Friday, July 8, 2011

McGuinty's Liberals lied; C. diff patients died


Take a look here at duplicitous Dalton McGuinty's possibly-homicidal bald-faced health-care lies, which McGuinty made to Ontarians, as seen in a Sept. 24, 2008 report by CP's Keith Leslie.

Look at what Ontario's Premier Liberal Liar McGuinty said:

"...McGuinty said hospitals now know how to protect against the spread of C. difficile, and he noted that medical experts say an inquiry would not tell them anything they don't already know.
"The experts that we hear from, both here in Ontario and from south of the border, (say) we have a good understanding of C. difficile and the manner in which it is spread," McGuinty told the legislature.
"The next thing that we could and must do is to make information public about the incidents of C. difficile in our hospitals, and that's what we plan to do."


The Liberal scumbag McGuinty told us in 2008 that "hospitals now know how to protect against the spread of C. difficile"   - but, McGuinty WAS LYING!! Where was this 'protection' for Niagara's  C. diff patients?

Just look at Dalton McGuinty's and Jim Bradley's disgusting, despotic Liberal record, folks: these Liberal scumbags are dangerous, deceptive LIARS.

McGuinty blatantly deceived us in 2008 with his political claims that an inquiry 'would not tell us anything more than we already knew': yet, if that were true, then why did Niagara's killer C. diff outbreak occur in 2011??

If McGuinty's Liberal health-care monopolists, in 2008, truly had "a good understanding of C. difficile and the manner in which it spreads" - then WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE FOR THIS CLAIM, three years later in Niagara, when twenty more C. diff patients were killed in the Liberal's despotic health monopoly??

This was outright Liberal fraud.

Why isn't anyone in the media challenging McGuinty on his blatant lies?!

And in 2008, McGuinty spun more yarns about 'making C. diff information available to the public' - yet, in 2011, Niagara's population had NO IDEA that a C. diff outbreak was brewing within the NHS - because McGuinty's Liberal health-care monopoly KEPT IT SECRET !!

This deliberate, ideologically-based Liberal negligence is mind-boggling in its blatantly deceptive, monopolist depravity: 'We know what's best for you; so just shut up and don't ask any questions'.

Why aren't Dalton McGuinty and his Liberal cabinet in jail for the consequences of their health-care lies??

Liberals have lied, patients have died.

The Liberals are responsible.

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