Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jim Bradley had nothing to do with the HST (well, as far as the St.Catharines Standard would like you to believe...)

John Currey wrote in "Put the HST blame where it belongs", (St.Catharines Standard, Jul.6, 2010):
"Let's see, the great public backlash to HST is to bash the minimum-wage person at the gas pump, and is that person's name Jim Bradley?

Hmm. The general public is complaining about higher prices to the checkout clerk, and is that person's name Jim Bradley?

The Standard prints an entire article about the negative reaction to the HST, and is the name Jim Bradley mentioned even once?

Let's give credit where credit is due St. Catharines.

It was St. Catharines Liberal MPP Jim Bradley who voted for, supported and made the HST come crashing down on us.

Did I mention that Jim Bradley, our longest-living and longest-serving MPP for the taxpayers of St. Catharines and the province, was responsible for the HST?

In case I did not, remember the name Jim Bradley, father of HST, the next time he runs for office!"

   Jim Bradley WASN'T MENTIONED in the St.Catharines Standard regarding his and McGuinty's Horse Shit Tax?
   But, why would the St.Catharines Standard (also known as The Liberal Jim Bradley Fan Club) bother to portray their favourite son - Niagara's Royal Hindness, the Savant of Secord Drive, the King'O'Niagara, the Godfather of GreenFear - in any remotely negative light?
   Good Ole Jimmy's their boy!!
   Jimmy can do no wrong, as far as the St.Catharines Standard (aka The Liberal Jim Bradley Fan Club, in case you forgot) is concerned.
   No reporter or editorialist with the St.Catharines Standard dares to challenge or criticize Bradley's Liberal government policies; especially when it comes to actually interviewing Jimmy on any number of issues. Most of what little we do get from Jimmy's Standard Fan Club are sappy brown-noser fluff-pieces that are more like PR pieces for Jimmy than substantial media analysis or criticism.
   The "reporters" act as Liberal stenographers, as marionettes, simply amplifying and regurgitating Liberal talking points, without question - it's like Bradley has a handy full time interim campaign office of friendly fifth columnists, in-between elections.
   You can't buy [...or, maybe you can?] the kind of free and easy media ride that Liberal MPP Jim Bradley has enjoyed for years right here in Niagara.
   The Jim Bradley Fan Club will do whatever they can to help protect and cover Jim Bradley's ass; whether it means curiously omitting Bradley's name from some contentious provincial issue, or, spinning the emphasis elsewhere, diverting attention away from their Golden Grit Jimmy.
[Was Jimmy contacted by the St.Catharines Standard regarding such-and-such issue? What did Bradley say? Did Bradley even bother to respond? We never know, cause Jimmy, conveniently, often just can't be found - just isn't mentioned - in the Standard!]
  What's Jim Bradley got to do with the HST, anyway - right? Ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wonder if the cost of a subscription to the St.Catharines Standard qualifies as a political tax-deduction to the Liberal Party?

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