Monday, July 25, 2011

Rising Niagara death-toll: 27 C. difficile victims now killed in Liberal state-controlled healthcare monopoly

The July 25, 2011 St.Catharines Standard reported that the death toll in Niagara's C. difficile outbreak now stands at 27 patients dead.
The St. Catharines Standard did not report whether they contacted their buddy Jim Bradley, the local Liberal health monopolist whose government controls health care in Ontario, for any comment on the latest death - or on any of the previous deaths.
After all: wazz Ole Jimmer gots ta do wid any o dis?
The St. Catharines Standard has studiously avoided any mention of Liberal Jim Bradley in association with the 2011 C. diff deaths in Niagara, or with Bradley's Liberal government's 2008 decision to refuse calling a public inquiry when hundreds of earlier patients died of C. diff infection.
But, then the July 25. 2011 St. Catharines Standard also printed Warren Kinsella's great investigative story "C. difficile kills 27 in Niagara - who's next?", where an intrepid Liberal-lovin', stereo-type shatterin', all-guns-blazin'  Kinsella thoughtfully examines the McGuinty government's culpability in Niagara's C. difficile outbreak.
Warren, in his best Dirty Harry writing voice, growls direct and piercing - very piercing - questions at McGuinty, Bradley, and Kim Craitor:

Next time you hear of another C. difficile-infected  patient being killed in your Liberal anti-patient-choice healthcare monopoly, ask yourself one question: did I let that happen?
Eh, you punks: DID YOU??
Well, you might be asking yerself - was that 24 dead Niagara patients, or 25 dead Niagara patients, that Ole Kantsellit's talkin' 'bout... ah, who cares...
But there are now 27 C. diff victims inexplicably killed in your Liberal health monopoly, in 2011, just in Niagara alone - yet in 2008 your Liberal government was telling Ontarians that there was no need to worry; that all we had to do was wash our hands; that all would be OK; that a public C. diff inquiry wasn't needed because you Liberals said you knew all there was to know about C. diff... so, you punks, how many more patients need to be infected and killed for any of you Liberal clowns to ask yourselves: how did we let this happen?

Gosh - when Kinsella's on a roll, ya kant stop him.
To top it off - gosh golly yowzers gee - the July 25, 2011 Standard ran that fabulous Dewar cartoon showing an annoyed Liberal MPP Jim Bradley, holding a newspaper with the headline "27 Niagara C. difficile patients dead in Niagara; Jim Bradley vanishes" (...which obviously can't be the St.Catharines Standard; it must be some right wing rag..!) and saying  "Stop pestering me! I'm just an innocent health care monopolist... I'm not responsible for any fallout of my despotic Liberal monopolism..."
Oh, and that ever-so-witty Dewar also shows Jim Bradley wearing an ermine robe (to show us how elitist these Liberal reds are), with an oozing hospital bed-pan mounted on his head, and with an unseemly large wad of toilet paper shoved in his ass. What a fantastic piece of Dewar political satire. Dewar gets right to the point, eh... whatever it is.
Oh, yes, and on the same page of the Standard, we were also treated to some more climate change fearmongering by David Suzuki!!
What a bonus!!
C. difficile now approved weapon to fight climate change - how refreshing for Jim Bradley and the Club of Rome depopulationists to know...
Yep: Warren Kinsella and Dwight  Duncan are so  right correct when they whine on about those 'right-wing Sun papers'!!

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