Friday, March 9, 2012

More GreenFear climate-change propaganda at the St.Catharines Standard

Another nice bit of pure GreenFear propaganda appeared in the Mar.8, 2012 St.Catharines Standard, in Shawn Jeffords' story "Climate change will affect Niagara industries: watchdog".  Shawn Jeffords in this story interviewed McGuinty's Ontario Environment Minister Jim Bradley about Gord Miller's climatalarmism -  yet strangely - Jeffords DID NOT bother to ask Good Ole Liberal MPP Jim Bradley about the causes of this climate change, which Bradley is now ever-so-busily finding all sorts of "solutions" for.
Funny eh? The St. Catharines Standard writes a feel-good-Jimmy-rah-rah-climate-fear-mongering story - yet, the reporter doesn't even bother to ask Jim Bradley for the scientific "evidence" which Bradley has supposedly personally had - for at least twenty years now! - which "proved" to Jim that climate change is caused by man, and, that Bradley's green bolshevism was going to... umm...  'stop climate change'!
Shawn Jeffords had the chance, yet ignored, to ask Jim the Kyodiot Bradley to prove that Bradley's climatalarmist hypothesis has any substance, and, to prove that Bradley's Liberal statist climate "solutions" would "solve" anything!
But, as is sadly now the typical case with Wendy Metcalfe's gang of Wrong-Righters, the issue of man-made climate change [and therefore the obvious superiority of man-made "solutions" to "stop" climate change!] is all settled, and so, no debate is required, neither in Niagara, nor anywhere else; and, no annoying questions should even be asked of  Environment Minister Bradley, about his deceptive green socialist ideology!!
So, Jim Bradley has, once again, been treated with biased kid-gloves by his acolytes at the St.Catharines Standard.

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