Monday, July 4, 2011

Liberal MPP Jim Bradley: hiding from C. Difficile scrutiny - FOR YEARS!!!

After reading this 2008 story -

... now, fast forward to July 4, 2011: after an almost five-week-long C. difficile outbreak in the Niagara Region, where so far 16 C. diff-infected patients have died, Liberal MPP Jim Bradley HAS NOT SAID ANYTHING about this outbreak in his own city's backyard.
The arrogance of these McGuinty Liberals is shocking.
These Liberal ideologically-bent scumbags can now be seen as the irresponsible single-payer despotic health-monopolists that they are.
In 2007, a secretive, smug Bradley couldn't give a flying FLICK about my concerns.
Now, in 2011, this Liberal bastard's health-monopoly is killing patients in his own riding, and this clown still hides from comment, and astoundingly, from actual media scrutiny!
Bradley's actions have demonstrated that he and his secretive Liberals are beyond irresponsible: they are outright negligent.
Why aren't Dalton McGuinty's Liberal monopolists being criminally charged for their health-care incompetence?

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