Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Here's why McGuinty's lying Liberals are guilty of C. difficile negligence

Take a look at how Dalton McGuinty, Kim Craitor, Jim Bradley, and their Ontario Liberal government stonewalled and hid from scrutiny during the last C. difficile outbreak in Ontario in 2008, which killed HUNDREDS of Ontario patients.
Just look back at this report by Keith Leslie in the May 27, 2009 Welland Tribune, and remember the secretive, smug, 'oh-don't-worry-just-trust-us' attitude displayed at the time by McGuinty's hand-picked health minister, the disgusting George Smitherman: 

"There is no need for an independent investigation into the deaths of hundreds of patients in Ontario hospitals from C. difficile bacteria, Health Minister George Smitherman said Monday as the opposition parties claimed lives could have been saved if the government had acted faster.
The Progressive Conservatives and New Democrats insist a provincewide inquiry is needed into the deaths of 260 patients from C. difficile at seven Ontario hospitals, noting the Liberal government had plenty of warning after an outbreak in Quebec in 2003 claimed 2,000 lives.
"When hundreds of people have died in hospitals and we know it's connected to C. difficile, we need to have an inquiry," said NDP Leader Howard Hampton.
"The government was warned several times about this - we saw what happened in Quebec - but the McGuinty government failed to act, and now we see the deaths of more than 100 people."
Conservative health critic Elizabeth Witmer agreed with Hampton that some deaths probably could have been prevented if the Liberal government had moved earlier to make it mandatory for hospitals to report outbreaks of C. difficile, a potentially deadly hospital-acquired infection.
"Certainly. They took steps in other provinces to make sure that mandatory reporting did take place, that there was a plan for outbreaks," Witmer said. "The question remains: How many people have needlessly died because this government refused to take action?"
But Smitherman and Premier Dalton McGuinty both said Monday that a coroner's inquest into a C. difficile outbreak in Sault Ste. Marie and other reports gave the government and health officials enough data on which to act, and that an inquiry is not needed.
Smitherman said everyone knows the problem is related to the spread of feces, and can best be combated by regular and thorough handwashing by hospital staff and visitors alike.
"We feel that we have a good body of evidence which directs everybody in health care on the methods forward to enhance the patient safety circumstances," he said. "I think that an inquest or inquiry of some kind would be a delay in the kind of progress that's possible to protect patients, so it's not something that I'm intending to move forward on."
Smitherman promised the government would make an announcement next month about making it mandatory for hospitals to report outbreaks of C. difficile, which will be later expanded to a host of other infectious diseases, but he didn't say if the plan would be implemented before the end of the year."

There's NO NEED for independent scrutiny, said Smitherman!!
Do we all remember how Smitherman and McGuinty's Liberals salivated over their political good fortune regarding Walkerton's tainted-water deaths? Yet - HUNDREDS of Ontarians died of C.diff infection in Ontario's Liberal-controlled health monopoly, and the health minister merely circled the wagons around his culpability and HID FROM AN INQUIRY.
Look at Smitherman's smug and bizarre rationalization that the calling of an inquiry would somehow 'delay the progress to protect patients' ...whaaaaat?!
And this Liberal ass GOT AWAY WITH THIS  bullshit!
Yep: as far as Dalton McGuinty's secretive  Liberal scumbags were concerned in 2008, NO INVESTIGATION, NO INQUIRY was needed into the hundreds of Ontario C. diff deaths: so, move along sheeple, there's nothing to see here!!
Ontarians were just supposed to naively trust McGuinty with their health-care; we were supposed to simply believe McGuinty's promises and claims  - AS IF McGUINTY'S LIBERALS HAD NEVER LIED BEFORE!
Now, fast forward to 2011, where at least 16 patients have been killed (so far) by C. diff infection in Niagara, and we're getting the SAME damn song-and-dance from McGuinty's Liberals - AGAIN!!  ...the washing of the hands...reporting guidelines...announcing announcements...bla, bla, if they'd learnt nothing the first time around. {...which, when you look back at it, was EXACTLY the case: the Liberals learned nothing in 2008, they refused to call an inquiry to learn what happened and how to prevent it, and they just essentially lied that 'everything was fine'}.
McGuinty's Liberal single-payer health-care monopolists conned Ontarians  last time around; they let things slide, cut health-care in Niagara, and then pretended that somehow Harris was to blame. [...right, Kim Craitor? Hey, at that rally later today, are you going to finally announce you're running for Horwath's NDP this fall?!]
In 2008, the question of whether 'lives would have been saved' if McGuinty's health monopoly had acted faster was never answered: all we got from McGuinty's smug Liberal majority was a run-around; now IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN, right in Niagara.
The same question needs to be asked again: Would lives have been saved in Niagara had McGuinty's health monopoly acted faster?  Funny, how no-one's really asking the local McGuinty Liberals - Kim Craitor or Jim Bradley - that question. (, St.Catharines Standard??)
The Liberals are completely to blame this time around; there can be no more disingenuous excuses; McGuinty's statist-obsessed Liberals are responsible for enforcing a despotic, no-patient-choice, ideological single-payer health monopoly, where there is no incentive for initiative, and no penalty for failure.
Patients in Ontario have no other place to go, but to McGuinty's hospital monopoly, and take their chances of getting out alive.
McGuinty's Liberal scumbags are plainly and simply negligent. They should be held liable for forcing patients into uncertain conditions in their health-monopoly's hospitals, while concurrently outlawing patients the choice of obtaining non-McGuinty-infected health-care privately in Ontario.
McGuinty's bait-and-switch monopolist policy-kiting is coming to a deadly and tragic end: these Liberals have been so blinded by socialist single-payer ideology, that they have negligently lost track of the interests of the patient.

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