Tuesday, October 8, 2019

JustinTrudeau lies - AGAIN - on CBC's televised debate, Oct.7, 2019

    It's debatable whether there was an actual debate held on the CBC's two hour-televised 'election debate' show on Oct.7, 2019. The format was not conducive to debate, but to mere sound bites. Allowing 40 seconds or so for any candidate to provide an informative answer on anything isn't helpful for a debate. The format ought to have been better, on that almost anyone who saw the debate could agree.

   At any rate, it is interesting to note how the majority of main stream media refused to highlight portions such as where Scheer zinged Trudeau, telling him that if he's so enamoured with provincial politics, there is an opening in the Ontario Liberal party for him. The studio audience behind Trudeau sat stone faced - appearing that they were insulted at this !!! - while others in the audience raised a cheer.

   Of course, this was in reference to Trudeau's incessant references to Doug Ford (who WAS NOT running for anything!!), but who had won a decisive majority in Ontario, reducing Ontario's Liberal party to a rump without even official party status. (Yes: that's how badly Jim Bradley and his gang of Liberal liars did in Ontario)

   Ignoring that Jim Bradley's Liberal Ontario-destroying disaster was fomented by the same buttholes who are now helping Trudeau destroy Canada, Trudeau was bizarrely infatuated with Ford (and Harper!) on the campaign trail.

  When Scheer brought up the fact that Trudeau had lied about the SNC Globe and Mail story (which broke on Feb.7, 2019) being false, Trudeau AGAIN lied about it on the debate, again saying - as he had originally in Feb. - that the Globe and Mail story STILL IS a lie!!

  It was an unbelievable statement - completely detached from reality.
  Trudeau's lying and his cognitive dissonance here is stunning.
Yet: the imbeciles who love Trudeau's coloured socks and coloured shoe-polish and ignore this clown's blackface racism, can't get enough of his interpretation of reality.

  He was found guilty of violating Canada's ethics laws twice - and still refused to actually acknowledge that he did anything inappropriate. He fired JWR for "protecting jobs"?! That's a lie which even SNC refuted!!

  That Trudeau is STILL lying in October, insisting that February's Globe story was false (...and therefore, that reporter Fife is a liar... really, Justin?) - despite what we since learned, that it clearly was not false - immediately raises questions about Trudeau's mental stability.

  Why did Canada's MSM not follow up on Trudeau's insane doubling down on his original lie?!
MOST Canadian media ignored Trudeau's continual lies and distortions.

 I noticed that Andrew Coyne brought this very same observation up on the CBC's At Issue panel (CBC nightly national news, Oct.8, 2018) the next day after the televised debate. But boy, did they ever quickly gloss over that - the host Rosemary Barton said nothing, Chantal Hebert said nothing, and Althia Raj said nothing about Trudeau's desperate, long-running lie, either.
Coyne was there with 3 mutes beside him.
Althia was there last night when Trudeau lied - she was one of the debate moderators  - and it was on the CBC!! Barton was there as well, and she was one of the moderators!!
Yet; wow - now, a day later, it's as if it had never happened.

   Canada's blackface-pasted Prime Minister LIES AGAIN - during CBC's nationally televised debate, 2 weeks before the election - and, yet the very next day, not one of the other CBC panellists had anything else to add to Coyne's quick observation. (...it's surprising that Coyne didn't later find a horse's head in his bed, courtesy of  the Libranos...)
   Then of course, the CBC merrily went on to interview imbeciles who clearly hated Scheer and said they'll vote for Trudeau. (Yep - Fake news much, Andrew Chang?! C'mon!!)

   The green succubus Elizabeth May also seemed impaired, not only infected with GreenFear-doomsday paranoia, but crazily accusing Singh of wanting to build an oil refinery in Alberta - yet, the confused May (...was she drunk? High on Trudeau's spliffs??) was actually citing HER OWN party's platform... wtf was THAT all about?

   Global reported May's claim back on May 27, 2019 that her Green Party wanted to build oil upgraders for Alberta bitumen!!

    Yet, Canada's MSM refused to examine what the confused May was saying.
    Hey Lizzie: we bet YOU aren't going to be PM anytime soon.

    Then, we learned through the  Oct.11, 2019 National Post that the piece of sh!t CBC suddenly, 10 days before the election, decided to sue the Conservative party for using clips from the CBC debates in their ads. Unreal. The CBC was specifically suing on behalf of Rosemary Barton: the SAME host who REFUSED to discuss Turdo's doubling down (which he did during the Oct.7, 2019 CBC nationally broadcast debate) on the original lie he made in Feb. 2019, that the Globe and Mail SNC story was"false".

    Yep: Turdo lied on the CBC, and Rosemary Barton refused to even comment on it when Coyne happened to mention it on the At Issue news segment the next day. (Barton, the hack host, quickly moved on from Coyne's comment)
NOW, the CBC on behalf of this clown Barton, is suing the Conservatives - for using content which every Canadian paid for. The CBC is rife with phony reporters who aren't journalists, but are propagandists who are 'news shapers'.
By the way, CBC uses video clips of Scheer and other politicians all the time. Maybe the Conservatives should sue the CBC and Barton - for using 'unauthorized videos' on the news.
This is the bizarre fascism which Canada now faces under the Dark Days Of Turdo, when the desperate bolsheviks and their gang members try to consolidate power.
Nasty FLICKIN' stuff.

    As Howard Kirshenbaum commented "This lawsuit and the claims by the CBC are nonsense for exactly the same reasons that the CBC, or a talk show, can't be sued for excerpting and quoting Scheer or the Conservative Party. Their opinions of Trudeau or specific policies are public interest, subject to fair comment, not insulated from scrutiny or use or even satire, a political right, by le "droit moral" or copyright. It in any event was paid for by the public, in any event is partisan and political opinion, not art; and to suggest it is immune to re-publication and use, even abuse, is beyond arrogance to idiocy ie pure CBC"

    Barton the disgusting hack should be counter-sued for not doing her job as a journalist.
The Prime Minister of Canada lied on a CBC media event which Barton MODERATED - and yet, the very next day, Barton sat as the CBC's 'news' host of the At Issue panel, and she REFUSED to delve into what Turdo had done!!
Barton and the CBC are just propagandists!!
WTF are we paying Barton's fat cat salary for???
This was pure dereliction of duty by Barton; purely politically motivated: as was this subsequent CBC lawsuit.

   The (phony) journalist Barton refused to go there, because it would make Justin look bad. The CBC NEEDS CASH from the Liberals, and NEEDS to have Liberals in power. It is in the CBC's favour and in their self-interest, to play down anything negative about Trudeau, as much as they can.

    Let's remember that Barton, on the Oct. 8 At Issue segment, did not mention a thing about Trudeau lying again regarding the G and M SNC story being untrue. It was Coyne who brought it up - unprompted by Barton nor any of the other 2 panelists.
Barton DID NOT bother to follow up on Coyne's observation.
And then we find out that this hack Barton several days later went on to sue - at taxpayer's expense?!!!! - the Conservatives?! Yet, LOOK AT THE INHERENT BIAS WHICH BARTON was demonstrating here on Oct.8!

   How long had this lawsuit been in the works, BEFORE it was made public?
When Barton was doing her At Issue hosting on Oct.8, had she already started legal proceedings against the Conservatives??
If so, BARTON SHOULD HAVE IMMEDIATELY BEEN REMOVED FROM HER JOB until the lawsuit she initiated, had been settled. (..and now that the lawsuit IS public, BARTON should be removed from all duties immediately.)
Everything the propagandist Andrew Chang lies about, Barton has just undermined.
You can't believe a word Chang says, when Barton's down the hall in her office creating fake news and suing politicians during an election and pretending there is no built-in bias at the CBC!!

    Biased Barton has tainted and discredited herself completely. This stank ain't gonna wash off; this is a permanent stain. What an effing CBC joke this is.
This is a seriously demented perversion of the free press going on here. Barton's gonna libel-chill the Conservatives - - - while she herself thinks nothing of censoring news and commentary about the sitting PM's lies - news and commentary which may be favourable to the conservatives  - and to EVERY OTHER federal political group, as well!

    Any counter lawsuit against Biased Barton and the CBC should definitively cite Barton's biased incompetence as shown on the Oct. 8 At Issue segment.
BARTON SUPPRESSED THE NEWS!! (...anyone not seeing the actual debate the night before, who watched the At Issue panel for an impartial summary, was given a deceptive, dishonest view by Barton's handling of the subject - just the way the CBC likes it --- no fake CBC 'news' eh, Andrew Chang?!
BARTON BUTCHERED THE MEANING of  news and of journalistic integrity.
BARTON REFUSED to further examine Coyne's observation, and just moved on, almost as if she didn't hear what Coyne had said.

    But she had heard, didn't like it, and refused to do any follow up, refused to ask Hebert and Raj to specifically comment on Trudeau's double-down. Barton essentially censored the story by squelching any possible further discussion, as it was happening.

    Of course, as all this goes on, the CBC has also been flooding the tv airwaves with ads using Andrew Chang to earnestly tell us oh how great and wonderful and wise and helpful the CBC is, in order to 'help' us make the right, informed decision on election day!! This is laughable if it wasn't so pathetically and blatantly calculated.
   Chang's vomitous lies and distortions are backed up with nonsensical visuals, among which are images of melting glaciers!!
 YEP: that's what it has come to - pure CBC lies and chicanery. And fraudsters like Chang - 
 who just recently in a (fake) news story, was telling us nonchalantly that "climate change is real", in order to boost some deceptive climatalarismist story he was introducing. 
    That's urinalism, not journalism: and that's today's CBC - selling political piss disguised as news!!! 
Chang's another creep that ought to be fired along with Barton, and literally hundreds of other CBC GreenFear-infected political hacks.
    Then there was good ole Dwight Drummond, hosting his Our Toronto CBC tv segment on Oct 12, 2019, blabbing with 4 GreenFear-infected bobble heads whining about AGW climate change as if it was real. Dwight (...again, note how the textbook lies are perpetuated) is also taking a political piss here, never asking any of his climate alarmist/doom spreaders to actually provide their "evidence" of AGW. Dwight doesn't ask, because his employers directed him to pretend that "it's all settled" and  therefore, these idiots blather on about their shared delusion and their fantastic socialist 'solutions' (to a 'problem' which has nothing to do with AGW, but has a lot to do with marxism)
     So while Rosemary Barton and the CBC sue Conservatives, the CBC, using Drummond and others, just keeps keep doubling down on the GreenFear lie. 
     What is the CBC's underlying message, which Drummond, Barton, Chang and the GreenFear gang are ALL peddling: it's their 'green virtue', their elitism, their politics, their not so well hidden hate for conservatism. They peddle this vitriol openly on the public CBC broadcast network. 
   Drummond had no intention of even hinting at balance or truth or impartiality here - it was a joke, and, it illustrates what the CBC has become, an insulated choir of climate change infected clowns singing a cacophony of doom to themselves in a silo.
    Without challenge, their delusions are self reinforced to the point where they become detached from reality. 
   There is a mass-hysteria at play here, with wild alarmist claims being thrown around about 'extinction' and the 'end of the world' and the 'dying planet is on fire' and 'climate crisis emergencies'... all conjured up in the GreenFear-infected mind as if it was a a reality. 
  Sacks of crap such as Elizabeth May and Jagmeet Singh (and Turdo, Climate Barbie... let's not forget Good Ole Grampa Of GreenFear, Jim Bradley!) live from the avails of prostituting GreenFear-paranoia. 
   Drummond didn't question the premise of AGW, and wasn't interested in anything of substance. (By asking questions, he could have very quickly brought to light the insane climate paranoia which was bubbling within his panelists). 
   But Drummond didn't bother; he encouraged and enabled the climate lie to fester, unquestioned, and let the deluded participants continue building their hoax-based narrative. He's as fake as his guests.
     But the CBC is not the only broadcaster doling out GreenFear: on TVO, the day before, on Oct.11, 2019, Steve Paikin was busily spreading... (again... and again... and again...) the climate change hoax as well, with his cabal of  GreenFear-spreaders, including Abreau. It was the usual climate claptrap, the usual marxism, the usual politics disguised as being 'science'. 

     On Oct 12, 2019, in this fast moving story, the CBC apparently changed the story, now saying that it -the CBC - is the only party suing the conservatives, and that Barton is NOT involved!!!
Whether Barton was originally part of this action or not, isn't clear. We'll never know whether Barton was privately filing lawsuits against a political party, while the CBC was peddling a lie that they are 'impartial'. 
    Very scummy way of dealing with things. It certainly would have raised huge issues of impartiality had Barton continued with this, and it is a good thing she isn't. Doing so would have sealed the coffin on her 'career'. She is now free to smear conservatives once more! Hurrah!! Great move, CBC!  haha: the CBC will never sue Trudeau for lying on their debate!!
     Of course, this doesn't in any way change the fact that Barton was acting in biased manner in her At Issue hosting duties, and doesn't change the fact that pretty much every CBC 'personality' exudes hates for conservatism and for anyone who disagrees with their 'virtuous' stand on climate change. That's the inherent undercurrent, the subtext, in practically ANYTHING the CBC does. 
   It was hilarious to see the deceptive spin which Adam Carter was trying to peddle on Global's Focus Ontario joke of a show on Oct.13, 2019. Carter was making a big deal of asking 'where is Doug Ford' in Scheer's campaign'. 
Yet, urinalist Carter did not similarly ask 'where is Kathleen Wynne in Trudeau's campaign?' or 'Where is Dalton McGuinty in Trudeau's campaign'?!
You know, Adam: those Liberals, those great pals of Trudeau's, whose focus was to destroy Ontario; those Ontario Liberals whose party self-destructed and crashed down in flames to non-party status? Those Ontario Liberals {whom Turdo loved to hug}, who had the same Butt-holes advising them to destroy Ontario, who then moved on, like a plague, to help Blackface Turdo destroy Canada? 
THOSE Liberals, Adam: where are they during Blackface's campaign?!?!
How many Telford bucks went into producing this Global slime? At Focus is out of focus.
Carter also claimed that 'housing was a top issue' during the federal campaign, when really, IT WASN'T, and ISN'T.
This is more deceptive Global spin. 
The MAIN issue - almost every day - is about incessantly pushing the "climate change" hoax - not healthcare, not out of control immigration, not out of control debt, spending and taxation, and not housing! These are all minor footnotes in the 2019 election campaign; the over-riding issue has been manufactured and presented to us as a phony 'climate crisis', Adam. 
Did you examine that, Adam?! Global has been spreading climate change GreenFear for years now. 
  Check your employer's records, Adam; then, check even YOUR OWN records, Adam: count all those "housing crisis stories" which you and Global... umm reported... and then compare them to ALL THE CLIMATE CHANGE hoax stories which Global has shat out!!
  And why are you even on this program, Benzie?!  Have you no real journalism to practice, instead of participating in this televised pablum??
   It's darn funny how the CBC, on their Oct. 14, 2019 nightly nationally broadcast news, was showing video clips of some guy walking into an advance polling station, talking with the clerks, and going up to the screen to vote, then waving his folded ballot around in the air as he returned it back to the ladies at the desk - when we have all been told that NO CAMERAS are allowed inside polling stations. 
    This apparently was in one of the 2 Burnaby B.C. polling stations, at the desk where the  vote in poll 116 was being held.
The face of the voter (who was the CBC subject) was clearly shown at the poll, as were the clerk's faces. 
    Unless this was a staged video, how is it that the CBC can waltz into an advance poll and do this? This was clearly done during business hours, when the polling station was open to the public fro voting purposes.
  Simply by having their cameras and CBC logo right there inside - or even near - the polling station, the CBC is casting political bias and influencing votes - seeing as the CBC lies about 'climate change' on a daily basis, and slants their political 'news' to reflect that - eh, Catherine Tait?! 
  The CBC isn't impartial, as it pretends to be, no matter what Andrew Chang has been 'forced' to say. The Liberal elitist disdain is always there in the background. The CBC hates conservatives privately as much as Blackface Boy and Khalistinian Singh hate conservatives publicly.
    Did the poll supervisor at that location give the CBC permission to film within the polling station?! Yet: hey - Rebel media wouldn't be allowed to do the same thing, would they?! 
   Is this another Telford media bucks-financed production?! 
   And yes: Rosemary Barton was the CBC host for this segment: after the video was shown, the broadcast went directly back to her.  Apparently, Barton had no problem with this either.
  As Oct.15-16-17 went by, with the federal election mere just days away, we saw the Telford media bucks extremely hard at work, pushing Turdo's Liberal lies over and over again, story after story, fear mongering about Doug Ford, about Harper, about evil conservatives... lie after lie after lie, dutifully 'reported', with no actual analysis. 
   The lies uttered by Trudeau are repeated and re-amplified, but remain mostly unchallenged, and the take-away to the viewers is, that whatever the issue in the segment had been about, it is portrayed as 'fact'
  At the same time, anything Scheer says, is parsed and picked over and counter views are immediately presented on cue - just look at Katie Simpson's reporting on Scheer. Simpson's reporting is at odds with other CBC election reporting - because there is almost always a negative slant to the Conservative candidate and the party inherent in Simpson's sneering and instantly-editorialized commentary - while other CBC reporters with other candidates have mostly a fawning role: non-questioning, non-parsing, non-instant-counterpoint-providing opinioneering in their reports. {...same kind of delivery and performance seen with CTV's Smug Tom Walters and CBC's Twitchy Paul Hunter, whose 'reports' palpably seethe with Trump hate}.
  Think of  the day the Turdo Blackface racism scandal was revealed, how Katie Simpson immediately was asking when did Scheer know about it, and if Scheer had done the same thing!!! Seriously: it takes a sick CBC mind to offer that up as a narrative - considering that the Katie and CBC NEVER BOTHERED - in 5+ years - to look up Turdo's quite-public Blackface racist past. Anyone ask what Simpson and Tait were doing, as Canada's Blackfaced Sock Puppet was prancing around the PM's office?!
  That's what bought political 'reporting' is these days - propaganda helped nicely by greasy Telford greenbacks.
   Phony media "truth checkers" - employed immediately after any conservative says anything - are suddenly nowhere to be seen when Blackfaced Boy Blunder spouts his inanities. Or when the no-visa-from-India Khalistinian Canadian spouts his divisive deceptions, or when the green succubus hisses out hers. 
   I wonder if Turdo, after he's flushed down the toilet several days from now, on election day, will immediately resign, or stay on and pretend that somehow he had heroically 'saved the day'. The internal Liberal plans must already be afoot for replacing Trudeau, considering how much 'support' he's lost. And - to that - we actually don't know how much he really had, in the first place, for it all might have been illusive hype. What we see is that Turdo's ego interfered with his perception of reality.
  It's clear a week before the election that Canada will undergo a much-needed Liberal enema. One term Turdo is already's caught in the swirl flushing down the drain. (Unfortuneatley, the national enema wasn't strong enough, and the Liberal wastrel hasn't been fully flushed yet.) 
 It may well be that most of the support which Turdo may have had pre-Blackface Revelation Day, quickly evaporated quickly thereafter. In the following days, the bought media tried very hard to downplay the enormity of what the lying PM had done (...and, had kept secret), desperately trying to whitewash Turdo's tattered, shoe-polish stained 'reputation'. 
It was astounding to see the spin, the hypocrisy, and the instant attempts to rehabilitate the racist PM's deeds. You'd have to be thicker than a brick - a cult member - to vote for any Turdo Liberal. 
  Canada's budding future First Blackface Prime Minister, Justin Turdeau, seen preening in all his its festooned, post-national, peoplekind-like glory.
  Also on Oct 16, 2019, the bucket of yank stank Obama interfered in Canada's federal election by endorsing Blackfaced U.N. Sock-Puppet Trudeau. Yep: as long as a racist is also a 'progressive'{ie, a socialist}- then it's OK: Obama's on board the hypocrisy train!
   There was Aldous Huxley-level propaganda on full bizzaro display on TVO on the evening Oct.23, 2019, when there was a segment hosted by an indigenous woman, going on about racism, while showing a photo of Stephen Harper in Indian head-dress gear. This is sadly funny - pathetic - seeing as TVO's next segment right after this one, was their much-self-touted "documentary" about propaganda.
  It's 'funny', because it's pretty certain that the TVO documentary about propaganda, would not be including their own  previous segment about racism, because that segment was itself propaganda - in that it was showing images of Harper in head-dress gear which was gifted by, provided by, and worn with, local indigenous groups themselves, in a ceremonial setting. It's not as if Harper was doing this for laughs at some frat party.
   There was no parody nor any disrespect attached here whatsover.
   The false inference TVO was peddling (...purposefully peddling...) was that Harper was a racist for wearing it.
    Missing in this one-sided narrative was the context of the real story. Giving half the story, spiked with false and deceptive imagery, is part and parcel of manufacturing a purposeful lie.
    This was pure skewed propaganda - exactly as defined in TVO's own subsequent segment - shown by TVO, in their own immediately-preceding segment!
    TVO itself was spreading propaganda, while also at the same time producing sanctimonious documentaries about others doing it!
    And by refusing to acknowlege that they themselves were propagandists, TVO doubled down on the propaganda factor!! Add in Propagandist Paikin's lies about climate change, and TVO's credentials as a propaganda peddler go through the roof. No hypocrisy at TVO, eh?!
    Justin Trudeau wasn't given shoe polish by black people, or forced by anyone, to wear it and to make fun of black people. Turdo did this HIMSELF.

Friday, September 20, 2019

When will Canada's Cagiest Climatologist call out Crime Minister Justin Blackface Turdo's climate hoax? CHAPTER 37

   When Prof. Scranton (see Chapter 36) wrote that:

    “…the only truly moral response to global climate change is to commit suicide. There is simply no more effective way to shrink your carbon footprint. Once you’re dead, you won’t use any more electricity, you won’t eat any more meat, you won’t burn any more gasoline, and you certainly won’t have any more children. If you really want to save the planet, you should die...”

  ...then why haven't the purveyors of climate change bolshevism done just that: put their 'money where their mouth is', and heroically commit suicide for Mother Gaia?
   These green charlatans, preaching and signalling their moral virtue, cannot abide by what their own science-fiction-based conceit ultimately demands: that they show their so-called 'virtue' through their own mortal sacrifice {...ie that THEY walk their talk...)
    But instead, these same green fascists project THEIR OWN demented 'sins' onto others. The same GreenFear-infected illness which Scranton peddles, has been alive and well in Niagara and in the rest of Ontario for years, where the population has been cudgelled relentlessly by the elitist green virtue-signallers and their media acolytes. Let's go back to story I wrote in 2010, to see that the nihilist green climate-change insanity which Scranton is spouting in 2018, has been regularly peddled for years:

   Julie Greco wrote in "Lighting up a green Christmas" (St.CatharinesStandard, Dec.2010):
"If the Griswolds of Vacation fame went green, their house might resemble the Bloms' during the holidays.
"Christmas is when we go crazy," says Andrew Blom, who has spent countless hours over the past month transforming his front lawn at 41 Senator Dr. into a dazzling holiday wonderland.
About 10,000 lights take the shape of Christmas trees, wrapped presents, reindeer and snowmen, all programmed to blink to the beats of seasonal songs.
The beacon of light generated from the Bloms' postage stamp-sized lawn at the corner of Macturnbull Dr., makes it one of the neighbourhood's main attractions during the holidays.
"Last night, we had people dancing on the sidewalk in front of our house," said Andrew's wife Jamie.
At first glance, it might appear the family's spectacular light show is a drain on energy resources -- not to mention their hydro bill. But that's not the case.
Energy efficiency has been their focus for the past five years, thanks to their son Zack, now 14.
When Zack was in Grade 5 at Power Glen School, he became interested in environmental issues. One day, he came home from school and told his parents how they had discussed energy and waste in class.
"My teacher said when my parents were born, people didn't really know what they were doing to the environment," he said.
His parents remember it a different way.
" 'Energy pigs' was the word he used," Andrew remembered with a chuckle.
"He told us we were personally responsible for the demise of the Earth and that we had to fix it."
That was a dramatic turning point for the Bloms.

As owners of an energy business, they had always researched new, cutting-edge products and alternative energy sources such as solar and geothermal, but until then they hadn't practised what they preached at home.
"I was the type of person who never wanted to recycle. But since Zack came home that day, we're huge into it now," Jamie said.
Now the family has solar panels on their roof and their water is heated through solar power.
The Bloms' shift to environmental awareness happened to coincide with their decision to get charged up about the holidays by going all-out with their light display.
"You wouldn't believe it but before, he was like the Grinch. He didn't want to do anything," said Jamie.
"I said, 'Is this what you want Zack to remember?' That's when he turned into this."
But Andrew didn't want to sacrifice his environmental consciousness for his newfound festive spirit. By opting for LED lights, his whole Christmas light display is powered by the same amount of energy it takes to run five 100-watt light bulbs.
"People always assume that our hydro bills must be out of control, but it's less than it was before," said Jamie.
"The only energy it really consumes is all the hours and hours he spends putting up the lights and programming the music -- human energy."
But the effort is worth seeing the faces of local children light up during the holidays, said Andrew.
Zack agreed.
"At first, I thought it was obnoxious. But after all the people who come to see it, I feel like we're helping them enjoy Christmas a little more."
The clock is ticking for St. Catharines residents interested in participating in the city's sustainability study, to draft a sustainability strategy in 2011. The deadline for filling out the online survey is Tuesday. To take the survey or for more information about the study, visit www.stcatharines.ca"

   Why didn't the Standard's reporter Julie Greco bother to identify this apparently-heroic Power Glen "teacher" who was - and perhaps still is - propagandizing his/her own green bolshevism to impressionable fifth graders? 
   Apparently, neither the Standard's reporter nor editor had any concerns or questions about this teacher's methods. What an example of journalistic malpractice.
The entire point of Julie Greco's article was to peddle climate-change propaganda - and this is a typical example of what the result looks like.
   Even a link to a "sustainability study" was oh-so-conveniently included in this one-sided story! How thoughtful. It's as if Greco was working not as a journalist, but as a fifth-columnist, a bought and paid for propagandist for the Liberal government. 
   No 'journalism' or balance or objectivity is seen here - just a plain blatant peddling of the GreenFear agenda.
    {...note - in fact, this report, from back in 2010, and this kind of utterly slanted, biased kind of phony 'reporting' (...actually, outright propaganda disguised as 'news') was what only later - after Trump's election - would be finally brought into the open and categorized as FAKE NEWS. This kind of phony reporting WAS COMMON at the St.Catharines Standard and in many msm outlets...

   Is this GreenFear now officially part of Ontario's Liberal-approved greenshevik provinial school curriculumThat - and watching endless reruns of Al Gore's Book Of Inconvenient Climate Deceptions? 
   Don't ask local Liberal MPP Jim Bradley for an answer - this is exactly the kind of greensh!t doomsday GreenFear-mongering which Bradley and his Liberals encourage: see Bradley's "greener ways to live" propaganda. Were the kiddies also given recommendations by their kept-secret-by-the -press ClimateFear teacher on who their parents should vote for, as well?!
   Yep - apparently Blom is personally held responsible for helping save the Planet, because his parents were "energy pigs". And Obama was personally going to halt the 'rise of the oceans'! Praise be upon them.
   But isn't the use of thousands of lights - even if they are LED's - still offensive to some dour Suzukiite, somewhere?           Degrees of perception, eh... or is it degrees of deception?
   Aren't suicide and sterilization the best methods for achieving the greenshevik goal of population control in order to save the Earth from exploding/flooding/melting/burning?
   Someone - just go and ask Liberal MPP Jim Bradley to explain what the FLICK was being "taught" in his city's schools, in his Liberal government's classes, in 2005! Which approved Ontario provincial curriculum was this mysterious, un-named PowerGlenGreenshevik teacher using - the belief in Kyoto and the Mann-made hockey stick graph?!

   Scaring the sh!t out of children in Liberal Ontario might be fine for McGuinty's Liberals, but they are probably itching to do even more, like showing the latest United Nations 'educational video' where teachers BLOW UP STUDENTS who don't obey the Greenshevik Commandments.

   Yeah, that's right - maybe McGuinty isn't going far enough in scaring the kids to repent for their collective 'enviro-crimes' - maybe it's time McGuinty's Liberals now show the kids how it feels to die for their parent's carbon sins.
"Seriously??" you ask?

  Well: read for yourself Peter Foster's column "U.K.'s Climate Killers" (National Post, Oct.7, 2010):

"The uproar over the “eco snuff” video put out by British climate alarmist organization 10:10 is more than a minor embarrassment for the warmist cause. Ten ten is not just any old bunch of hysterical radicals. It is virtually a propaganda arm of the U.K. government. Moreover, thousands of corporations, local councils and schools have signed on to the group’s Orwellian “pledge” to reduce carbon emissions by 10% by the end of 2010.

The “satirical” video — which 10:10 posted last week but had to withdraw in the face of an angry backlash — consists of four segments in which, respectively, school kids, corporate employees, former French soccer ace David Ginola, and X Files star Gillian Anderson are told that there is “no pressure” to get onside with the carbon reduction program. Then, those who refuse to sign up (including Messrs. Ginola and Anderson) are blown up, with a great deal of splattered blood. Side-splitting! Literally.

When I first saw it, I thought it had to be a spoof of the insanities of environmental extremism. Who would believe that any green organization would cast themselves as potentially murderous ecofascists? What message could one take from the movie but “Those who fail to agree with us will die,” even if we’ll just kill them tongue in exploding cheek. But the video, which was written by Richard Curtis, who penned Four Weddings and a Funeral, was comedically dead serious.

Ten ten was set up by Franny Armstrong, who found instant St. Joan of Noah’s Ark status last year after making an hysterical movie called The Age of Stupid. The film featured a lone archivist looking back from a dystopian future and wondering how humanity could have gone so terribly, terribly wrong.

Virtually the entire UN turned up for the film’s New York premiere. And since Ms. Armstrong’s message was not a million miles from the suicidal climate-change stance of the British Labour Party, the movie’s London debut was attended by a gaggle of politicians, including then environment minister and now opposition Labour party leader Ed Miliband. “Red Ed” was ambushed by the film’s star, Pete Postlethwaite, who threatened to march up to the gates of Buckingham Palace and give back his Order of the British Empire if new coal-fired plants weren’t stopped.

Abasing himself further in order (obviously successfully) to further his political career, Mr. Miliband then agreed to “debate” Ms. Armstrong. The only problem was that they were both on the same side. Not to worry. Ms. Armstrong used the occasion to launch the 10:10 campaign.

Since “10% by 2010” is the kind of target beloved of those who delight in moving in (and leading) intellectual flocks, the entire British Cabinet had soon signed on, along with a raft of corporations, soccer clubs (such as Tottheham Hotspur, whose players appear in the movie) and miscellaneous trendies and publicity hounds. Since coming to power, Tory leader David Cameron’s new coalition government has also signed on. Presumably now he wishes it hadn’t.

The 10:10 organization issued an apology for the video. Sort of. “With climate change becoming increasingly threatening, and decreasingly talked about in the media, we wanted to find a way to bring this critical issue back into the headlines whilst making people laugh.”

Make ’em chuckle all the way to the child psychologist.

Ms. Armstrong was more combative. She told The Guardian (a powerful 10:10 supporter) “Doing nothing about climate change is still a fairly common affliction, even in this day and age. What to do with those people, who are together threatening everybody’s existence on this planet? Clearly we don’t really think they should be blown up, that’s just a joke for the mini-movie, but maybe a little amputating would be a good place to start?”

A little amputating.

Ms. Armstrong went on to provide her idea of perspective. “We ‘killed’ five people to make No Pressure — a mere blip compared to the 300,000 real people who now die each year from climate change.”

Here was a wonderful example of Ms. Armstrong’s facility with numbers. I counted at least seven people who were offed in the movie. As for those 300,000, that’s a whopper manufactured by former UN secretary-general Kofi Annan’s private NGO, the Global Humanitarian Forum. In fact, there is no way of linking a single death to the impact of humans on the global climate.

What seems to have been utterly exploded is 10:10’s credibility. The video was designed to coincide with a series of events at next Sunday’s (10/10/10) “Global Day of Doing.” These included “sumo wrestlers cycling to training in Tokyo.” But now major corporations such as Sony, and climate “prophets” such as Yale’s Bill McKibben, are leaving the sinking 10:10 ship, and climate skeptics are having a well-deserved field day.

According to Mr. McKibben, another mystic numerologist who claims the world is doomed at any level of atmospheric carbon dioxide beyond 350 parts per million, the video “represents the kind of stupidity that really hurts our side, reinforcing in people’s minds a series of preconceived notions, not the least of which is that we’re out-of-control elitists.”

Right on! But the problem is that free-floating moralistas such as Ms. Armstrong have been inflated by the alarmism peddled by the likes of Mr. McKibben. Still, Ms. Armstrong did have some support. The child actor who played one of those spectacularly eviscerated declared: “I was very happy to get blown up to save the world.” " 

Unreal: figurative enviro-snuff films for the kiddies!
'Blowing up' children to teach them a climatalarmist lesson! It's all fun!! We're supposed to believe it's "satirical"; it's more like satanic.
This is the greenshevism of the kyodiots, writ large.
So, dear sheeple, contact Jim the Liberal Kyodiot Bradley, and McGuinty's education minister Leona Dombrowsky, with demands that this extreme enviro-fascism be brought to Ontario immediately!
The GreenFear warmists have no time for energy pigs anymore - killing off the non-green heathen is the new GreenFear tactic.
The Power Glen GreenFear Prophet of Doom would love this, eh, what with the picking of victims based on gaian greenshevist enviro-moralism, shaming and 'killing off' sinful students who don't worship at the Green Altar of Gore, Dion, Suzuki, Bradley, and Ban Ki-Moon.
It's only a movie, eh... for now...

     Interesting comment by Maureen Matthew (National Post, Sept.20, 2019)  regarding those brain-washed, GreenFear-infected children and their 'handlers' who were led on marches{...depicting  imagery such as "die - ins", where children are told to pretend that they are laying dead in the street, or scenes of people dressed in black with nooses on their neck, like at the Brandenburg Gate...} of mass self-delusion by the marxist left's latest manufactured icon, St. Greta:

     " This is nothing more than child abuse. In 1968 I was in grade 8 (13 year old girl) in Edmonton. Our grade 8 science teacher was a handsome 23 year old who was big in Pollution Probe. He used the classroom to promote his views and of course being Grade 8 girls, we were all enthralled with him. He had convinced all of us, but mainly the girls - the boys thought he was a wanker (on reflection, the boys were correct), that by the time we were 30 we would not be able to go outside without respirators on because of the pollution. And of course, we MUST do something NOW. He had us writing to MLA, mayors, MPs etc to take action now.

Well I'm long past 30 years old and not a respirator in sight. On reflection he was using children for his own purpose - t wasn't sex abuse, but it still was abuse as he was using his position of authority to control the actions of others (especially minors). He should NEVER have been a teacher and I'm sure none of his 'teachings' were in the curriculum. But at that time, principals didn't supervisor staff as closely as they do today and parents really didn't know what was going on in the classroom. None of the girls thought this was wrong because he was soooo handsome and cute!
Any teacher that is supporting this 'strike' should be written up and disciplined, but unfortunately there are too many who are afraid to confront these abusers".

      Let's flash forward to this Huffington Post propaganda by Ryan Maloney, Aug.26, 2019, about how creeps at the David Suzuki Foundation are inculcating children to act as willing dupes for Suzuki's brand of climate alarmism, having children act as conduits for Suzuki's "Kids against extinction" campaign.
Quite sickening on many levels. 
Where are the parents as the left preys on minors? Are they looking the other way as Suzuki's gang has their way with the kids, perverting their minds - or are they willingly on-board and openly enabling this to happen?? {In poor Greta's case: yes}
   "...A Vancouver-based environmental charity is making a satirical push to lower the voting age to eight to underscore the importance of protecting future generations from the effects of climate change.
The David Suzuki Foundation launched the campaign Monday, dubbed “18 to 8,” with a website calling for voters to listen to young voices and “prioritize a livable climate over all other issues” in this fall’s election.
“When you get into the voting booth on October 21, vote with your inner child,” the site reads.
The group has also released a video that, while humorous, shows kids taking to the streets to protest against their extinction. The clip opens with two girls playing patty-cake, asking how many years they “have left.”
“Climate scientists are saying we now have only 12 years left to act if we want to avoid catastrophic damage,” a boy says in the ad, referencing a 2018 report from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change calling for dramatic action to cut greenhouse gas emissions..."
The sickeningly sleazy Suzuki-ite bullsh!t goes on and on. 
A 12 year old boy is told to say 'we have only 12 years left..'   ...blablah bla bla ... all the while, being a pawn in Suzuki's spiderweb of Green Bolshevism. 
   And this is also supposedly being defined as "satire"?! The propaganda-peddling reporter  enabler Maloney cannot consider that these are minors being used as pawns, purposefully polluted with political propaganda. When you're already drinking the GreenFear-laced koolaid, you've traded away your credibility as a journalist, and just become another climate change propaganda pushin' hack.
   (About this "12 years left" doomsday lie which David Suzuki is having children spout for his political agenda - on Sept.20, 2019 (during the federal election) the green succubus Elizabeth May, while campaigning in Calgary, was babbling in a long-winded, almost incoherent rant on CBC / CTV during their noon tv news broadcast, where she claimed that the world would basically end if  'nothing is done in 18 months' {!!!!}. 
C'mon: can't these GreenFear-pushing Bolsheviks even get their phony "tipping point" doomsday propaganda in order?!)

    The Sept.25, 2019 National Post had an 'interesting' (well: it's from the Trump-hatin' WaPo, so...) take on teen clown Greta Thunberg's climate-change gong show, where commenters like Louise Fribance hit the nail on the head: 

"This young girl has serious mental problems, all described in her parent’s book, and all blamed by her and her parents on climate change. Says it all for me."
      This young girl has been manipulated beyond all belief. Lord: where's child services when they are really needed to intervene and stop her abuse at the hands of her parents and of the GreenFear cult that her Antifa-lovin' parents (...and Canadians such as Jim Bradley, Justin Trudeau, Catherine McKenna, Stephane Dion, Dalton McGuinty and his twin Kathleen Wynne, Sicko Suzuki, Elizabeth May... etc etc...) all happily endorse and promulgate? 

     It is these aforementioned pieces of crap which helped create the likes of Greta Thunberg. 
   This is their GreenFear-laced religion of hate, lies and abuse, distilled into yet another one of their guinea-pig pet-project robots. Greta ought to be understood not as a hero, but as a victim here, in the truest sense of the word, an abused child trained like a monkey/parrot to mimic her abusers' GreenFear religious beliefs. But at 16, she's an adult now right...?  (...yet, she is dressed in costume to make it appear like she's 10 or 12... wtf is that all about?)  

    Does poor hate-filled Greta really even understand what she is saying and doing, and how she got there to that UN podium?! It's like the UN is now a pathetic parody of the Grand Ole Opry. 
Greta Thunberg is just another Green Bolshevik vaudeville act in the Climatalarmist Festival's freak-show. 

    I bet Canada's Cagey Climatologist David Phillips was overjoyed at Thunberg's sad act. (...oh, hey: where's the Canadian media scrum with Cagey Dave, asking him about Greta's climate change lies???!! bwahahahah... keep the lie alive, Davo; keep the lie alive!!!!!!!!!!!)

     A Sept.23, 2019 story by Terence Corcoran in the National Post also mentioned the glaring child abuse angle of the left's appropriation of Greta:

 "...Climate terror, it seems, is one of the most common problems among children and teenagers. In a letter to Maclean’s magazine in response to the publication’s recent sensational cover story on the looming climate-driven destruction of the planet, a mother from Toronto said she “had a recent conversation on this topic with my teenage daughter, and the look of pure anguish and frustration on her face is something I can’t get out of my mind.”
A new Washington Post/Kaiser Foundation poll found that 70 per cent of American teenagers live in some kind of fear about climate. A 16-year-old is quoted saying “It’s like a dystopian novel. To grow up seeing the world fall apart around you and knowing it’s going to be the fight of your lives to make people stop it.”
It should come as no surprise: That’s what they’ve been told to fear and taught to believe...
...Whether children from six to 16 have the neurological and psychological capacity to deal with the radicalization of their education is, at minimum, a debatable subject. In her book The Teenage Brain, University of Pennsylvania neurologist Frances Jensen notes that while the brain of a 16-year-old is learning at peak efficiency, “much else is inefficient, including attention, self-discipline, task completion, and emotions.”
That adolescent brains are not quite up to a full grasp of the information they are exposed to is perhaps indicated in the picket sign held by a climate-striking Vancouver student: “BURN INCENSE NOT COAL.” That’s cute, but impractical if you’re cooking a meal or heating and lighting your home...
...Greta and her young disciples, on the other hand, are reacting to alarming streams of agitprop on many subjects and from many sources targeted at children and teens these days.
The CBC Kids News podcast, aimed at children aged nine to 13, promotes climate alarmism, drag culture and other themes, including an item on “Why your back-to-school outfit could be bad for the planet.” Girl Guides of Canada recently released a study on the gender pay gap among 12 to 18 year olds, with girls who babysit being paid $15 an hour while boys get $18 for maintenance and gardening work.
While McMaster’s Giroux continues to warn about the menace of “corporate culture” and the “appropriation of innocence” for corporate purposes in a market-driven world, much of the educational and media effort today seems dedicated to manipulating children and turning them into agitators, and giving 16 year olds the right to vote, to bring about a radical re-ordering of society.."
    Of course, 9 years ago, the St.Catharines Standard's Julie Greco, writing of the Bloms' experience, could not - would NOT - dare examine the veracity nor the tactics employed locally in Niagara by climate-change-infected charlatans. 
    THAT was the real story - but it was ignored, and instead, the GreenFear bolshevik narrative was employed, to PROMOTE, to GLORIFY, to PROPAGANDIZE - but NOT question - what occurred!
     The exploitation of children such as Blom was NOT brought up, was NOT examined - on purpose - by the phony 'reporter': it was just accepted as being normal, with complete indifference, not a single question asked. 
     After all, THIS WAS NORMAL at the time, in Niagara, a region perverted by the ideology of Liberals such as Jim Bradley and Dalton McGuinty. The St.Catharines Standard sought and approved of such examples of climate change 'progressivism' (ie, political marxism). That this was being peddled to kids in Niagara's schools was apparently of no concern at all.
     (How many more students did this mysterious 'teacher' manipulate and indoctrinate in the years since 2009, eh, Julie?! You can bet Julie doesn't care to know - the entire point of her propaganda piece was to promulgate another page of GreenFear to her fellow climatalarmist-kool-aid-choir at the Standard, not to ask real questions.)
    The abuse of power and position and the exploitation of children was actually being celebrated here in Niagara's press, without any analysis nor hint of inquisitiveness nor concern, all happily done under the warm glow of the perverted politics of  Liberal MPP's Jim Bradley and Ontario's Premier Liberal Liar Dalton McGuinty, and of course, in context of the influence of Obama's politics in the States. In 2009, 'reporters' GreenFear-infected propagandists everywhere were happily drinking Al Gore's GreenFear-infected semen by the bucketful - and these presstitutes still continue to do so: and so, in 2019, we have the latest lefty flash in the propaganda pan, Side Show Greta.

   Greta is just today's weaponized update of Blom... talk about a bizarre version of 'Boys From Brazil', where little GreenFear-infected puppets are weaned everywhere to later be employed {activated, triggered, exploited...} as brain-washed political pawns!
  In Niagara, Grant LaFleche peddled Suzuki Foundation-linked crap in the Sept.19, 2019 edition (pg.44) of Niagara This Week (a propaganda outlet of the Toronto Star's propaganda factory).
  The story was about "the future majority" of voters, a quasi GOTV (...get-out-the-vote, which all parties strive to do during an election...) attempt to get, in this case, students, to vote. Claiming to be "apolitical" {...bwaaaaahahaha..!!!!!!}, this gotv push is primarily focused on - what else - "climate change"! 
   If a political party wants to get out the vote, it has to spend limited resources to do so.  Wouldn't it be nice to have some, ahem, "apolitical" help do that for you during the election period, which doesn't really have to report to any stinkin' election officials!!?! 
   And who are the "apolitical" groups funding this supposedly "apolitical" organization - during a federal election? Oh, it's just Environmental Defense Canada, the Ivey Foundation, and the David Suzuki Foundation! bwahahaha
   Imagine THAT, eh?! Absolutely no bias there eh - during an election, no less!! 
   The stink of the mere words 'David Suzuki' is in itself enough to quantify anything it does as PHONY 'APOLITICAL'!!! Who are they kiddin' here? It's a charade of 'apolitical'!! It's a perversion of 'apolitical'!! It's the polar opposite of 'apolitical..!! 

  (Take a look at the kind of two-faced climate claptrap which the laughably "impartial" David Suzuki Foundation involves itself in: see this Oct 25, 2019 CTV CP story "Youth to sue Canadian government for climate change harms": 
"...A lawsuit that's expected to be filed Friday claiming young people disproportionately suffer the effects of climate change is potentially precedent setting but also a tough case to argue, legal experts say.
The David Suzuki Foundation, which is acting as a partner in the case, outlined in a news release the general arguments in the case being filed by 15 youths who allege they have suffered "specific" injuries due to climate change.
It calls on Ottawa to stop conduct that violates their charter rights and to implement a plan that reduces Canada's greenhouse gas emissions "in a manner consistent with what best available science indicates is needed for the federal government to protect young Canadians, do its fair share to stabilize the climate system, and avert the catastrophic consequences of climate change."
The news release does not explain the injuries and no one involved in the lawsuit would comment before it is filed with the Federal Court.
None of the claims made by those arguing a violation of their charter rights have been tested in court.
Canada's attorney general has not responded to a request for comment.
Maureen Killoran, a litigator at Osler law firm with expertise in energy and resource law, said the suit is part of a global trend but only a case in the Netherlands has been successful in holding a government responsible for its domestic contributions to global greenhouse gas emissions..."

    Now, that's pretty 'impartial', isn't it?! Suing Canadians for imaginary injuries based on imaginary causes, based on the 'it's all settled' lie, using selective "science" to force marxism onto a nation.
    And in his article, the ever-so-helpful Lafleche even handily threw in the site link to this outfit! (Did TorStar demand you do that, Grant? Or are you just givin' the 'apolitical' chameleons free advertising?!)
   Grant's just gotta get anudder award fer this - maybe a medal !! - for such heroic "urinalism"!!! At least an atta boy from Canadian Crime Minister Justin Blackface Trudeau, or from Climate Barbie... or... or... Great Gaia... oops, I guess it's now Great Greta - maybe Grant'll get a NOBEL PRIZE for this great urinalism!!! Kinda like the one which Obama got - for doin' what, no-one knows... ....oh: as a 'pay-forward' reward for Obama's future delivery of pallets full of billions in CASH to Iran in the middle of the night... gosh, what spin an award-winnin'-urinalist such as Grant can do with that narrative!!!!...blame Trump, Harris, Diefenbaker, Bush, Doug Ford, Harper...!!!! After all, Grant'll be eligible for a fkn Giller Prize - won't he?! - when he pens his "factual account" of how Obama's Benghazi fiasco unfolded - - included the re-heaping of false-blame onto a YouTube video (...instead of on Democrat incompetence!) ...man, when ya think of it, a Grant Lafleche Award For Propagandistic Urinalism oughtta be created and awarded to all eligible Niagara urinalists - kind of like an anti-Edward R. Murrow award - for their endless work on pushing marxism through 'climate change' and innate hate of conservatism. Yes, yes... Grant might say that just by being associated with the Great Heroic Atkinsonian Ideals Of The Toronto Star, is reward enough for him; that he is grateful to be working within such a highly vaunted propaganda-peddling organization. But, come now, Grant: your esteemed efforts  DESERVE praise and recognition; they can be Beacons Of Hope, they can be an inspiration, and every erstwhile marx-lovin' Jimmy Olsen and post-modern globalist Lois Lane would have a Goal Of Greatness to be inspired by!!! Oh, the humanity...

    Lafleche's next piece of award-winnin' urinalism might be an in-depth look at how wearing blackface can stop global warming... and win an election in Canada (but ONLY if yer a leftist)!!
    ...or, Grant can provide a breathless in-depth look at how a sheep's bladder can be used as an eco-friendly method to predict earthquakes... 
     (and by the Power Granted To Grant Through His Keyboard, Lafleche could concurrently de-bunk the myth that Monty Python was doing a parody of using sheep bladders to predict earthquakes... ...whew... bam: two-fer-the-price-of-one... wow, there's some good ole urinalism fer ya, writ LARGE!! 
    Note: a urinalist is a parody of a journalist. There is an innate underlying tragedy there: either they can't recognize it, or, they DO at some point recognize it, but nevertheless CHOOSE to pursue urinalism anyway.)
    ...or, Lafleche can let loose and give us a scoop on how a new Turdo Worm Poop Tax can stop climate change by FORCING EARTHWORMS TO STOP POOPING (...yep: this is the insane milieu of deluded Green bolshevism...)
     or... Grant can grant us plebes his authoritative thesis into how... (seeing as Turdo's carbon tax successfully 'stopped climate change' {bwahaha} and how Turdo's Worm Poop Tax stopped worms from pooping) ...another Turdo tax could be used to stop gravity... 
    ...and later on, Grant can offer us anudder breaking story of how other Turdo Climate Taxes can be used to stop time...
          ...and to change earth's orbit...
     .          ...and to move the sun from the middle of our solar system and...
                    ...and... and... ohhhh gosh: there is just SO MUCH more to do... so much...  
                        ...yep...  you go gittim, tiger...   
   Was it a surprise to anyone that Greta would be nominated for a Nobel peace prize (CBC, Feb.3, 2020)?!!
    Really - now that they're just givin' these 'prizes' away{they are now easier to obtain than a cracker jack 'prize'... (Too bad, Lafleche: ya missed yer chance this year!! Maybe ya can get Jim Bradley to nominate ya next year...} ...it even demeans the joke of a fact that Obama had got one, too:  y'see - Greta is now lauded as great as the Holy Wholly Deplorable Obama, Praise Be Upon Them Both. 
   When a CBC commenter, Marlene Lauder, wrote "What has she done to promote peace? Greenery is not peace. This nomination is ridiculous", David Lawrence responded with typical GreenFear Bolshevik rhetoric: "She has been promoting a recognition especially among young people of an existential threat to human civilization and the complex ecosystems of this planet. That is what she has done to promote peace".
   Yeh, David, suuurre... Professor Greta's all about defining the 'complex ecosystems of this planet..." !!! WOW: talk about the Audacity of Leftist Trope!!
   The Sept.23, 2019 Niagara Falls Review (which is another Atkinsonian TorStar-puppet propaganda paper polluting the planet with eco-marxist lies) published a piece of climate crap by Associated Press hack Seth Borenstein, who drools over children such as the abused-Greta and slimes Trump. Borenstein says Trump 'denies climate change' - yet, Borenstein (as all GreenFear-infected propagandists purposefully do) conflates and confuses the term, ignoring that Thunberg is a climate change denier, seeing as she denies that the earth's climate changes - and always has changed. Y'see how that works?!
Borenstein's AP-distributed story is but another example of how the "it's all settled" AGW built-in-bias lie works. Borenstein and his deluded subjects all peddle this same unquestioned lie - it is their jumping-off point. 
Borenstein here is not a journalist - he's just a GreenFear-infect fellow climatalarmist hack; like the other 'urinalists' we see on a daily basis at the CBC, at Bell Media/CTV, at Global, at TorStar...)
       Steve Henschel wrote in the Sept.24, 2019 edition of Niagara This Week
      "...Last Friday a small group of elementary students gathered in front of St. Catharines city hall to demand action on the crisis that will define their futures.
They joined students across the world striking for action to curb the continued impact of human-driven climate change, kicking off a week of activism that has seen youth activists around the world slamming politicians at the United Nations and in US Congress, for their continued inaction. That effort will continue this Friday as even more students gather, from Brock University, Niagara College and high schools, in downtown St. Catharines alongside adult activists with a Climate Strike Day and Rally hosted by Fridays for Future Niagara and Extinction Rebellion Niagara.
The rally, featuring speakers, music and calls for action will take place in the library courtyard across from city hall, focusing on driving action to curb climate change.
“We want to make it an energizing thing,” said Desmond Sequeira of Extinction Rebellion Niagara. The rally, he said, caps off a week of activism that has seen student strikes across the world as youth call leaders for shameful inaction on the crisis that will, should nothing be done, rob them of their futures.
“As Greta Thunberg has put it so succinctly our house, which happens to be the world, is on fire,” said Sequeira.
Even ahead of this week’s rally a small handful of elementary-aged students gathered last Friday to make their voices heard.
“If our earth isn’t going to exist there is no point (in) going to school,” said 12-year-old Elena Soukop, who said she was inspired by teenage activist Thunberg to spend the day away from studies, fighting for her future and that of the planet..."

    Yep: 'what's the point of going to school', eh, when you are going to be... um... extinct next week?  Talk about GreenFear-mongered students who've been robbed of their capacity for critical thinking by their unionized teachers, and reporters who've been robbed of theirs by TorStar editors.
    You're writing of a 12 year old girl who's been scared shitless by leftist eco-terrorists that she's going to die soon, Steve... this is how you earn your salary, exploiting already-exploited children to help propagate their abusive psychosis? 
    Did you or your Niagara This Week / TorStar editor report this clearly disturbed / distressed / paranoid / confused / manipulated child - or the child's circle of systemic abusers - to Niagara's child welfare authorities? Or (as Julie Greco did 9 years ago, and countless other reporters have since then) did you just print the propaganda and happily walk away from the GreenFear-infected, exploited child - 'cuz ya agree with the methods and the message? Henschel essentially made an advertisement for the so-called "rebellion"; who cares what these GreenFear-infected eco-zealots end up doing - right, Steve?

   Henschel's story - placed in context to the demands also most likely made by his leftist TorStar overlord-employers seeking 'local examples of children randomly spouting climate change slogans', reminded me of Terry Ponick's article written on the same day,  Sept.24, 2019, CDN:

     "... Wrong terms are bad, but exploitation of the vulnerable is good?
Which leads to the current issue of Greta Thunberg and her inflammatory public remarks. Her exploiters chose to incorporate her vulnerability as an organic part of their latest PR stunt. This possesses the hallmarks of a well-funded, worldwide propaganda movement that chose to exploit Greta Thunberg and elevate her to the level of secular saint. These evil clowns have clearly taken advantage of a vulnerable young woman and have managed to weaponize her condition. That’s considerably worse than what got Michael Knowles exiled to Fox News Purgatory for life.
    Even worse, far from any opponent using Greta’s Asperger’s condition as an opening for ad hominem attacks, at least one hard left publication – The Guardian – chose to shamelessly exploit the situation  to add even greater levels of virtue signaling to this already appalling case of child exploitation..."
    Hey: isn't THAT exactly what Henschel, Niagara This Week, TorStar, Greco and the St. Catharines Standard were doing... signalling THEIR virtue by shamelessly exploiting some already-vulnerable kid for political purposes? These kids were SHAPED, FORMED and GROOMED into becoming useful dupes acting as conduits for the GreenFear industry's lies - outright fodder designed and bred to be fed TO and consumed BY the hungry media.  
    And there was NO concern, question, or outrage in our local press - they loved that; looks like Niagara This Week / TorStar and Henschel (and others) still do. Re-exploiting these marxist dupes is how Steve Henschel and his TorStar overlords earn their money! 
    As Ponick notes:
      "The amoral left will victimize anyone, even a teenager, to advance its totalitarian cause
      - and not only that, the amoral left now shamelessly utilizes children to fear-monger other children... yet, Niagara This Week / TorStar and their climatista-employees are more than happy to help the GreenFear victimization continue. 
   (Niagara This Week continued their TorStar-enema-fed Green fascism unabated. Especially funny (ie pathetic) was NTW's editorial the week of Nov 16, 2019 - again: evangelizing Grenshevik Greta; lying that children don't have time to finish school because the planet will vanish in 12 years... yes, this evil, sick propaganda is openly published in TorStar media.  Nothing but climate change lies, over and over, week after week. It's not just Henschel: his employers DEMAND that their Green fascist religion be disseminated, ALL THE TIME. It's always there. Never ANY OTHER viewpoint, except for the phony "it's all settled" lie... and so - because "it's all settled" - then there's no point in TorStar hacks having any other discussion, is there, so, they don't have to get any other viewpoints. THAT'S THE MAN-MADE "CONVENIENCE" UNDER WHICH HENSHEL'S GANG OPERATES. There can't be any other viewpoint except their own perverted Atkinsonian viewpoint, eh, Steve?!)
Niagara This Week, unsurprisingly, published another GreenFear-propaganda-laden editorial in their Dec.26, 2019 issue. Kelly Montague publishes this garbage, but it's not clear if the "managing editor", Melinda Cheevers, writes it, or whether it's leftist sewage just piped down from head office at TorStar, to be regurgitated by the robots at NTW; nevertheless, the 'it's all settled man-made-climate-change' hoax, with its baked in bias, is still doggedly propagandized in Niagara. The disgusting Torstar scumbags at Niagara This Week doubled down on their own re-exploitation of children, using them as nothing but political pawns to push climate propaganda. 
   Tiana Lowe wrote in "This Greta Thunberg thing is child abuse" (Washington Examiner ,Aug.29, 2019):
       "...Adolescent climate change protester Greta Thunberg has stage parents, literally. Her mother sang opera internationally until the teenager convinced her to quit due to greenhouse gas emissions from flying, and her father and grandfather both gained fame through acting and directing.
Now, they've pivoted into the parental act of every stage parent looking to secure the next generation of fame. Apparently, the Swedish version of a Teri Shields is pimping her kid out, not to Penthouse, but to the cause of climate apocalypse.
For all that, conservatives have rightly griped at the performative pointlessness of Thunberg's schtick, and for all that, liberals have rightly griped that a waning but still significant segment of conservatives deny the reality of anthropogenic climate change; the biggest travesty lost in the hype about the Swedish activist who recently sailed to American shores is that her parents, the media, and the climate alarmist Left are basically engaging in child abuse.
Cases of kids entering public discourse out of sheer discourse, such as Parkland survivors Cameron Kasky and Kyle Kashuv, are sometimes inevitable and sometimes valuable. Some political causes require spokesmen with lived experiences. But even as we saw in the aftermath of Parkland, putting children in the public spotlight is more likely to backfire on them than not.
The case of Thunberg is even more egregious. She began suffering from depression as a child, by her own admission, in part because she learned about climate change at age 8. She was later diagnosed with autism and obsessive compulsive disorder and gradually became despondent as she obsessed over her fear of climate change. She developed mutism and an eating disorder so severe that she once went two months without food, and she stopped going to school. Her only sibling, a sister named Beata, also suffers from Asperger's and OCD, as well as ADHD.
Now tell me, does it seem healthy to place a child with this many mental illnesses under the spotlight of public scrutiny, with a sole focus on the very phenomenon and associated alarmism that triggered her in the first place?..."
    The entire Greta episode is a long-running tragedy, really. This kid was essentially a pawn, primed and pimped out by her GreenFear-infected handlers, and by her adoring cabal of enablers, acolytes, and hangers-on, to create mass hysteria (...note: a hysteria for which the only answer is - of course -political socialism... not science at all). Clearly, Canadian clowns such as dipper jerk Jagmeet Singh and Green Succubus Elizabeth May chose to ignore Greta's abuse, and instead, enabled and condoned the abuse because it suited their perverted purpose; they glorified Greta for becoming a climate-change propaganda pawn.

   The 'Great' Greta Gong Show circus didn't go to Communist China (!!) to lecture the commies on AGW; but made sure they hit Canada to interfere in our federal election - and that kind of exploitation, too, is OK to TorStar and their fellow travellers. They support that kind of election interference!! {Remember, no leftist Canadian media outlet complained when the despicable Obama interfered in Canada's 2019 election!! That was OK to Canada's lefties! Yet, had Trump done the same thing, cheering for a particular candidate during the Canadian election, he would have been excoriated by a raging Canadian leftist media mob.}

   When Henschel - or ANY of his cadre of TorStar Atkinson Principle-perverted propagandists - wrote about this march, why wasn't any mention made or photos shown of the communist hammer and sickle signs - symbols of death and murder, on par with swastikas - that are prevalent at these marxist climate-coven demonstrations?! He didn't see one?!!? He and his fellow media accomplices don't look too deeply into that, eh?! Wonder how many TorStar employees love wearing their Che tshirts around the office, y'know, adorned with the red stars and hammers and sickles and such...?!

   The CBC's Padraig Moran  (Oct.10, 2019) just had to report - with indignant shock! - Jason Kenney's position on why he didn't participate in Greta's Great Climate Commie-con:
  "Alberta Premier Jason Kenney said he didn't attend September's day of global action on climate change because "much of it" was "coming from the radical left."
  "There were communist hammer-and-sickle flags out there — I wouldn't go to a rally with a hammer and sickle flag any more than I would to one with a swastika, quite frankly," he told The Current's guest host Kathleen Petty.
  Thousands marched in cities all over the world on Sept. 27, demanding world government's take action on climate change.
   Kenney argued that "the manifesto for that day of action was essentially to shut down the entire industrial economy, virtually overnight."
  "These are not mainstream voices, this is not helpful," Kenney said.
  "The way we're going to make a difference is through technology that reduces carbon emissions in practical ways, and that is what we are focused on as a government..."

    CBC and Moran must been incensed and triggered to report Kenny's position - and to spin it as if it was abnormal, but the Great Greta freak show wasn't!!
    Note -  again!! - carefully note the default bias built into Henschel's NTW report... and Moran's CBC report... and Greco's 9-year old Standard report... and thousands of others... which demands that NO OTHER viewpoint may be presented, other than the expected skewed leftist GreenFear narrative. There is no impartiality, no sense of journalistic inquisitiveness, of objectivity, or of integrity. Any subject expressing another view, other than the "it's all settled, so no further questions need be asked" lie, is to be diminished, ridiculed, shamed, or outright dismissed.
     Commie influence? Whaaaat? I no see aneee steenkin' commy influence!!
     Of course, this kind of straightforward answer by Kenney is anathema, is shocking, is seen as bizarre, to GreenFear-infected, prejudiced, TorStar, CBC, and assorted other MSM media hacks, who spin, bob, weave and essentially lie in order to paint what amounts to a non-journalistic (underhandedly biased) picture, PRETENDING it is a journalistic (unbiased) picture.
   It's NOT journalism at all - it's fake journalism disguised as if it's real - -  "As if  " - got it?! In other words, it's a bait and switch con-game, where fraudulent "news" is intentionally manufactured and substituted for, and falsely presented and orchestrated as, real news.
   It is opinion professionally perverted by paid propagandists, to appear as 'actual journalism'. It's how the left launders its propaganda. (TVO and Paikin know this quite well.)
    The bias is so-built-in, so ingrained, in the media's structure, from the producers to the editors on down, that it's organizationally, institutionally, biased. They operate in their own ecosystem, in their own silo.
    It's congenital and structurally biased; the GreenFear-kool-aid has been BAKED INTO their minds, therefore, to them, there is no - can be no {!!!} - other viewpoint: hence the "it's all settled" meme-narrative-lie is perpetuated and never examined.
   {...Note a similarity of process and politics, in that these are the same kind of leftist hacks who never, ever thought to ask where the "Steele dossier" came from!! In order to flame their deluded hate of Trump, these hacks peddled a lie that this "dossier" somehow proved Trump was a compromised agent of Russia who 'stole the election' from Poor Old Crooked Hillary.!! [Lookit - we got a DOSSIER, folks!! Ya see: a DOSSIER!! It's all settled, ya see: Trump's guilty, ya see, cuz it sez so in the DOSSIER...!] This narrative played out in Niagara pretty much on a regular basis for some 3 years: it was portrayed AND peddled as 'accepted fact', which, like with their climate change hoax, the basis was never to be challenged!!!  The fact that the 'Steele dossier' was a hoax created by Crooked Hillary just doesn't compute in the minds of those infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome...}
    All their climate change stories are based on the 'it's all settled so you cannot ask any questions about it' lie.
    It is from this fundamental lie{from this delusion; this psychotic long-term break from reality}that all subsequent GreenFear-pushing 'reports' originate and from which the myriads of GreenFear-pushing writer/propagandists are given cover, given free reign, to continue and build upon the lie, and psychotically not consider themselves as also being liars and propagandists.
   They must believe in their original lie, at all costs. Existing within their fish-tank of GreenFear-induced delusion, they can claim that they are 'credible journalists reporting credible news', and, they can subsequently say and do ridiculous things because in their (GreenFear-muddled) minds, they are 'held harmless' from scrutiny - by the original big lie!!
    After all: look at the convenient cover their lie offers: How can they be lying, when "it's all settled" and when "no further questions need be asked"?! See: it's an endless self-perpetuating circle of deceit: lie / cite fake evidence; lie / cite fake evidence... over and over - it's a formula of deception which 'works' every time! [...as long as it's NOT questioned!!!]
   (That same kind of delusional process was brazenly promulgated by Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Schumer and the rest of the Demotard Coup Crew during their phony impeachment fiasco. "It's all settled - Trump's guilty!!!" the witch-hunters incessantly proclaimed. "The evidence is incontrovertible! Just trust us! It's all settled!! We don't need to ask any more questions! Don't ask for cross-examination in the House!!")
    The "it's all settled, just trust us; we've manufactured some new 'evidence' " lie is designed to absolve the GreenFear peddlers of accountability, and to absolve their friendly cling-ons in the press for their pretense that they are accountable journalists.
    (See any of the hundreds of climate change 'interviews' with Canada's Cagiest Climatologist David Phillips, to see how the lie was consistently employed in their clever Cagey Climate Tango don't-ask-don't-tell phony 'interviews'.)
    The lie encourages them to smear and ridicule other facts (or opinions) contrary to their lies. Their GreenFear Gospel original lie encourages them to deny that earth's climate is changing - while they  accuse others of being "deniers"!! Yet the perverted Green Bolsheviks are the actual, true deniers, denying that earth's climate has changed since there was an earth, since BEFORE MAN, since time immemorial, and that planetary and universal forces are at play here.
   The "it's all settled" lie gives GreenFear-pushing cultists the convenient incentive to freely propagate their lie, all the while secure {...'secure' in a deluded way...}that no-one can question their lie-based-claims; this urinalism is shaped, formed and biased from the start.
   These MSM urinalists are sent out to get a desired, pre-determined 'half-the-story', as it already has been decided that there will be NO NEED to question that which already fits into their expected, pre-ordained ingrained narrative; so, they are acting not as journalists, but as biased stenographer-propagandists, unquestioningly regurgitating what they were sent out to get - no questions asked. (...see how Canada's pathetic media dances the Cagey Climate Tango with David Phillips...)
    Anything which disrupts or challenges or questions the expected GreenFear-induced narrative is purposefully and deftly downplayed/swept under the rug/ masked/ ignored/ ridiculed/ dismissed, and buried... get the point?
   Which is why Greco and Henschel (and others... many others...) can carelessly, unquestioningly even interview children infected with climate change propaganda, and essentially glorify and enable their abuse, by propagating the GreenFear-battered child's force-fed paranoia - and think nothing of it !!
   These creeps will even re-exploit abused children if it will get them another GreenFear-laced story.
   Having inculcated kids spouting this GreenFear-cult mantra just confirms the MSM employees' own biases; what these kids are blabbing about, and why, is NEVER questioned. {"How dare you", Steve Henshchel... how dare you, indeed.}
    Yep: GreenFear-infected children who are climate-change tools (...fools... mules...?) are eagerly re-exploited by CBC, TorStar, and other confirmation-bias fake news MSM, who have not been truthful about the Communist influence underlying the grotesque Greta freak show.
   Miranda Devine wrote in "Irresponsible adults have caused the climate fear plaguing Greta Thunberg(New York Post, Sept.25, 2019)"
    "...You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words . . . We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is the money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you!”
Her words and demeanor are those of a totalitarian dictator. She says people who don’t act on climate change are “evil.” The United Nations and Congress should never have given her their platforms.
She has taken literally what irresponsible adults have told her, that the planet is going to end in 11 years unless we stop using fossil fuels.
Her parents and the climate industry have exploited her youthful idealism and rigid obsessions. They have frightened her out of her mind and now are exposing her to condemnation and ridicule
They should be ashamed of themselves.
They have indoctrinated her into believing a childish fantasy, one that has captured the imagination of millions of susceptible children all around the world, and is causing them to suffer, like Greta, what psychologists call eco-anxiety.
One British report found growing numbers of children and young adults are being treated with psychiatric drugs to alleviate climate anxiety.
Some are so certain the planet has no future that they’ve sworn off ever having children.
As irresponsible adult Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told her 2.5 million Instagram followers this year, it is “legitimate” for young people afraid of climate change to ask, “Is it OK to still have children?”
Terrifying children with exaggerated stories about the threat of climate change is a deliberate strategy of eco-totalitarians. It is child abuse.
What Greta does not understand is that it also is a deliberate ploy by climate alarmists to ­advance their hidden agenda of destroying capitalism.
AOC’s former chief of staff let the cat out of the bag last week about her Green New Deal:
It wasn’t originally a climate thing at all . . . we really think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy,” Saikat Chakrabarti told The Washington Post..."
     Yes: and there you have it: the climate change lie has always been a political agenda masking the left's inherent marxism; the exact same GreenFear climate fraud applies in Canada. 
     '"Terrifying children with exaggerated stories about the threat of climate change is a deliberate strategy of eco-totalitarians. It is child abuse" - did ya hear that, Steve Henschel, Julie Greco and company?
    'What Greta does not understand is that it also is a deliberate ploy by climate alarmists to ­advance their hidden agenda of destroying capitalism' -.hmm, did ya hear that, Steve and Julie, Niagara This Week and St. Catharines Standard? Dija hear that, Bell Media? CTV, Global, Corus, TorStar, CBC, TVO...??
    Astounding story by Don Henderson in the Oct 1, 2019 Hamilton Spectator  regarding a masked gang who attacked passersby - including an elderly lady (Henderson's mother) - in front of a Bernier campaign event at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario. The lady, using a walker to cross the street to get to the building, was accosted and called nazi scum - by the black-masked nazi street thugs - the kind of 'antifa' thugs which Great Green Greta's lovely parents root for.

An Oct.17, 2019 CBC story had this comment from Alexander Borgia: "Hallam is on video calling for the violent overthrow of the government, and indicating that there would be deaths.
They don't like steel or oil, but have no trouble wearing clothes made by steel machinery, with plastics made from oil..."
Will CBC reporter Samantha Craggs now cover this covered-up part of her "peaceful" fake story?! Funny how THAT was conveniently NOT in the 'story"!! Why did she COVER UP relevant facts?

Will Niagara This Week's Steve Henschel revisit his 'Extinction Rebellion' story, and now actually practice some journalism?! 

  A story by Anton Roberts on CTV's early morning tv news, Oct.25, 2019, had Roberts showing that the GreenFear Queen Greta Thunberg was still gallivanting across Canada, this time hiking in BC's mountains with some guy Pomeroy, who was happily telling us (and her, apparently) that the glaciers are melting due to climate change.
    But - the phonily-impartial host Roberts ALSO actually stated, after showing the clip of Pomeroy and GreenShevik Greta walking together, that the glaciers are melting due to climate change - an editorial statement which he has no basis for; it wasn't news, nor factual - that was his opinion, inserted and offered as news, pretending to be news, presented as news - yet it was fake news. (Let's remember that Climate Crap peddler Andrew Chang was doing this same kind of thing over at CBC tv prior to the 2019 federal election, shamelessly and smugly editorializing his stories by telling us "climate change is real" - which is a political opinion, NOT news. CBC employees can get away peddling green bolshevism like that.)
       CTV's Roberts, too, was spreading GreenFear, substituting personal conflated GreenFear-infected views for fact and journalism; a bait and switch con job.

     So, there it is: that's what GreenFear propaganda looks like - show a biased one-sided half-a-story, then confirm the bias afterwards as if it was fact.

    That was his green religious cult belief which Roberts inserted into the story.
    He had no intention whatsoever of questioning what he had just shown, thereby revealing this is not a journalist, but a propagandist, and this wasn't news, it was propaganda, deceptively disguised as 'news'.  
    (...this is yet another example of real propaganda which WILL NEVER be shown by the hypocrites over at TVO on their documentary about propaganda!!!! oh the irony of TVO smugly airing 'documentaries' about propaganda, when TVO does NOTHING but propagandize lies about climate change!! Deliciously bitter irony...)
    Wonder if Roberts knows that mile high ice sheets had formed, existed - and melted - several times - throughout Canada, over the ages? Does that have any bearing on this Bell Media / CTV employee's deceptive, ignorant claim - a claim that isn't even scientific, but is a political claim? Or any bearing on the standard of lies so easily and casually conflated and spread by Bell Fake News Media / CTV?
    On Jan.5, 2020, CTV was broadcasting a very odd television ad, where news hosts Ken Shaw, Downer and Dube were sitting at a table, and apparently, Shaw was announcing to the other two that there are changes being made and that he's handing down his news host duties over to them. Then he says to them something along the lines of '...but, I'm not leaving, I'll still be around, doing more in depth segments... like pieces on CLIMATE CHANGE...'!!!!!
   WTF is Ken Shaw gonna do NOW?!
   Hey Ken: will you first assemble and re-examine ALL the climate change crap lies which CTV/ Bell has shat out over the years?  We all know that CTV  / Bell ain't gonna pay ya to investigate their own corporatized climate deceptions!!!!!!!!!!! CTV makes good money spewing climate change deceptions! Just like the CBC, TVO, Corus, and TorStar - they will NOT pay their own GreenFear-infected employees to dig into their own organization's lies!
   WTF is going on at CTV / Bell?! They've been lying, fear mongering, spreading climate alarmism for YEARS!! 
  So, what's Ken's mission now; and why'd he specify 'climate change'?!
  If his mission isn't to actually examine the climate change hoax fairly and squarely (...which in itself is the polar opposite of what CTV / Bell have been doing... and which would prove embarrassing to myriads of staff who had been willingly peddling, or been forced to peddle, climate change hysteria...) then what is he going to be doing?
Creating and overseeing MORE CTV Climate Crap?!
   Will Ken's 'department of climate crap' be tasked with 'out-climate-crapping' the other 'climate-crappers', like TorStar, CBC, TVO, Global /Corus... where every hurricane, every storm, every wild fire, every flood, almost every natural bit of Canadian weather, is eagerly, breathlessly, ominously (deceptively!!!) portrayed as a MAN-MADE DISASTER - right out of the leftist "it's all settled" playbook?! 
   "Climate Change" - specifically MAN MADE climate change, as defined by the left and the leftist media, including CTV -  was ALWAYS presented and insinuated as the only underlying cause - a cause whose 'solution' was a political one.
   CTV and its fellow horde of leftist GreenFear-tainted-koolaid-drinkers perverted science and presented a set of built-in biases as 'facts' - as "all settled" 'facts', no less -  which were essentially manufactured POLITICAL PROPAGANDA, deceptively presented as factual 'news'.
  Every "climate change" story was in fact a biased-from-the-start political story, deceptively presented as if it was real 'news', as if it was "all settled" that 'climate change' is caused by man.

   (Funny how the "Steele dossier" was similarly falsely presented as 'real news' to the public, for years, by nearly every MSM outlet, touted as "irrefutable proof of Trump's guilt" of  'something'; (witch-hunter Mueller spent millions looking for "Trump's guilt" but couldn't find it) yet those same MSM outlets, infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome, could not bother to discover that the entire "Steele dossier" was a massive propaganda effort financed by Crooked Hillary's Democrats as a counter-intelligence plot to destroy a candidate running for President, and then, to continue their sedition by morphing it into treason, by attempting to undermine and subvert the legitimate results of the 2016 American election - - all covered up by an enabling cabal of Democrat-loyal crooked government officials and a corrupt biased media. 
  The narrative of MSM news reports (in Canada as well) was not to get at the truth, or provide impartiality or balance, but to just incessantly repeat the original lie, to slime Trump, as if  he was already "guilty of something"...) CTV's Richard Madman liked doing that! 
  The "Steele dossier is true" lie is quite parallel to, and similar with, the tactics of the earlier-established "it's all settled" climate change lie. The original lie is not questioned; only one side of the story (the false one) is told; all media reports carry the false narrative and absolve themselves - under cover of said original lie! - from having to make ANY effort that could be confused with journalism or objectivity!!)
    CTV has NEVER presented ANY CAVEATS before its ominous and breathlessly political "climate change" fake-news reports!! 
   The slick CTV "news" shaping starts with the presentation of a fact (...a snow fall, a storm, a drought, a flood...) which is then instantly transformed into a mis-representation of that same fact. The original fact is essentially transmogrified into something OTHER than the fact it had just previously been!
    CTV (and many, many other MSMs follow the same template) perform a feat of illusion, a deceptive sleight-of-hand, a bait-and-switch; they perpetrate an act of journalistic alchemy, where journalism devolves into urinalism, where fact becomes fake, where a bit of fact is perverted and converted through conflation, innuendo and false causation into propaganda, which then is reported breathlessly as "real news".
    So a weather event is re-manufactured inside CTV's propaganda factory, and instantaneously becomes imbued with ominous innuendo that it was caused by "climate change" - note again: the conflation, the lie, being that it was all caused by man - NOT by nature. 
    The underlying message {the propaganda} purposefully meant to be obediently conveyed (and not questioned) by this deceptive fake-news presentation, is that only carbon taxes can "stop" earth's climate from changing.
   CTV has NEVER prefaced their fake-climate-change 'news' stories with warnings...
                      (...and why would CTV give us a warning?! They don't  want us to know that their biased "climate                                               change" stories are not actually news at all, just Climate Crap..!)
   ...by openly stating that those 'weather-events-morphed-into-deadly-man-made-climate-change' stories, which they breathlessly present as 'news', are biased, not based on natural climate change (which has been ongoing since earth had a climate to change, btw..!) but on a political belief  of 'man-made climate change'. CTV peddles GreenFear-based Climate Crap as if it was real news. Therefore, CTV purposefully peddles FAKE NEWS.
   And there you have the bait and switch: the terms are deceptively employed, and a purposefully intended bias is baked right into CTV's core narrative. Goebbels would be impressed by this kind of green propaganda.
     Great Gaia: can you imagine, several thousand years ago, what today's Jim Bradleys and CTV-ers would have been saying when the lands around Ontario were occupied by giant ice sheets, melting to form the Great Lakes?! 
   "We must STOP CLIMATE CHANGE" the ancient proto-Bradleys would indignantly, smugly, roar, and the ancient proto-stenographer-CTV-ers would eagerly re-roar!
   We need a new tax to STOP THESE GREAT LAKES from forming!! 
   We need to STOP THE FLOODING! 
   We only have... umm... uh... 12 years... no wait... umm... 8 years... yeh, that's it: only 8 years left, before we REACH THE DREADED TIPPING POINT OF NO RETURN!!
    If we don't stop it, we will PUT THE PLANET IN PERIL.There are TOO MANY people on this flat planet; these people have caused this Great Ice Sheet to melt into Great Puddles and Ponds, and we as proto-Liberals cannot let them get away with it!! 
   We MUST SAVE THE ICE SHEET..." (cue the sound of clucking chickens)

   The ancient proto-Bradley morphed into the same squawking real Bradley, still spreading climate change deceptions. And those ancient proto-CTV-stenographers still drink Bradley's GreenFear-infected diarrhea, still happily re-amplifying and regurgitating it ad nauseum.

  Climate change fear-mongering is directed by the UN - Turdo's favourite place - from the stink hole of Guterres himself. 
  Will Ken Shaw re-assess the climate garbage which CTV Bell Media crapped out in this Dec.1, 2019 piece , written by some AP hacks named Artiz Parra and Frank Jordans ?!
   Of course he won't!
   This is YET MORE of the kind of typical Climate Crap garbage which has regularly been shat out by CTV over the years, where the story is lop-sided and reeking of leftist bias. 
  Ken: CTV  / Bell publishes mountains of this fetid Climate Crap all the time! 
   So what are YOU going to do, Ken, on the 'climate change' file now - add yet more climate crap to the huge amount of climate crap which CTV already peddles? Are you going to issues a mass apology to the audiences which have been deceived by years of CTV Bell Media Climate Crap-peddling?
   Will you be suddenly now providing a studied, scientific rebuttal to each climate story which CTV publishes? {hahahaha Great gaia: if so, then CTV better just stop publishing their Climate Crap stories altogether!!! Half-heartedly providing scientific information alongside the GreenFear industry's lies, just helps glorify and normalize the GreenFear lies!! The real solution would be to just stop publishing the Climate Crap lies in the first place!!} 
  Never are CTV's Climate Crap reports balanced. It's always the same old climate crap lie. CTV UNQUESTIONINGLY regurgitates what the GreenFear-kool-aid drinkers spout, no questions asked!
  Why are no questions asked?? Because "it's all settled" you see!! {So; why bother to question anything, if "it's already been settled"?!! Y'see: brilliantly constructed, circular, self-sealing, self-perpetuating propaganda: a cover-up repeatedly justified upon an earlier lie!!
    It would be shocking indeed, if Ken Shaw and CTV / Bell did an about face regarding their GreenFear mongering, and started depoliticizing climate change, revealing it for the leftist hoax which it is.
    But, what hoaxter will ever admit to their role in peddling the hoax? 
    GreenFear-mongering brings these media corporations a tidy stream of green cash.
    They won't rock the boat to disrupt their cash-cow; if anything, it's likely they'll double down on the climate change fear mongering.
   Then on Jan.30, 2020, we saw Elizabeth Fauxcahontas Warren, that sad she-ain't-right-in-da-haid Demotard clown, blaming (who else?!!) Trump - and climate change - for the coronavirus outbreak!!! What can one say in response to such idiocy?! What else would we expect from these sick Tards?! (Thankfully, Elizabeth Fake-Ahontas Warren  finally quit her pathetic 'presidential bid' on Mar 5, 2020)
  These GreenFear-infected Bolsheviks are delusional, grasping at and spouting bizarre paranoid theories without concern for facts. The Democrats' perverted Trump impeachment fiasco {ie the Pelosi-Schiff abortion} clearly demonstrated that their penchant for propagating delusions and paranoid rhetoric far outweighs their ability to understand reality.
  Speaking of abortions, that disgustingly evil Demotard creep Chuck Schumer uttered public threats against two U..S. Supreme Court Justices on Mar 4, 2020 while trying to incite a pro late-term / post-term-abortion-crazed mob outside of the Supreme Court building. The devolution of the deplorable Democrat party is in full display.
On Feb,29, 2020, some mentally ill Trump-hating CBC commenter (following in the mentally deluded footsteps of Fauxcahontas, and other Greenfear-infected Demoncrats) , 'Beatrice Darlene', spouted this garbage:
 "Trump has slashed funding for public health and jobs and resources at the CDC.
His abandon the vulnerable/we don't need gov't ideology is clashing with reality..."

 But: Trump did NOT cut CDC funding at all, nor abandon "the vulnerable". It is a lie by the mentally-ill left, whose own ideology is clashing with reality, and they cannot deal with it.
The left has politicized the COVID-19 virus, and mentally-ill leftards regurgitate the lies. 
It's always tough for the TDS-infected leftards to comprehend reality.

It's funny how often the CBC simply closes their comments sections on any story that's possibly capable of shedding bad light on any Liberal or Democrat - yet, the comments are open wide when it it suitable to lay blame on Trump! That's an old and frequent tactic of the scumbag censors at the CBC!

             Anyhow, let's read what the AP ( yes: the leftist AP!) wrote;
             "... MIKE BLOOMBERG: “There’s nobody here to figure out what the hell we should be doing. And he’s defunded — he’s defunded Centers for Disease Control, CDC, so we don’t have the organization we need. This is a very serious thing.” — Democratic presidential debate Tuesday.

JOE BIDEN, comparing the Obama-Biden administration with now: “We increased the budget of the CDC. We increased the NIH budget. ... He’s wiped all that out. ... He cut the funding for the entire effort.”

THE FACTS: They’re both wrong to say the agencies have seen their money cut. Bloomberg is repeating the false allegation in a new ad that states the U.S. is unprepared for the virus because of “reckless cuts” to the CDC. Trump’s budgets have proposed cuts to public health, only to be overruled by Congress, where there’s strong bipartisan support for agencies such as the CDC and NIH. Instead, financing has increased.

Indeed, the money that government disease detectives first tapped to fight the latest outbreak was a congressional fund created for health emergencies.
Some public health experts say a bigger concern than White House budgets is the steady erosion of a CDC grant program for state and local public health emergency preparedness — the front lines in detecting and battling new disease. But that decline was set in motion by a congressional budget measure that predates Trump.

The broader point about there being “nobody here” to coordinate the response sells short what’s in place to handle an outbreak.
The public health system has a playbook to follow for pandemic preparation — regardless of who’s president or whether specific instructions are coming from the White House. Public-health experts outside government have praised the CDC’s work so far and noted that its top scientific ranks have remained stable during the past three years..."
           So - despite the facts, which even AP had to grudgingly admit, that the CDC funding was NOT cut, the CBC was just hoping that their comments section on this story would have mentally  ill people pretending that the opposite was true. And hey: it worked! The CBC got its propaganda! The CBC provided the setup, and the drooling Trump hatin' liars crawled out of the woodwork to spew their politicized hate. These commenters don't give shit about the victims: they're just using ANY victims, for their own political gain.

When John Colford asked "where's Trudeau in all this", the same hack Beatrice Darlene answered "Trudeau is not a doctor. Cheers". Wow - see that?! See how it works?! Cover up for Canada's Blackface Prince; yet, blame Trump (because Trump is a doctor? or because Trump isn't a doctor?!!!) Is Blackfaced Boy Blunder Turdeau "a doctor"?!!hahahahha! oh the hypocritical stances of the deluded left.

Hey: whaddabout the old 'harper and science' meme -- well look no further: "David E Lee - The Stephan Harper school of science communication.- -" yes: the Trump-haters were even rolling out that old chestnut again ('Harper supposedly muzzling science' ) - when the AP fact check clearly did not find that this applied to Trump.
John Ibbitson in his Mar 14, 2020 Globe and Mail column, pretty much gave Turdo a blowjob, right there in the Globe's pages, panting heavily over Turdeau's supposedly masterful direction of Canada's Covid 19 response, while sneering at Trump's response!! Truly unbelievable propaganda!
  It was great to watch America's demented politician Joe Biden babbling and drooling in July 2020 (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWnwfSmdHjo) spreading more climate change lies!! Dementia-laden Biden now claims that "science tells us we have 9 years before the damage is irreversible".
   This is exactly the kind of excrement that Justin Trudeau and Climate Barbie said, and believe! Liberal climate-crap pushers such as Chris Bittle and Vance Badawey believe Biden's bullsh!t. So does St. Catharines mayor Walter Sendzik - doesn't he?!! So does the local NDP hack Jennie Stevens - doesn't she?! So does the disgusting hack Jim Bradley - doesn't he?! Well, we don't know - because the local Niagara media have their rear ends filled with Liberal cash and propaganda, so, they dare not ask.
   Hey: maybe Canada's Cagiest Climatologist David Phillips knows - - - ohh.... no one bothered to ask Cagey Dave either!!
  The demented fool Biden is singing their tune! They utterly believe in their sick climatalarmist scenarios, and therefore, will never question Biden's insanity.