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McGuinty's Liberal negligence in 2008 contributed to Niagara's C. difficile deaths in 2011

Further to the July 9, 2011 St.Catharines Standard story which I examined in my earlier post, let's have a quick look at a portion of  Grant Lafleche's report (...and don't worry, folks: Lafleche carefully crafted his story to make sure that Jim Bradley is not mentioned; can't have that...) :

"...Twelve of the C. diff deaths occurred in St. Catharines. Of the 21, 20 were outbreak patients who contracted the illness in hospital. The other was a community-acquired infection.
[Sue] Matthews also said an epidemiologist from the Public Health Agency of Canada will spend the next three weeks in Niagara examining the NHS outbreak data. The doctor will look at how the health system collects and uses information and might offer recommendations on how to improve it to better see developing trends in the hospital and infection control measures.
Matthews said she hopes the epidemiologist might be able to shed some light on the origins of the outbreak. According to Ministry of Health and Long Term Care data prior to the end of May, St. Catharines General had a C. difficile infection rate that was the same as other Ontario hospitals of similar size.
That changed drastically with the outbreak.
"So we are hoping the epidemiologist can help us understand what happened," Matthews said..."

So: now we see that the NHS is bringing in epidemiologists  - after 21 Niagara patients have died - to help the NHS "understand what happened".

This statement in 2011 from the NHS's boss Sue Matthews is pathetically revealing, because - as I detailed in  Liberals lied; C.diff-patients died - Dalton McGuinty had ALREADY promised and reassured Ontarians back in 2008 that  "hospitals now know how to protect against the spread of C. difficile" !!!

This is EXACTLY what McGuinty had told us in 2008 - when he and George Smitherman and Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor were hiding from a public inquiry into the hundreds of C. difficile deaths in the Liberal's health-care monopoly. There is your smoking gun, with Dalton McGuinty's ideological fingerprints all over it.

If what McGuinty had said in 2008 was true (...that his Liberal-run monopoly's hospitals "know how to protect against the spread of C. difficile"...) then why are specialists now being called to Niagara in 2011????

Where was this 'knowledge' and this 'protection' in 2011, which McGuinty had promised in 2008?

Dalton, the lying Liberal bastard, told us his Liberal experts knew all there is to know about C. difficile!!

Go ahead: read Keith Leslie's Sept.24, 2008 report !! Then, shake your head in disbelief at the massive Liberal lie, the horrendous Liberal disinformation, the utterly cruel monopolist ideology at work behind all this.

McGuinty, the secretive Liberal scumbag, refused to call a public C. difficile inquiry in 2008, claiming at the time that there was no need for any investigation because his Liberal health-monopoly's experts already had a  "good understanding of C. difficile and the manner in which it is spread" .

Yet, now: everything the NHS's boss, Sue Matthews, is telling us in 2011, contradicts what Dalton McGuinty claimed in 2008!!

Where were these epidemiologists back in 2008 - when McGuinty was hiding from a public inquiry; when McGuinty was smugly, dismissively (...and negligently...) telling us there was nothing new to know about C. diff???

McGuinty's Liberals have perpetrated an outright NEGLIGENT FRAUD. These Liberal FLICKERS were lying. The only thing that McGuinty's Liberals cared about protecting wasn't patients - it was about protecting their own Gritty asses from external scrutiny.

No wonder the Bradley Bum Wipers at the St.Catharines Standard so studiously avoid mentioning  their local Liberal hero Bradley, or his Liberal government's culpability in the deaths at the NHS.

Ohhhh... sigh... if only Harris was in power today, instead of the Heroic Liberal Prince McGuinty... how much easier the media's populist narrative would have been; how perfect it would have been for the Liberal-friendly press... the Standard and Niagara This Week would be manufacturing smug-outrage on a 24/7 basis, packaging papers full of heapin'-helpin's of indignance, smothered in sanctimony, about how Ontario's  negligent monopolist government WAS KILLING PATIENTS IN NIAGARA!! They'd be hounding the local government MPP's day and night, demanding answers to pointed questions.

But, seeing that it's McGuinty's Liberals, along with Good Ole Jimmy, who are in charge... well, then... uhh... umm... it's best not to focus on that... and leave Jim Bradley out of all this.
so... uhh... Vote for Jim Bradley - and vote often.

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R.Bobak said...

Let's not forget: ANOTHER C.difficile outbreak was announced in Niagara in Dec.2011.
Where was all this expensive advice which the Liberals had hurriedly, and after the fact, summoned up, to explain away why the FIRST 2011 C.diff outbreak occurred - let alone the second one?!
This is what we get because McGuinty's Liberals had hid from having a public C.diff inquiry in 2008.