Monday, July 25, 2011

Why is the media afraid of Liberal Jim Bradley?!

As of July 24, 2011, now 26 infected patients have died in Niagara's C. difficile outbreak - yet, the local St.Catharines Liberal MPP, the disgusting health-care monopolist Jim Bradley, HASN'T SAID A DAMN WORD about the outbreak.
Why isn't a national media outlet such as CTV demanding interviews and answers from this local Liberal hack? This smug little shit Bradley has represented St.Catharines riding (where most of these deaths occurred) for over thirty years; now, when dozens are dying in Bradley's despotic, secretive Liberal health-monopoly, right in Niagara, right in Bradley's own backyard, Bradley has conveniently disappeared, and no one bothers to call him on it!
It's one thing for Niagara's local loyal Liberal media sycophants to be enamoured with their buddy Bradley, and therefore give Bradley a free ride, but where is the national scrutiny, and the national in-depth coverage of this horror happening in Niagara?
Why isn't the national press demanding answers from Liberal MPP Jim Bradley?!
Is the press afraid of Jim Bradley? WTF?!
26 Niagara patients are dead from a C. difficile outbreak (so far in 2011)  - yet, Jim Bradley has not said a damn word about it!! How many more patients have to die before Jim Bradley decides to offer his comments?!
McGuinty's Liberals (...falsely, criminally...) assured Ontarians back in 2008 (...when Smitherman was hiding the Liberals from a possible C. difficile inquiry after HUNDREDS of patients had already been killed in Ontario's Liberal health monopoly...) that there was nothing to worry about - all we had to do was wash our hands in the hospital, and all would be fine!!
McGuinty deceived Ontarians, telling us that we DID NOT NEED any C. diff investigation in 2008 because his Liberals knew all there was to know about C. diff; yet now in 2011 we have dozens more C. diff dead in Niagara.
So much for McGuinty's Liberal negligent lies.
And why has no one bothered asking McGuinty's Liberals to explain the CIHI revelations from 2007, which found the NHS hospital in St.Catharines (Bradley's own riding) to have the third-highest patient death rate in Canada??
THAT was in 2007 - and still, NO ONTARIO LIBERAL has YET explained this shocking finding! Was C. difficile an unexplained and quickly-covered-up factor in the NHS's CIHI-reported high patient-death-rate?
Even more shocking: both Liberal Jim Bradley and Niagara Falls Liberal MPP Kim Craitor DID NOT BOTHER  to call for any investigation into this shocking CIHI revelation in their own region; these Liberals DID NOTHING to explain why this had happened. (see here)
As if that secrecy wasn't bad enough, McGuinty's jerkoff  health minister George Smitherman then decided TO CUT the NHS's spending, and force the NHS to create a cost-cutting  HIP plan - yet bizarrely, nobody said anything whatsoever about the CIHI-reported high patient-mortality rate!!
The whole thing was glossed over and swept under the rug.
Go ahead: try searching for this yourself: start from Nov. 2007 (when the CIHI-report was first released) and then make your way forward: try to find ANY mention of the NHS death-rate from any Liberal.
Instead of explaining the reasons for this NHS high death-rate, McGuinty's health monopolists decided to CUT the NHS's spending!!
This Niagara nightmare doesn't seem to be ending - the C. difficile death-list grows, and the Liberal politicians in charge are hiding and spinning like there's no tomorrow.

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