Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why are reporters afraid to challenge Liberal Jim Bradley's climate GreenFear-mongering?

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...QMI reporter Greg Van Moorsel in his weird article "Long view of environment a benefit" (appearing in the St.Catharines Standard, Mar.13, 2012) pretends that Dalton McGuinty's Greenshevist Liberal Environment Minister, Jim the Kyodiot Bradley, somehow had never been aware of  'climate change' in Ontario!

Funny stuff, considering that Good Ole Liberal Jimmy was the leading Liberal kyodiot GreenFear pusher in Ontario!!!!

Jim Bradley's climate-change enviro-B.S. preceded Al Gore's ridiculous climatalarmism by years!!

Funnier yet, Van Moorsel laughably claims "But an alarmist, Bradley is not"!! hahahahaha! Climatalarmism is Jim Bradley's forte! What crap from Van Moorsel!

Van Moorsel babbles that "Bradley's long view helps" - but Van Moorsel doesn't say (because Van Moorsel doesn't know) what exactly Good Ole Jimmy's "long view" actually is!

So, how is Van Moorsel extrapolating that whatever Jim Bradley is doing, is "helping"?

Helping how; helping who? Based on what??

These are questions Van Moorsel didn't bother to tackle in his facile Bradley-Fan-Club puff-piece. Just because Bradley's been around since before Elvis left the building, doesn't mean that Bradley's political record, and the secretive "scientific" influences which sway Bradley's politics, cannot be questioned.

It's funny how Van Moorsel, strangely, didn't even bother to look up the Jul.21, 1991 Ottawa Citizen story "Critical threats to the world's existence", wherein writer Tom Spears specifically noted Liberal MPP Jim Bradley already then fear-mongering about "global warming" and "over population" and peak oil - without actually being asked to cite the sources of information extant then, which had already convinced Good Ole Jimmy of all these "critical threats"!

What's even funnier, is that Greg Van Moorsel also did not convey to readers whether Van Moorsel had ever bothered asking Jim Bradley now to publicly reveal the specific scientific evidence, which convinced Jim Bradley that pursuing green statist socialism will reverse/stop global warming/climate change!

An obviously biased Van Moorsel did not bother to question Good Ole Jimmy's mysterious AGW assumptions, nor Good Ole Jimmy's unsupportable political "solutions"! The typical default assumption is that Good Ole Jim Bradley's green bolshevik assumptions cannot be questioned.(...the "it's all settled" deception...)

Like dozens of previous reporters, Van Moorsel parrots what Bradley babbles as enviro-gospel, without actually examining this so-called "long view" of  Bradley's - which Van Moorsel's article is ostensibly all about!

Van Moorsel forgets to mention that Liberal MPP Jim Bradley is not only St.Catharines' Savant of Secord Dr., but that Green Ole Jimmy has also been anointed as an "Environmentalists' Saint", no less!!

Van Moorsel had a perfect opportunity to actually question Ontario's Environment Minister Jim Bradley; like dozens of past reporters, Van Moorsel failed to do so, only to end up writing a political paean to Saint James Bradley!!

Van Moorsel's article is yet another manifestation of Bradley Syndrome.

Van Moorsel is certainly eligible to apply for honourary membership in Wendy Metcalfe's  elite gang  of  Bradley-worshipping Wrong-Righters!

 He's earned it!

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