN biased agenda, and the evidence is clear in this case. And this is just DAY 1 of the campaign!! {Welcome to the fake-news perversions paid for by Turdo's friendly Media Fund}

  Later that same night Sept.11, 2019, on the CBC's national tv news broadcast, Barton had her At Issue panel on, with Chantel Hebert, Andrew Coyne and Althia Raj and believe it or not, NOT ONE of them actually questioned Justin Trudeau's claim either, that his Liberals "gave out the largest and most expansive waiver of cabinet confidence in Canada’s history".

  You'd think that ONE OF THEM would have analyzed what Trudeau had said earlier that same day, and pointed out Turdo's deception when he was cornered, pretending that he had done something of great transparency, of great honesty, that he had cooperated honestly and openly - - - when in fact, he had not done so; all Turdo had done, was continually lie, obfuscate and obstruct.
  Good gawd: Coyne's like the Brian Linehan of Canadian minutia politics - so how could even Coyne not have known that Turdo was lying?! 

  Coyne well knows what happened in the Gomery inquiry, and how Paul Martin's Liberal government provided unprecedented access and documentation - which overwhelms anything that Turdo has ever provided!! 
Also, during the CBC Sept.11, 2019 tv news broadcast, Rosemary Barton had not yet reported that Turdo's airplane was damaged shortly after it landed in Victoria, BC, when a bus full of reporters drove under its left wing and scraped it. Turdo had already left the plane when this occurred late on Sept. 11, so it must have happened after 10:30 pm Toronto time.

Fitting start for the End Of Prince Turdo's Incompetent Reign - start the day by lying in front of the GG residence that your govt is the most open in Canada, then end it by having your left wing clipped - by the media...haha - in your 'second home' on the left coast.

So many other nuances to DAY 1 here:  it was sickening to see Turdo and Soph (hey: are we STILL paying for the Turdo kids's nannies?) kissing GG Julie Payette (another disgusting climate-change hoax peddler) in front to the GG's residence, before Turdo went inside to get the GG's blessing for the election. 
It was afterwards, when he exited the residence, that Turdo gave his FIRST campaign speech to the small crowd and assembled press. CBC - later the same day, Sept. 11 -  falsely reported that Turdo's first campaign speech occurred hours later, in BC, after the plane-bus incident. 
But clearly, Turdo's first campaign speech was held in front of the GG's residence in Ottawa - so CBC was spreading fake news on this front, as well. It was after this speech when Turdo took questions from some reporters, and had uttered his "We gave out the largest and most expansive waiver of cabinet confidence in Canada’s history" lie.

But Turdo had also made other lies at his Sept.11, 2019 speech in front of the GG's residence, such as when he claimed that:
 We respect the decisions made by professional public servants..." - except of course, when he DOESN'T respect those decisions, and then bullies them and interferes with them!!

  Trudeau and every Liberal scumbag deserve to lose the election due to what they and their party represent: corruption, interfering with a decision by the AG, obstruction of justice, obstructing a subsequent inquiry into the earlier obstruction of justice, fraud, lies and deceit.

On Sept.12, 2019, the CBC was completely ignoring Turdo's 'we are really really open trust us, really we are' lie, and ignored the media-bus-hits-Turdo-plane circus. 
Like it never happened!
On Sept.12, Suhana Marchand, on CBC's noontime "Canada's 24 hour News" tv broadcast, did not bother to examine Trudeau's lies, which had only occurred less than 24 hours earlier!
ALL THAT was now swept under the proverbial rug.

Marchand also had interviewed some hack called Martin Patriquin - who called Bernier's policies, including his views on climate change, repugnant.
Marchand did not intercede to ask for a clarification, nor ask Patriquin to rescind his biased, unfounded, personal-vitriol-filled statement; in fact at the end of this slimy segment, Marchand made sure to chuckle and to compliment Patriquin on his smear job!! She DID NOT end the interview by clearly stating that the CBC did not condone what Patriquin's poor brain had shat out of his mouth.
Nope: the take-away left (intentionally, of course) for the audience by CBC's fake-news-creators was that CBC officially condones Patriquin's nutjob statement.
Maybe Patriquin would or wouldn't have retracted his idiotic attack, but certainly, if Marchand was {haha!}an unbiased host/reporter, ostensibly practicing fair and balanced journalism, she herself would have immediately called Patriquin out for what he's said,  and also clearly distanced herself from Patriquin's outburst.
But no: Marchand let it slide, said nothing, and let Patriquin's hate-filled slime fester unchallenged.

THIS is the kind of fake "reporting" which the CBC covets. 

Patriquin himself is repugnant and his views malignant. His are not views of a journalist, but of a skewed propagandist - perfect for the fake news mandate at the CBC. 
Patriquin did not address Turdo's SNC lies, as that would be an affront to those Liberals in Crooked Kwebek, Turdo's vote-rich "hedge fund".
Patriquin attacks Bernier - who has been barred from even debating with the others, yet the coward Turdo won't even attend half the debates, anyway! But bully Patriquin focuses on easy prey, thereby taking the heat off the truly repugnant sack of crap Turdo.
Funny that Patriquin is a repugnant, deluded climate change denier: denying that earth's climate has been changing since the earth formed. 

The CBC and Suhana Marchand should publicly apologize for their atrocious, incompetent "news" broadcast standards. Funny that NO OTHER candidate - ANYWHERE IN CANADA - is being called repugnant on national tv news!

Finally, Andrew Coyne is using the appropriate word for Justin' Trudeau's scandalous SNC- related actions: it is, as I have maintained for months, "a cover up":
Coyne wrote in the Sept.11, 2019 National Post:
"...But the issues involved in the SNC-Lavalin affair are too important to be treated so flippantly. This isn’t about whether to raise or lower taxes or some other question of policy on which people of goodwill can differ, but whether we are to have an impartial system of justice, or one in which powerful corporations can wriggle out of prosecution by lobbying the right politicians.
It is beyond dispute that, at the very least, the prime minister and his officials pressured the former attorney general to instruct the director of public prosecutions to settle out of court with SNC-Lavalin, a process known as a remediation agreement, rather than prosecute it on charges of fraud and corruption. While it is up to the public to decide how much weight to attach to this in their voting calculus, they should be allowed to do so in possession of all of the facts.

If the behaviour in question was not merely a violation, as the ethics commissioner found, of the principle of prosecutorial independence and section 9 of the federal Conflict of Interest Act, but a criminal offence, that is surely relevant information. And if that information has been kept from the public by the spurious invocation of cabinet confidentiality — by, in short, a cover-up — that takes the whole business into darker territory yet..."
Anything that Justin Trudeau says during this election campaign should be taken as worthless garbage from a fu*king Liberal liar. That the RCMP are going to let Turdo get away with this criminal behaviour is disgusting - but, hey, who's the RCMP's boss? oh yeah: Ralphie Goodale, who knows a thing or two about previous RCMP investigations - into him.
Since Trudeau REFUSED to willingly cooperate and willingly obstructed investigation into the SNC scandal, he and his Liberal Party should simply be viewed as a criminal organization. There is a chance the Liberals could still win the election, and Trudeau could still at some point in the future be found guilty of a SNC-related crime, and possibly have to resign - but, the government would not fall and would just continue under some other greedy Liberal hack. By having the RCMP back off during the election is a convenient benefit to the Liberals.
You can bet that this kind of police leniency would not be given to most other Canadians.

And and now let's see what Christie Blatchford wrote in the Sept.12, 2019 National Post, dealing again with that waiver lie which Turdo had been peddling. She wrote about another answer which Turdeau gave, this time on Sept.12th: 

"...When reporter Michelle Zilio of The Globe and Mail, which has led the coverage of the SNC-Lavalin issue, asked why former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould and former Treasury Board boss Jane Philpott shouldn’t be able to talk to the RCMP about the Trudeau government’s fulsome efforts to get SNC a plea bargain “without being muzzled by cabinet confidence,” Trudeau replied: 
We actually took an unprecedented step in giving out a waiver that allows for all issues related to this matter to be discussed, investigated and followed up on. … This is something we did that is unprecedented because we know that it is important for people to examine what happened in this matter. And that’s why we took this step.”

      So, we see that on Sept.12, Turdo basically doubled down on the lie which he had told yesterday (Sept.11th) when he was standing in front of the GG's residence.
Yet: it was still a lie! 
Trudeau's phony waivers weren't "unprecedented"  - - - - what is unprecedented is the enormity of Trudeau's lies, and the breadth of his incompetence.

Blatchford continued:

"... Alas and alack, that’s not true, though he’s been singing the unprecedented tune a while now, on Wednesday describing it as “the largest and most expansive waiver of cabinet confidence in Canada’s history.”
True, his government’s waiver for Wilson-Raybould included the waiving of solicitor-client privilege (necessary because of the nature of the dual portfolio she held, AG plus justice minister).
But the waiver was not unprecedented in the way that Trudeau suggested Thursday and said outright Wednesday — i.e., that it was both broad and freeing for those, such as the nine witnesses Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion believed had relevant evidence to give but could not because of cabinet confidence, who wanted to tell him the truth.
The waiver allowed JWR and other witnesses to disclose only conversations up to and including Jan. 14, when Wilson-Raybould was moved from the dual AG/justice portfolio to veterans affairs (after, insultingly, being offered the one job, the Indigenous file, that as a woman who has opposed the Indian Act her whole life, she couldn’t accept).
Both JWR and Philpott have said there’s much more to the story that should be told, but that these conversations with either Trudeau or his senior staff which will tell it happened after Jan. 14.

This is the waiver Trudeau refuses to give — even for his own ethics commissioner and even, stunningly, for the national police.
(The Clerk of the Privy Council, Ian Shugart, apparently made the decision not to grant a broader waiver on his own, and the Liberals say they only learned about it later. The PM could have over-ruled him, but didn’t.)
The most liberating waiver — plural actually — dates back to Adscam, the Gomery inquiry into the sponsorship scandal.
I covered much of the public hearings — they revealed such base and venal conduct on the part of Liberal government ministers, deputy ministers, staff and even volunteers (some of whom cheerfully cashed cheques from companies they’d never heard of) that I actually wept hearing it — but didn’t remember the intricacies of the waivers.
There were two — both approved by then Liberal PM Paul Martin and former Liberal PM Jean Chrétien — issued so former Justice John Gomery could have “a full inquiry” and learn how certain decisions were reached at the highest levels.
The waivers were dated Feb. 20, 2004 and Sept. 14 the same year. Together, they allowed witnesses to talk freely and relevant documents to get into the judge’s hands.
In the final chapter of his first report (there were two), Gomery also had this to say: “The concentration of power in the office of the prime minister is a phenomenon of modern Canadian government which has been noted with concern by academics and commentators…
“The dangers created by that concentration are demonstrated by the ‘Sponsorship scandal”.”
From 1994 to 2003, the federal government spent $332 million — almost half of that going to the various private communication and public relations agencies, which inexplicably were given the reins of control and dished out the dough, usually to themselves.
That doesn’t begin to speak to the damage done to democracy, and government accountability and transparency.
Interestingly, the reporter who blew the lid off the sponsorship inquiry with his access to information requests, was the Globe’s Daniel LeBlanc. He is also one of the authors on this week’s story that JWR was interviewed only this week by the RCMP on a possible obstruction of justice charge.
Team Trudeau may have got a new plane Thursday, after the team bus drove under and damaged the wing of the old plane at the Victoria airport Wednesday night. They ought to need more than that.
Give Martin and Chrétien their due: They at least let slip the choke chains of cabinet confidence, born of a need to do the right thing (Martin) or a sublime self-confidence (Chrétien). By not going to school on those examples, and offering instead the frequent nose-stretcher of “unprecedented,” Trudeau looks like he’s afraid of the truth".
The above reporting by Christie Blatchford is the most spot on of any I've yet read on Trudeau's waiver lies. Most news reports COMPLETELY avoid mentioning, let alone explaining, Justin Trudeau's continuing string of lies on this waiver issue. As I wrote earlier, it was shocking to see CBC's At Issue panel yesterday (Sept.11), where Rosemary Barton and her panelists - including Andrew Coyne and Chantal Hebert - completely failed to broach the subject of Trudeau outright lying about his pathetic waiver 'accomplishments'. 
So this report from Blatchford - a rare piece of proper journalism in Canada - is a welcome summation indeed, nailing all the points. 
Most of Canada's main stream media seems to be actually helping Trudeau along in his obstruction of justice, by refusing to actually examine Turdo's lies. (Richard Madan kinda tried to cobble something together today on CTV, but it was a convoluted mess. It looked as if he was forced to 'try' to explain Turdo's lies, but he really didn't explain anything.) They report what Turdo says, but DO NOT actually question or analyze it, or give it any context - thereby allowing Turdo to freely build upon his unchallenged repertoire of lies.
Trudeau looks like he's afraid of the truth, Blatch opines, but well, let's face it: there is NOTHING TRUE IN TRUDEAU. Never was. "Budgets balance themselves..."... bla bla bla...
What there is, is endless Liberal deceit and corruption.

Speaking of Liberal deceit, apparently no-one in Canada (hahahah) knew that Turdo was flying around the country in not just one fuel guzzling jet, but he was using TWO fuel guzzling jets! With ALL those Telford-bought media toadies accompanying Turdo on the campaign, ALL of them swore they 'didn't know' anything about Turdo using 2 jets on his campaign!  Just like for 5 years, no-one in Canada's media 'knew' about Justin's love of blackface!! Apparently the second jet was needed for Justin's make-up, costume changes, and an entourage of actors to play the roles of Liberal-besotted Turdo fans at various campaign stops!!!.
Need more evidence of Turdo's hypocrisy? Look no further than the Blackface revelations of Sept 17-18-19!! (CTV, Adam Frisk,Sept.19, 2019)
Turdo was asked (on Sept.18) whether there were ONLY 2 of these photos - Turdo REFUSED to answer the question. ('Open and transparent', eh?) Yet, more images did come out overnite of Sept 18-19. 
So, we see that Turdo LIED AGAIN. Turdo knew there was more out there - he just LIED by OMISSION. He was hoping - like with his SNC LAVALIN criminality - that he won't get caught. 
And Canad's mainstream media also lied by omission: for 5 years, they did NOT bother to look (...therefore, they could not find... y'see how it works?!} anything in Turdeau's sordid groping blackfaced past!! It was just purposefully covered-up and ignored!

It was hilarious to see the CBC fake news peddlers on their Sept.19th noontime tv "news" cast, trying to deflect from their hero Turdo.
Suhana Marchand seemed confused as how to spin the story on behalf of the Liberal hero which her media organization so-eagerly co*kholsters for. Suhana would know EXACTLY how to peddle the FEAR and SMEAR if a conservative had done this!!

Look what the CBC had Katie Simpson saying on Marchand's "news" show - Simpson was trying to deflect by asking if SHEER had ever done this, as well!!
Amazing: THAT is what Telford dollars BUY!!

Then the CBC raises questions like "when did Sheer know about this" and "why did he release this now"!!

Let's consider this CBC Fake News act: the question is when did the CBC know about this?!! 
And: why did the CBC NEVER release or question ANY of this, IN THE LAST 4 years!!! The CBC is packed with thousands of conservative-hatin' hacks: not one of them bothered to expose their golden boy. 
Lying by omission much, Catherine Tait?! 
And her job is to supposedly "build social cohesion in Canada"??! What Tait's CBC klan are doing is sowing social DIVISION in Canada.

Get it now, how insidious Canada's msm is??
Hey Katie Simpson: what did YOU do in the last 4 years to find out about Turdo's background??!!! When did YOU find out, Katie??!! C'mom Katie: tell us! Why weren't YOU and YOUR CBC employers doing your jobs - as supposed 'journalists' - during the last 4 years?! And NOW, you're suddenly called upon by your CBC bosses, at noon on Sept. 9, to SMEAR SCHEER, coughing with embarrassment as you do so?

These blackface photos and videos ARE NOT in fact new - these were already in existence years prior to the 2015 election; clearly, in the public realm - - - it was just PURPOSEFULLY censored. Turdo's 'reputation' had to be protected at all costs. 
The point is, CBC and their media cabal REFUSED to actually look into their golden boy's actual past, neither in the 2015 election, nor during his previous years as MP,  and still not now, in the 2019 election!
Sounds impossible to be the case: but there it is: lying by omission; looking the other way, to make sure you don't see anything that could cast a shadow on YOUR favourite sockboy. You didn't look into it, therefore you could not find it, therefore, dear Canadians - for 5+ years, how could there be anything to report!!!
These are Pravda-quality CBC tactics here. High level manipulation covered up by propaganda from hack mouthpieces such as Andrew Chang and the gang.
Turdo was treated as an earth-saving messiah. The CBC, which gets MILLIONS from the taxpayer, conveniently was... umm ... 'unable' {bwahahahaha} to find ANY of these Turdo blackface images!! 
Think about the conspiracy here. 
Like with Turdo's climate change hoax, the MSM just REFUSED to actually act as journalists, and look into Turdo and his 'it's all settled' claims. With Turdo, it was a continual 'ah, he means well... let's give poor Justy a pass...'. But everyone else though, especially any conservative, was of course, fair game for the media's drive-by smear campaign.
Just not Justin.