Tuesday, March 27, 2012

McGuinty's Liberal liars railroad Ontario Northland

Further to my earlier post...

The Timmins Times reported on Mar.27, 2012:
"Mayor Tom Laughren and several Timmins city councilors expressed dismay and disappointment Monday night with Premier Dalton McGuinty and senior ministers at Queen’s Park in light of the announcement last Friday that the Ontario Government plans to sell off the Ontario Northland Transportation Commission (ONTC).
Their anger comes in view of the fact that the mayor and several councilors were in Toronto just a few weeks ago to meet with the premier and several cabinet ministers at the annual meeting of the Ontario Good Roads Association.
That is one of the few times in the year when municipal councilors get face time with the Premier and the cabinet to discuss vital issues for the North.
“There was no hint at anytime in our meeting with Minister Bartolucci, or formerly Minister Gravelle, that anything like this was being considered,” Laughren told council Monday night.
Laughren said if anything the Timmins delegation was pushing to enhance Ontario Northland operations in the hope that the provincially owned railroad would become part of the transportation solution for the Ring of Fire mining project.
“We felt this was a real opportunity for Ontario Northland,” Laughren recalled.
Laughren said Northern leaders had no inkling that the Ontario Northland bombshell was coming.
“There was no consultation on this decision,” Laughren said.
He added that Timmins and other Northern communities had met several times in recent years with Queen’s Park representatives to hash out details for the Northern Ontario Growth Plan.
“And we asked the questions previously why ONTC was not sitting at that table and we always were assured they would be. Obviously now we know maybe why they haven’t been,” Laughren said.
Laughren’s disappointment was shared by councilor Mike Doody, a one-time staunch supporter of the provincial Liberals.
“The announcement to divest the assets of Ontario Northland really has left the citizens of Northern Ontario with the feeling that we have been abandoned by this government,” said Doody.
He added that the McGuinty Liberals continue to put impediments in the way of mining and forestry development in the North.
Doody said the Ontario government’s decision is a stark contrast to Quebec where the provincial government has announced it will spend billions of dollars in the coming years to promote mining and build new rail lines.
Shaking his head in disgust at the Queen’s Park announcement, Doody proclaimed “the only thing that surprises me is that they didn’t make the announcement in the middle of the night.”
Doody said the Queen’s Park liberals have done nothing to endear themselves to Northerners.
“You know these policies that this government has put in place over the past few years has made our population strictly a protest population!” Doody declared.
Doody mentioned that it is well known by now that Premier Dalton McGuinty has not had an official visit to Timmins since he became prisoner is 2003.
“After something like this,” Doody muttered,”Well I don’t know if we’d want him.”
Councilor Andrew Marks expressed his disappointment also, saying the decision by Queen’s Park was “an absolute travesty.”
“I am angry because the Premier has lied,” said Marks, who recalled a meeting with last month in Toronto where MGuinty was speaking.
Marks said McGuinty said “he was was always going to be at the table and we were always going to be able to talk.”
“He has lied,” Marks repeated.
Marks said instead of talking or consulting, the premier is acting unilaterally to ruin important parts of Northern Ontario infrastructure."
Notice the interesting typo (above, in green) "since he [McGuinty] became PRISONER in 2003"! Did they mean 'premier', or actually mean prisoner?!!!! The Timmins Times typo was changed later in the day to 'premier'!
Let's go forward to a Dec.28, 2016 story by Madeline Ashby "If Premier Kathleen Wynne wanted to improve her relationship with Northern Ontario, she could do no better than to work toward the re-institution of the Northland passenger train... The Northland passenger train was once the safest method of travel for people to and from Toronto, especially in the winter. It was a way to avoid driving through a zero-visibility whiteout in the Barrie snowbelt, or a North Bay ice storm, like the one that happened this week.
Crucially, it was also a way for those in far-flung communities to access Toronto health services"
Ashby should have maybe contacted that sack of Liberal garbage MPP Jim Bradley for some background on how his Liberals abandoned Ontario Northland!
Ole Jimmy's been peddling a multi-billion-dollar GreenFear-Fiasco global-warming climate scam in Ontario, so that his Liberals can 'save the planet'. Jimmy was Ontario's Transportation Minister as well.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

CBC protects Liberal Jim Bradley from C. difficile scrutiny

Funny how the CBC's  television show Marketplace, on Mar.23, 2012, was about filthy hospitals - focusing mainly on Ontario, and in particularly on hospitals in Hamilton and in Niagara.

Kevin Smith (who is also the NHS's Supervisor) was interviewed about the CBC's claims that his hospitals were apparently not maintaining a thorough cleaning regimen. Smith squirmed slightly, but weaseled out of any responsibilty for what he was shown by the CBC reporter.

Of course, the Niagara Health System was notorious for its deadly 2011-2012 C. difficile outbreaks - yet AMAZINGLY (hahaha) the CBC reporter DID NOT BOTHER to mention or interview the monopoly-pushing Liberals who are in charge of health care in Niagara: MPP's Jim Bradley, or Kim Craitor!!

The CBC focused on Smith, but avoided asking any questions whatsoever of the Liberal hacks Craitor and Bradley, in whose ridings' hospitals the CBC carried out some of their investigation!!

Smith was appointed BY Craitor and Bradley's Liberals!

Why didn't the CBC bother to ask the Liberal MPP's in Niagara not only the very same questions which the CBC asked of Smith, but also then ask Kimmy'n'Jimmy to comment on their own appointee/employee Smith's answers?!

Funny: it's as if Liberal MPP's Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor have nothing to do with Niagara's filthy hospitals!!

It's as if Kevin Smith is somehow in charge of funding McGuinty's Liberal health-care monopoly!!

The CBC could have asked Good Ole Liberal hack Jim Bradley to explain why Bradley VANISHED from Niagara for months, when C.diff patients were dying in his infected health monopoly's hospitals.

The CBC didn't even bother to interview Liberal health minister Deb Matthews, either!! After all, if Kimmy'n'Jimmy got nothin' to do with it, what would Matthews have to do with it?! hahaha

Furthermore, the CBC didn't bother to interview the secretive organization which oversees the NHS: the Niagara LHIN - which was also created by Jim Bradley's and Kim Craitor's Liberals!!!!

No one from the CBC bothered to question the Liberal-appointed hacks at the LHIN about their own filthy hospitals!!

Funny, eh?! (That's what Liberal-biased "fake news" looked like, and that's what it did: distort, deflect and distract from attaching any culpability to any Liberal for the disasters in their own socialist health-care nirvana)

Funny: the CBC (...as did the St.Catharines Bradley Shoe-shiner) simply covered-over Jim Bradley's complicity in the C.diff deaths in Niagara, by not asking Good Ole Jimmy about why his Liberals quashed a public C. diff inquiry in 2008, which could have prevented the subsequent C. diff outbreak in Niagara in 2011!!

The media bent over backwards to distract from any link between the Liberals' secrecy in 2008, to another (preventable) killer outbreak in 2011. The narrative was these events had nothing to do with each other.

No: the CBC didn't... umm...  have the time or inclination to examine Jim Bradley's, George Smitherman's, and the rest of the McGuinty monopolist gang's role in bringing on the C. diff crisis in Niagara in 2011, by purposefully quashing (hiding from) a C. diff inquiry in 2008!! (...and no amount of political cleanser will clear that ugly stain from Jim Bradley's record.)

The CBC chose Kevin Smith as an easy target for blame, blatantly diverting everyone's attention from the real culprits - from Smith's bosses: Ontario's health-monopoly-pushing McGuinty Liberals.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

McGuinty refuses to fire Disingenuous Deb Matthews

As McGuinty's Liberals, such as Rick Bartolucci, happily continue to cut healthcare... [closing 30 hospital beds won't affect seniors, Ole Secret-G20-law Bartolucci laughably says!] ...we also see how Disingenuous Deb, McGuinty's ignorant/incompetent health minister, still refuses to resign after the release of auditor McCarter's report on the ORNGE scandal.

What's more, McGuinty refuses to do the right thing, and fire Matthews. The waste of more millions of tax dollars is obviously not of any concern to McGuinty: this is peanuts to the billions McGuinty's Liberal fools have already squandered!

Millions upon millions of  health-care dollars were wasted by McGuinty's monopoly-pushing Liberal ideologues, while these same sanctimonious Liberals closed hospital beds throughout Ontario.

Liberal hacks Kim Craitor, Jim Bradley and Rick Bartolucci must be oh so proud.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why are reporters afraid to challenge Liberal Jim Bradley's climate GreenFear-mongering?

Further to earlier stories  here  and  here  and  here...

...QMI reporter Greg Van Moorsel in his weird article "Long view of environment a benefit" (appearing in the St.Catharines Standard, Mar.13, 2012) pretends that Dalton McGuinty's Greenshevist Liberal Environment Minister, Jim the Kyodiot Bradley, somehow had never been aware of  'climate change' in Ontario!

Funny stuff, considering that Good Ole Liberal Jimmy was the leading Liberal kyodiot GreenFear pusher in Ontario!!!!

Jim Bradley's climate-change enviro-B.S. preceded Al Gore's ridiculous climatalarmism by years!!

Funnier yet, Van Moorsel laughably claims "But an alarmist, Bradley is not"!! hahahahaha! Climatalarmism is Jim Bradley's forte! What crap from Van Moorsel!

Van Moorsel babbles that "Bradley's long view helps" - but Van Moorsel doesn't say (because Van Moorsel doesn't know) what exactly Good Ole Jimmy's "long view" actually is!

So, how is Van Moorsel extrapolating that whatever Jim Bradley is doing, is "helping"?

Helping how; helping who? Based on what??

These are questions Van Moorsel didn't bother to tackle in his facile Bradley-Fan-Club puff-piece. Just because Bradley's been around since before Elvis left the building, doesn't mean that Bradley's political record, and the secretive "scientific" influences which sway Bradley's politics, cannot be questioned.

It's funny how Van Moorsel, strangely, didn't even bother to look up the Jul.21, 1991 Ottawa Citizen story "Critical threats to the world's existence", wherein writer Tom Spears specifically noted Liberal MPP Jim Bradley already then fear-mongering about "global warming" and "over population" and peak oil - without actually being asked to cite the sources of information extant then, which had already convinced Good Ole Jimmy of all these "critical threats"!

What's even funnier, is that Greg Van Moorsel also did not convey to readers whether Van Moorsel had ever bothered asking Jim Bradley now to publicly reveal the specific scientific evidence, which convinced Jim Bradley that pursuing green statist socialism will reverse/stop global warming/climate change!

An obviously biased Van Moorsel did not bother to question Good Ole Jimmy's mysterious AGW assumptions, nor Good Ole Jimmy's unsupportable political "solutions"! The typical default assumption is that Good Ole Jim Bradley's green bolshevik assumptions cannot be questioned.(...the "it's all settled" deception...)

Like dozens of previous reporters, Van Moorsel parrots what Bradley babbles as enviro-gospel, without actually examining this so-called "long view" of  Bradley's - which Van Moorsel's article is ostensibly all about!

Van Moorsel forgets to mention that Liberal MPP Jim Bradley is not only St.Catharines' Savant of Secord Dr., but that Green Ole Jimmy has also been anointed as an "Environmentalists' Saint", no less!!

Van Moorsel had a perfect opportunity to actually question Ontario's Environment Minister Jim Bradley; like dozens of past reporters, Van Moorsel failed to do so, only to end up writing a political paean to Saint James Bradley!!

Van Moorsel's article is yet another manifestation of Bradley Syndrome.

Van Moorsel is certainly eligible to apply for honourary membership in Wendy Metcalfe's  elite gang  of  Bradley-worshipping Wrong-Righters!

 He's earned it!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Why doesn't McGuinty explain why burn unit patients are exported to States?

Don't tell the Shona Holmes-hating lefty Sickos that "28 people have been taken across the border by fixed-wing aircraft... These patients are normally in need of a burn unit or neurology bed and must be flown to the U.S. for care as there is no space in an Ontario hospital". After all, American buffoons such as Mike Dukakis claim that no-one from Canada ever goes to the States for health care!!
Amazing, that Liberal Deb Matthews refuses to explain why her Liberal health monopoly has "no space" for burn victims in Ontario [this is nothing new for McGuinty's Liberals] and still exports patients to the States, that country which Liberal smarmeisters McGuinty and Gritty Ole Jim Bradley hate so much.

Jim Bradley claims there is no "pot of gold", yet, forgets his Liberals' ORNGE and Green wasted billions!

Finally, Liberal Deb Matthews has decided to throw Liberal George the Diaperman / Smitherman under the ORNGE bus!
As if  Dalton 'the buck always stops somewhere else' McGuinty wasn't fully to blame for what his "hand-picked" deputy premier Smitherman had been allowed to get away with!!!!
Yet, we still get laughable GreenFear-peddling reports from the St.Catharines Standard, happily reporting Environment Minister Jim Bradley talking piously about how there's no "pot of gold out there to spread around" - yet, Shawn Jeffords and Wendy Metcalfe strangley ha ha ha forgot to ask Good Ole Jimmy to explain why there was a stinkin' large pot of Liberal ORNGE waste, and even a larger stinkin' pot of Liberal green waste!!!!
Maybe the yellow-rag should colour itself red.

Friday, March 9, 2012

More GreenFear climate-change propaganda at the St.Catharines Standard

Another nice bit of pure GreenFear propaganda appeared in the Mar.8, 2012 St.Catharines Standard, in Shawn Jeffords' story "Climate change will affect Niagara industries: watchdog".  Shawn Jeffords in this story interviewed McGuinty's Ontario Environment Minister Jim Bradley about Gord Miller's climatalarmism -  yet strangely - Jeffords DID NOT bother to ask Good Ole Liberal MPP Jim Bradley about the causes of this climate change, which Bradley is now ever-so-busily finding all sorts of "solutions" for.
Funny eh? The St. Catharines Standard writes a feel-good-Jimmy-rah-rah-climate-fear-mongering story - yet, the reporter doesn't even bother to ask Jim Bradley for the scientific "evidence" which Bradley has supposedly personally had - for at least twenty years now! - which "proved" to Jim that climate change is caused by man, and, that Bradley's green bolshevism was going to... umm...  'stop climate change'!
Shawn Jeffords had the chance, yet ignored, to ask Jim the Kyodiot Bradley to prove that Bradley's climatalarmist hypothesis has any substance, and, to prove that Bradley's Liberal statist climate "solutions" would "solve" anything!
But, as is sadly now the typical case with Wendy Metcalfe's gang of Wrong-Righters, the issue of man-made climate change [and therefore the obvious superiority of man-made "solutions" to "stop" climate change!] is all settled, and so, no debate is required, neither in Niagara, nor anywhere else; and, no annoying questions should even be asked of  Environment Minister Bradley, about his deceptive green socialist ideology!!
So, Jim Bradley has, once again, been treated with biased kid-gloves by his acolytes at the St.Catharines Standard.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

GreenFear and RoboBradley

Further to my previous post, it's funny how in the Mar.6, 2012 St.Catharines Standard, reporter Jeff Bolichowsky wrote an entire story about the evils of robocalling, yet - miracle of miracles - Bolichowsky didn't once mention Ole Jim Bradley's hallowed Liberal name!!
No questions whatsoever were raised by Bolichowsky as to details regarding Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's use of robocalls in St.Catharines!! Wendy Metcalfe and her cross-eyed wrong-righters at the Standard are truly working overtime not to upset their good lord, Good Ole Gritty Jimmy.
...oh, and Dr. (!) David Suzuki took another smelly climate-change GreenFear crap in the pages of the Standard on Mar.5, 2012. It smelled just like Jim.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Liberal MPP Jim Bradley used 'robo-calls' in St.Catharines

Funny how no-one from the St.Catharines Standard, nor from Niagara This Week, has bothered to ask Ontario Liberal MPP Jim Bradley to provide specific details as to his use of robocalls in his St.Catharines riding; yet it's OK for Ole Jimmy to spout off in the press and insert himself into the robocall controversy as if he himself had never taken advantage of the technology!!
What a hypogrit.